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The Perfect Wardrobe

This terrible, horrible thing happened to me a few weeks ago. You see, I spent a few blissful days shopping (not the terrible part) and I got some items that, while I hadn’t been directly looking for, were certainly on my To Acquire list: A gorgeous sheath, a fabulous party dress, some versatile shrugs, and a fabulous-casual-dress up or down-throw in suitcase-go anywhere-so great for hot summer days-type of dress.  (Not the terrible part.)

Oh, I was happy! I am always happy after a good bout of shopping! I threw my purchases into the trunk, and went to go visit with a friend. When I came back to the car, my bags were gone! Stolen! And with them my hopes and dreams! (That was the terrible part.)

That night I dreamed of all the great outfits I could make with my new dresses, and all the different places I could wear them.  Ah, I was going to be gorgeous! When I woke up I was rudely reminded that some jerk-face had shattered my dreams. (That was a terrible part, too.) Like any sensible woman, I tried to go shopping to replace those items, but my heart hurt too much. It would take awhile before I could open my heart to the possibilities of the sale rack again.

However, I had a standing appointment with a dear friend to go shopping. While I might not exactly enjoy it, I kSaks Fifth Avenuenow my stuff, and could answer in the affirmative when she asked if leggings will still be on trend in the fall. One thing that won’t be? Friendship bracelets. So, if you’re on the younger side of life and like the trend, wear those things like they are going out of style, because, seriously, they are.

Well, I have to say that shopping with my friend did perk me up a bit. And it got me thinking about replacing my lost (viciously stolen) items, and what else I might want to acquire to form the perfect wardrobe.

Work: I love a good pencil skirt. There’s something about a high waist pencil, exquisite white blouse, platform black heels, and a colorful skinny belt that sets my heart aflutter. Grab a gorgeous bag, and you are set! Mix and match well-fitting trousers, fancy shorts, blouses, camis and blazers with your go-to black or nude heels. Don’t forget to accessorize! Light scarves, jewelry, sunnies, and a great bag will take you through your workday with style.

Weekend: The weekend is a time for lounging, errands, and fun!  You should be properly attired for it all. Loungewear, when it comes down to it, is really comfy sleepwear.

Seriously, I don’t know anyone who changes out of pajamas into a different form of loungewear before they make breakfast unless, of course, they *ahem* weren’t wearing anything to begin with… Anyhoo, make yourself a great pajama situation. I’m currently into menswear inspired digs. So cute, so comfy, so inspiring to find a man!

When you aren’t lounging, you’re certainly going to need cute casual skirts, a myriad of tops, jeans of all makes and models, (personally, I’ve never regretted a jean purchase) and cute flats to take you around town. Mix and match these items and you are sure to find a great outfit for a BBQ, movie in the park, or a quick smoothie with a friend!

Every twirty girl should own a pair of tennis shoes. Some people I know actually use tennis shoes, as it’s an integral part of their routine. I have tennis shoes to match my cute work out gear, just in case my latest crush does something crazy and invite me out for an afternoon of tennis. I’d prefer if he’d ask me out for an afternoon of tea and delectable goodies. I like that outfit far better.

The other times: Lately all my Get-Gussied-Up events have occurred on weeknights. Doesn’t everyone know I have work in the morning? Oh well—another great reason to pull out my LBD. Err… one of my little black dresses, that is. Everyone will tell you (myself included) that you only need one of these magic dresses. Simple accessories will help change your look, and you will get years of use out of one simple dress. Of course, if I happen across a LBD while shopping, I usually end up buying it. I mean, “Everyone needs a little black dress.” Sigh. I’ve been brainwashed by my own advice, and She She Me’s continued purchasing encouragement.

To complete my look, I always always paint my nails. If you aren’t big on the paint, just make sure you have well manicured little hands. Hottness is an overall package, ladies, and who doesn’t want to look hott?

Happy Shopping!

Shop Girl

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She She Me & Shop Girl's Favorite Things

Best Friends Giveaway Contest!

To celebrate the fall 2011 launch of the exclusive Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Collections, Kohl’s Department Stores is launching a Facebook contest, offering 15 lucky winners a chance to live it up with their best friend in New York City. While it’s apparent that Jennifer and Marc have a lot of love for each other, Kohl’s is launching an online contest to find out who has the most love for Jennifer and Marc. The “Best Friends Getaway Contest,” invites participants to submit a creative video to show why they love Jennifer and / or Marc. Fifteen winners will be selected to win an all-expense paid trip to New York City with their best friend to experience everything that Jennifer and Marc love about their hometown of New York City.

To enter, legal residents of the 50 United States and District of Columbia, 18 and older, can submit a video on the Kohl’s Facebook page (, starting July 11 at 12:00 p.m. CT and ending at 11:59 p.m. CT on July 30, 2011. Facebook users, who haven’t done so already, must “Like” the Kohl’s Facebook page to unlock the entry form. Only one entry per person is permitted. The winning videos will be selected based on four equally weighted criteria, including: originality / creativity of the video submission; personality of the entrant; level of enthusiasm expressed during the video; fan voting by their peers within the Kohl’s Facebook community. To view a complete listing of the contest rules and to enter to win, visit

 Vichy ProEVEN Total Dark Spot Corrector

 Whether caused by sun damage, skin inflammation or aging, the origins of dark spots and uneven complexion lie deep within the skin. Keeping this in mind, the skin experts at Vichy Laboratoires introduce ProEVEN Total Dark Spot Corrector, a revolutionary formula with DeeperCell-Concentrate™ that helps address dark spots and uneven skin tone.ProEven Total Dark Spot Corrector (1 fl oz.)

"Melanin is what gives skin its color and in excess can result in the appearance of dark spots and discoloration," explains Dr. Ranella Hirsch, noted Boston dermatologist. "This can be the result of UV exposure or subsequent to inflammatory skin conditions such as acne. Dark spots affect many skin types and can be quite upsetting to those affected.”

ProEVEN Total Dark Spot Corrector is a daily face product that utilizes a dual action formula featuring the exclusive DeeperCell-Concentrate™, a unique combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and LHA, a derivative of Salicylic Acid with powerful regenerative and exfoliating properties, to act on all surface layers of the skin. Together, the powerful formulation helps combat the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone in all ethnicities.


suki® skincare’s Butter Cream Healing Salve

Summer is here and it's time to keep that healthy glow by healing and hydrating dry chapped skin and protecting it from further sun damage while maintaining your tan through the season.

Enter, suki® skincare’s Butter Cream Healing Salvethis non-greasy therapeutic botanical balm is infused with organic coconut oil and all-natural ingredients such as organic lavender and chamomile extract. These pure ingredients help to soothe and heal skin while providing long-lasting moisture.It works especially well for alleviating eczema, rashes, redness and irritation brought on by the summer heat.  

I received a sample of this exquisite healing salve and immediately slathered it on my flaky knees, elbows and heels. Voilà! Smooth, hydrated skin - bye bye flakes. I love it!

The suki Butter Cream Healing Salve is available at Whole Foods stores nationwide, specialty boutiques, spas and online at for $24.95.

Soothe Sunburned Scalp with
Biologique Recherche Shampooing Traitant Dermo-Apaisant

With the hot sun beating down throughout the summer, many of us forget to protect our scalp as well as our skin, leaving it exposed to the harsh UV rays—and a painful sunburned scalp! Morning regimes such as washing and combing hair suddenly become an agonizing task. Biologique Recherche, known for their reparative skin products, now carries a shampoo that helps sooth sun burned scalps. 

Shampooing Traitant Dermo-Apaisant, is a reconditioning treatment for sensitive and weakened scalps.  The shampoo gently washes hair, reduces skin sensitivity and soothes irritation and itching. Active ingredients of Cider Vinegar, Silk Hydrolysate, and Wild Pansy Extract, strengthen the hair and leave a radiant glow.


Get Clear Summer Skin With Proactiv

Shine—Proof Your Summer Makeup Routine

Are the scorching summer temperatures leaving you with unwanted shine?  Humidity can make skin look and feel more oily.  To keep skin looking fresh and clean for hours, Dermablend’s NEW Smooth Indulgence Mineral Powder absorbs skin oils and controls excess shine.  The natural translucent coverage allows skin to breathe and remain comfortable.  The result?  A soft, natural matte finish that maintains the healthy appearance of your skin.


Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Mineral Powder ($24, evens out skin tone and helps minimize skin redness while giving a youthful and natural healthy appearance. Suitable for sensitive skin, the powder comes in two shades, Dusk and Amber.  The powder can also be used for delicate highlighting on the high points of the face, such as the forehead and nose, as well as on the décolleté.

Soothe Summer Skin
With Biologique Recherche Huile Bénéfique

Had too much fun in the sun this past weekend? When you notice your skin starting to get flakey and dull try the Biologique Recherche Huile Bénéfique. The rich, luscious oil can be used for body, hair and face! It nourishes the skin and guards against dehydration, all while enhancing beauty and leaving a delicate scent!

Huile Bénéfique is a pure luxury product designed to give you silky, soft and glowing skin. It contains a treasure trove of botanical oils and flower and plant extracts to keep skin healthy. Sesame Seed and Coconut Oil maintain the epidermis and prevent dehydration. Flower extracts such as Frangipani and Tiare Flower Extracts restore softness, while plant extracts rich in Carotenoids, (including CarrotTomato and Annatto Extracts) help even skin tone.

Design Spark

Whether it’s a beach day or a pool party, the gorgeous accessories at Design Spark can glam up any bikini and summer dress…or worn out on the town on a warm summer night.


With rich vibrant colors, funky and conservative styles, all price points and a large selection to choose from, Design Spark is your go-to source for summer style!

Divalicious Shopping App

Although many love shopping, it can be time-consuming and restricting – who has time to jump from one store to the next in search of just the right item in your exact size?!  Fortunately, the Divalicious team has taken the shopping experience and stepped it up a notch for the ultimate in personal shopping. Divalicious is a new shopping app that is reinventing the world of mobile fashion, and is now free and available for download through the iTunes store.  Divalicious features a shopper-based virtual mannequin, on which more than 300 popular brands, comprised of almost one million items for women, men, children, as well as home décor, can be pieced together, viewed as an entire ensemble, and purchased. 

Divalicious is a new shopping app that is reinventing the world of mobile fashion, and is now free and available for download through the iTunes store.

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