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Top Swimsuit Styles for 2012

According to the catalogues and magazines I find in my mailbox lately, it’s time for a new bathing suit! While I don’t currently have a plan to jet off to an exotic locale, I should still have my swimsuits at the ready, just in case something comes up at the last minute. One simply never knows when she will be called upon to look phenomenal seaside or poolside, and as a smart twirty girl, we shall never be caught unawares. So let’s go swimsuit shopping!

Ladies, gather your strength, grab a snack (maybe celery?) and let’s make a plan. We need to be smart about this. First: Identify goals. 1) Purchase swimsuit that makes the body look hot.

Whelp, that looks like the best goal we could have! Good work. But how to make it come to pass?

Do your research. What types of suits suit you?  (I’m so sorry, I simply couldn’t resist that play on words.) Does your body look good in a two piece? While I am not one of those blessed creatures, I know of people who are, and they rarely wear one pieces because they simply don’t look as good in them. And what’s the goal? To look hot, lovely ladies. You know where you need a little oomph, you know where you need an optical illusion, so set out with these shapes in mind.

Do you have a store, brand, or designer that usually fits you well? Then check out their swimsuits!  This will take the guess work out of concerns over fit, which saves you time and money. You will likely find something that fits and that you love with little to no trouble. 

I for one am a bit chilly and really couldn’t fathom being in a bathing suit right now. However, I am a huge believer in letting sales dictate when I make my purchases, and now is the time! Stores are excited to see you in their suits, so they are offering discounts. There is nothing worse than paying full price when you don’t have to. Don’t forget about shopping online! Some places even let you return an item to a brick and mortar store, making returns so unbelievably easy.

Physically Prepare. Everyone knows trying on bathing suits can be torture on our usually confident confidence. There’s no shame in doing a few sit-ups before you hit the stores. There is no shame in a little faux tan to brighten up an otherwise dreary landscape. And here's a little hint to give those thighs a fighting change: Murad's Cellulite Solution Regimen — firms skin, improves the visual texture of stretch marks and reduces the appearance of cellulite from the inside-out! And, possibly, most importantly, make sure your undergarments are ready for this adventure. For safety’s sake, wear something with full coverage, and wear something in a color as close to your skin tone as possible. This will give you the best idea of what you will look like with out that added layer once you actually hit the pool. And don't forget to pamper those gorgeous gams! The jackpot of rescue remedies, Lucky Legs Cooling Serum helps relieve your hard-working legs after a long week. The instant cooling sensation is the perfect antidote for exhausted, swollen and heavy limbs. Added bonus: The lucky lotion leaves a super-subtle sparkly shimmer on your shins and a spring in your step.

So, what’s on trend? Thankfully there is so much to choose from!

Nautical: Every year, no matter what, nautical comes back. This is how it should always be. I love a good striped suit. So cute! This year you will see the classic white and navy combo, but you will also see accents of neon! I personally wouldn’t say no to a navy and neon pink striped suit.

Tribal and Safari: Anything remotely connected with the tribal or safari trend fits well this season. Zebra? Sure! Cheetah? Check! Beading? Yes please! Make sure your choices are grown up, and look for a safari inspired piece in natural hues. Avoid looking like a teeny bopper by avoiding zebra in pink shimmer. That’s just a hot mess.

Tropical: Tropical always flies in swimwear, but it’s particularly on trend this season. Think clear ocean blues, bright shore whites and reinterpreted palm fronds. But you can leave the hibiscus at the store.  

90’s Surf Culture: Oh my goodness I am so excited about this one. Who doesn’t want to relive some Saved By The Bell fashions? Well, colors and some cuts, but not particularly all silhouettes. For sure I am NOT wearing anything high cut. Jessie Spano can keep those in the 90’s. But we can certainly look for brights, colorblocking, and cropped cover ups.

Speaking of cover ups, you’ll need something to get to and from the pool or beach! Maybe an awesome maxi dress? It is so elegant/boho/chic (depending on your selection) that you will be bound to turn heads in your cover up. Printed shorts and a screen tee are perfect for an after-swim bike ride along the shore.

With all our options, looking hot is an absolute given! It will be so easy this year, so breathe easy darlings! And just remember, looking hot is all about confidence, so wear what you like, and you will look hot!

Happy Shopping!

Shop Girl

She She Me & Shop Girl's Favorite Things


Check out this chic new twist on a classic accessory- the baseball cap, designed just for women.

Forget no-frills baseball caps and visors. Madcapz feminine contours and head-turning fabrics will be the first thing you reach for in your closet. And like your personality, each distinct Madcapz will allow you to express your individuality.

Don your Madcapz for a game of tennis or golf and stand out in a sea of white baseball caps and visors. Wear them for quick trips to the store because, with Madcapz, bad hair days are your little secret. Madcapz’ fun and flirty styles are great for sitting in the soccer stands, zipping around in a convertible, or lying on the beach. So wear your Madcapz with pride, ladies. These chic women’s baseball caps and visors will elevate your fashion heads above the rest.

Some Like it Rough

Scaly, rough winter skin is so not sexy!  If you’re ready to slough off that unsightly layer of skin, LUSH has just what you’ve been searching for.  Exfoliation is your secret weapon against a host of skin concerns, from acne to those stubborn ingrown hairs.  Removing the damaged outer layer of skin cells works wonders for the overall health and appearance of your skin.  Scrub your way into spring with these must-have skin savers:

Dark Angels Facial Cleanser: The nemesis of all blemishes, breakouts and blocked pores, this charcoal-based cleansing scrub absorbs excess oils and exfoliates. With black sugar for a soft scrub to improve circulation and rich avocado oil to soften/nourish—the anti-microbial, deeply cleansing rhassoul mud reduces appearance of pores and removes blackheads. ($11.95)


Buffy Body Butter:  An excellent two-in-one moisturizing and exfoliating formula that contains cocoa and shea butter with ground rice, almonds and aduki beans to exfoliate (and buff away unwanted cellulite), all while in the shower.  ($11.95 for 3.3 oz / Vegan)

Sweet Lips Lip Scrub: A lip-smacking tasty lip scrub for chocolate fanatics.  Vanilla extract keeps your lips moist, castor sugar gently exfoliates, and the rich, deep fragrance of cocoa absolute leaves lips feeling and tasting irresistible. It’s Crème Brûlée on your lips – without the calories! ($8.95 / Vegan)


Stepping Stone Foot Scrub: Perfect to ensure your soles stay beach ready and soft.  This pumice and sea salt based foot scrub is packed full of moisturizing cocoa butter and jojoba oil, while lemongrass oil gives a burst of freshness.  ($3.95)

Ocean Salt Facial and Body Scrub: Scrub away winter sluggishness with this stimulating, exfoliating facial and body scrub that detoxifies and removes dead skin cells on the surface, leaving the skin glowing.  This cream-based scrub is made with both coarse and fine sea salts to help invigorate the skin. ($19.95 for 4.2 oz/$34.95 for 8.8 oz)

Mally Roncal's Latest Innovation

When it comes to trailblazing new beauty solutions, Mally Roncal is no stranger to firsts: the first to create “bulletproof” makeup that really stays put and the first to develop a truly clear translucent powder with her one-of-a-kind Face Defender formula. Now, Mally is revolutionizing the beauty landscape again as the first makeup artist to create a gel polish manicure kit that includes everything you need from start to finish! Here are four reasons why you should try Mally’s 24/7 Professional Gel Polish System:

  • Lasts up to two full weeks; approximately twice the length of a traditional manicure.
  • Easy to apply and provides a glossier finish than traditional manicures.
  • Will not chip! It can withstand constant hand washing, typing, opening boxes, cooking, and is the perfois solution for that week-long vacation!
  • Completely dries as soon as your manicure is done since the UV light bakes it right in!

For more beauty tips from Mally, and to see Mally demonstrate the new 24/7 Professional Polish System LIVE, we invite you to tune into Mally’s USTREAM.  

Viewers will have the chance to also win exclusive prizes and deals as well as ask Mally their burning beauty questions!

Keep Spring Break Stubble at Bay

Flip flops, beach chair, sunblock…Check!  Did you remember your razor?  No woman wants to be caught in a ‘hairy’ situation, so this Spring Break if you are traveling to a tropical paradise or a nearby pool, don’t leave your Skintimate Signature Scents or Schick Quattro for Women Razor behind!  This perfect shaving duo vanish stubble worry, giving the opportunity to strut your stuff and become the envy of every girl on the beach.

Before heading out for a tan, prep skin with Skintimate Signature Scents in Tropical Splash and experience the delicious fragrance and aromatic blend of fresh fruit.   Instantly stimulate your senses as the moisturizing ingredients of Olive Butter, Vitamin E and Pro-vitamin B5 add hydration, allowing you to be ready for everything.

The Schick Quattro for Women Razor glides effortlessly over Skintimate’s rich lather to remove unwanted hair from legs with its four ultra-thin blades and pivoting head.  Skin receives an extra boost of moisture with two conditioning strips blended with Acai Berry and Jojoba Oil Complex to achieve a comfortable, smooth shave. The brand is re-introducing the limited edition purple handle just in time for vacation, so grab this vibrant color while you can!

Haute Hues: Ice-Watch Celebrates This Summer's Technicolor Trend

One of this season’s hottest, boldest trends is the Technicolor fashion trend; however, if you’re a bit nervous about going bright from head to toe, consider dipping your toes in the color pool with a supercharged timepiece from Ice-Watch. Available in a variety of vibrant shades and water resistant up to 5ATM, Ice-Watch will give you a dash of color without being over the top. Ice-Watch graces the wrists of more than 100 celebrities and is sold in more than 1,000 doors nationwide.

Exfoliating Can Make Your Skin Look Younger and Keep It Clear

Really? Yes.  Exfoliating helps eliminate built-up dead layers of skin which can make fine lines and even wrinkles obvious, so smoothing  the texture while cleansing impurities with exfoliating acids are great to bring out a more youthful appearance!  A combination of AHA and BHA exfoliants can do the trick!

AHA’s exfoliate on the surface of the skin, and are great for sun-damaged or dry skin because they boost moisture.  BHA’s consist of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial components that dig through the oil that can clog your pores, normalizing the lining of the pore that contributes to acne.  It’s great for oily/combination skin, blackhead prone skin and those with acne. 

Murad’s AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

Smoothes texture while cleansing impurities with a trio of gentle exfoliating acids. Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic Acids provide clarity, brightness and improve cell-turnover by dissolving dead skin cell buildup. Jojoba beads further polish and smooth skin.

Additional features and ingredients:

  • Sodium PCA and Jojoba Seed Oil boost hydration
  • Licorice Extract reduces irritation and inflammation

6.75 FL. OZ. | $35

Use Murad’s AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser together with the all new Time Release Retinol for Deep Wrinkles also from the Age Reform line!

Time Release Retinol Concentrate for Deep Wrinkles formulated to help tackle stubborn deep wrinkles and fine lines. Utilizing innovative technology with encapsulated retinol that releases slowly over time, this formula provides maximum results while helping to reduce sensitivity and irritation. Time Release Retinol Concentrate for Deep Wrinkles is the first targeted spot treatment in Murad’s Age Reform® line and is clinically proven to visibly reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles by 45% in six weeks*.

How it works: This triple-action wrinkle-fighting treatment, which has the highest retinol content of all current Murad products, combines Encapsulated Retinol, which reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles by increasing cell turnover and improving skin’s resilience and reduces the sensitivity some may have to retinol. 

  • Matrixyl Synthe’6, a youth building peptide that helps rebuild damaged collagen to plump creases and crow’s feet  
  • Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide-3, to attract and maintain essential moisture for a smoother, more youthful appearance

Providing immediate and long-term results, Time Release Retinol for Deep Wrinkles can be used with all Murad lines and in conjunction with other anti-aging products for an added boost. The silicone, antibacterial applicator tip allows for precise application and controlled dispensing to deliver concentrated power directly to targeted areas of concern.

Time Release Retinol Concentrate for Deep Wrinkles (0.5 FL OZ, $65), will be available on and at the Murad Inclusive Health Spa® and in salons and spas March 2012 and at Sephora and Ulta April 2012.

La Roche-Posay Protects Your Skin

Keep your skin protected and looking its best as the weather gets warmer with these great new products from La Roche-Posay. The brand is great for ALL skin types and is recommended by 25,000 dermatologist worldwide.

ROSALIAC AR DAILY MOISTURIZER treats rosacea and contains Ambephenol, developed by Bayer, used for the first time in OTC skincare to reduce redness while Neurosensine stimulates collagen production and inhibits histamine release, which can cause inflammation. LAUNCHES IN MARCH 2012—just in time for April Rosacea Awareness month!
ANTHELIOS 50 DAILY ANTI-AGING PRIMER combines high UVA/UVB protection and powerful anti-oxidants with a blurring effect for instant correction of signs of aging and daily prevention of skin aging.   LAUNCHES IN APRIL 2012
ANTHELIOS ULTRA LIGHT SUNSCREEN LOTION SPRAY 30 & 60 delivers a controlled application with a visible lotion. The spray provides coverage at every angle for all around protection with minimal fly away and waste, plus the rub-in formula ensures gapless and even application. LAUNCHES IN APRIL 2012.

ANTHELIOS 50 TINTED MINERAL’s universal tint formulation provides blend-able, sheer coverage for most skin tones that enhances skin’s natural glow for a more even and luminous complexion. Contains 100% mineral non-chemical and offers UV protection down to the cellular level. LAUNCHES IN APRIL 2012.

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