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Trending 2012: What's Hot/What's Not

Well, we made it! The beginning of the New Year always has me thinking about what I want out of life, what goals I’m going to set to achieve my dreams, and also how exactly I’m going to organize my closet and clean up the mess that is left behind from the whirlwind holidays and oh, yeah, my move back home. Speaking of clothes, (Oh wait, aren’t I always speaking of clothes?) The new year means a fabulous time to look back on how cute I looked last year, and how much cuter I get to look this year! I worked hard on my wardrobe last year, and I still love every bit of it! So, instead of telling you what is *ahem* so last year, how about I tell you how the trends are changing, and you can determine for yourself if you are going to jump on board.

Skirts: Pleats, Please! The skirt story last year was maxi in the spring and summer, and midi in the fall and winter. This year skirts are getting a heavy dose of pleating. Pleat pleat pleat. They look so prim and proper while at the same time a little whimsical. That type of juxtaposition is exactly what I’m looking for in a skirt. Long, medium, or short the pleat looks fabulous in every length. Any color is finCold-Weather Fashions: SHOP NOWe, so choose one you feel will make a great basic. How about a deep navy or a bright jewel tone? Unless you know what you are doing, stay away from printed pleat skirts, as they can be hard to execute and tend to look a little messy.

Color blocking: Last year color blocking was all about the vibrant separates, with a rainbow of colors, or an outfit in all one color spectrum. This year we will still be (or you will start) color blocking, but this time with neutrals or pastels! The spring runways were a gorgeous array of soft palates. We haven’t seen the soft blush of pastel in a while, so pick up a mint green or a gentle peach and start dreaming of a softer future!

Prints: Last year we had a little bit of prints, but not a lot. We mostly saw them in stripes, and this past season in plaids. Oh how I have loved my plaids! I hope you are enjoying yours, too. 2012 sees an increase in prints. Small florals, large florals, Island inspired florals, mixed sizes, tribal prints, cheeky prints, geometric prints, abstract prints; all here for a good time in 2012!

Pant Leg Conundrum: Well, maybe it isn’t a conundrum because it seems as though nearly all pant leg widths are fashionably accepted this year. You’ll find pants or trousers in a multitude of fabrics and colors. Don’t be fooled, the skinny is not out. Please (appropriately) embrace the skinny look. You’ll be cuter because of it. Isn’t “be cuter” one of your New Year’s Resolutions? It’s one of mine! There are two awesome ways to wear your skinnies: ankle length and regular length. Ankle length is perfect with embellished flats. I’m talking flats with a bit of interest, like driving mocs, smoking slippers, or oxfords.

For those of you who fear the skinny jean will make you look like an ice cream cone (a legitimate fear), there are a few simple solutions. One, make sure to find a jean that skims your calf, not clings to it. Two, choose a shoe that elongates the leg. Platform wedge booties are a girl’s best friend. Warning: Know your terrain. I had the misfortune of traipsing through uneven grass in my fave new shoes, lost footing, and splat! Fell right on my face. I didn’t look as stunning with little bits of grass in my hair. Anyhoo, platforms make your legs look a mile long, and that’s one of your New Year’s Resolutions, right?  

Oranges and Tangerines: Last summer was all about teal and orange. This year, well, we dropped the teal and kept the orange! Orange, tangerine, honeysuckle, what have you, it’s a wonderful time to rejoice! Rejoice? Yes, it is great because we can wear our orange from last year, and if you found the right shade of orange, you look more tan! (Another NYR) Our friends from Pantone call it Tangerine Tango, and that is the perfect shade for a bit of fun this year.

The Great Gatsby: Last year many silhouettes were a nod to the 60’s and 70’s. But this year,  The 20’s are back! Well, possibly only in silhouette, and isn’t that what we liked most anyway? I’m talking drop waist and flapper style dresses. Art deco luxury and fabulous fabrics all spell gorgeous party dresses. I’m planning on wearing mine to a few weddings this year!

I hope you’re excited about the New Year and I wish you stylish happiness!

Happy shopping,

Shop Girl

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She She Me & Shop Girl's Favorite Things

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Get into the Team Spirit!

Show your team support in the playoff's this weekend! The San Francisco 49ers vs. New Orleans Saints, and since female fans make up 44% of the NFL’s fan base, NFL Women’s Apparel takes team pride to a new level. Products range from branded rain boots  and handbags to bedazzled sweatshirts from PINK and burn out tees from Touch.  Also launched this year is the Gameday Party collection, bringing the tailgate to your home with cheese boards, coaster, wine glasses and yes, even BBQ sets.

Check out a few of my favorite looks as a 49ers fan!

New Year, New You from Mama Mio

This New Year, make an exercise resolution you can keep with Mama Mio’s Bootcamp Kits. By setting aside just four minutes a day, these exercises work with Mama Mio’s best products to give you the perfect boobs, tummy and butt for the New Year.

Bootcamp for Boobs ($85): Boost your chest, lift your boobs and define your cleavage while keeping your skin firm, youthful and fit. This support system is perfect for holding your boobs up so sagging will no longer be a concern in the New Year. This kit includes a bust-perking work out along with two of Mama Mio’s most popular products, Skin Tight and Boob Tube.

Bootcamp for Tummies ($99): This amazing way to tackle tummy flab will deliver results in just 30 days! Your tummy will be tighter, flatter, and smoother while giving you a more defined waist. These effective exercises and products will rid you of that stubborn tummy bulge you couldn’t lose in 2011. This kit contains a tummy-tucking exercise along with Mama Mio’s Skin Tight and Get Waisted.

Bootcamp for Butts ($125): This combination of product and exercise will smooth, soften, tone, tighten, increase circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite giving you a higher butt and thighs with less wobble. Who doesn’t want a more impressive silhouette for the New Year? This kit consists of a butt-perking routine along with three of Mama Mio’s best products, OMega Body Buff, Skin Tight and Shrink to Fit.


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