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Work to Weekend: Wardrobe Powerhouses for Fall

Despite what the talking heads say about the health of the economic recovery, the truth is that most of us haven’t gotten a meaningful raise since the Clinton administration. And so it can put a bit of pressure on the savvy fashionista and her mad skillz to be seen in thrilling combinations in all places, at all times, when the pickings might be a little slimmer than she would hope for in a Sienna-Miller’s-closet moment.

Fortunately, duckies, you have me. And I’m here to show you some fantastic ways to take totally justifiable purchases for your workwear wardrobe and funk them up (or down, depending on your destination) for your weekend festivities. Two birds – one stone. (And I’m giving some props to you road warriors, who already know a thing or six about smart packing and bang-for-your-carry-on-buck.) Away we go!

Start with a great suit: Blazers are EVERYWHERE this fall, so make sure when you choose a suit for work that the jacket is a versatile cut and length, like high- or mid-hip and single-breasted. Jazzy details like ruffles, bright trim, or gathers might make the suit more exciting, but cut down on versatility. Choose instead a really quality fabric, preferably lightweight wool in a neutral color like navy, grey, or black; it’s okay to have a subtle pattern like a chalkstripe or a Prince of Wales plaid. If there are three or more pieces available (jacket, trousers, pencil skirt, shift dress), buy them all. It’ll bring your total purchase price up, for certain, but will increase exponentially your wardrobe options. (IMHO, J.Crew has the most stylish, versatile suiting for the money.) Now, in addition to wearing the matching pieces together, you can use…

The Jacket Free Shipping & Returns.

The Trousers With:

  • A drapey silk tee or tank and a long v-neck cardigan sweater, a great pendant, and suede or fabric oxfords for a casual-elegant workday.
  • A contrasting tweed or herringbone jacket – very Chanel -- and layers of chains.
  • A cable-knit crewneck cashmere sweater in a bright color, a white collared shirt with the tails hanging out, and classic white sneaks for a laid-back Saturday look.

The Pencil Skirt With:

The Dress With:

  • A white blouse underneath, layers of necklaces, and serious suede pumps for a meeting-filled workday.
  • A long ribbed sweater vest wrapped with a thick leather belt, opaque tights and flats for a not-meeting-filled workday.
  • A ribbed turtleneck underneath, woolly tights and flat boots for Sunday brunch.
  • Chandeliers, major cuff bracelets, a shiny clutch and evening sandals for an after-work party or meet-the-parents dinner.

Other team players that make the transition from Work to Weekend easy:

  • A great patterned silk scarf: knotted at the throat, adds color to a simple white blouse and solid-color jacket; tied on a handbag strap, adds class and sass to a Saturday-shopping look; tied as a halter-top, becomes a one-of-a-kind evening top with wide-leg black trousers for a formal affair.
  • A great leather or shearling bomber jacket: warm for the walk to the office from the train station, it dresses down the suit’s trousers with slouchy boots on weekends, and helps transition a floaty floral dress to cooler temperatures.
  • This season’s undeniable skinny olive cargo pants make a terrific casual-Friday or weekend ensemble with the suit’s blazer or the bomber above.
  • A faux-fur scarf or collar dresses up your trench for work or evening; it’s a cheeky addition to the waxed-cotton military coat, skinnies and high boots for weekend.

The twenty-first century’s greatest contribution to fashion, the mix of high and low, gives us almost carte blanche to mix trendy down-market pieces with haute classics, or to spice up an evening gown with a denim jacket. Take full advantage of this delicious freedom and mix and match to your heart’s content!

Shop Happy,

Shop Girl

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Best of Børn for Fall

I am in love with the fabulous fall footwear styles from Børn! There are so many gorgeous shoes and boots to choose from - luscious leathers and scrumptious suedes, adorable argyle prints and flirty flats, all in the rich vibrant shades of autumn. Check out a few of my favorites for fall:

 Born - Violetta (Grafite Suede) - Footwear Born - Adele (Rosso Full-Grain Leather) - Footwear  Born - Gilmore (Brown Brush Off) - Footwear  Born - Mattie (Burgundy Wool) - Footwear  Born - Pickett (Topo Full-Grain Leather) - Footwear 


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Avalon Organics

Lift Your Mood and Spirit With Ylang Ylang Oil. Extracted from the flowers of the Ylang Ylang tree, this essential oil is a key ingredient to sooth your both your skin and nerves.  It is also known for adding a little sensuality to your life.  Solve your everyday problems with organic Ylang Ylang oil found in Avalon Organics products.

Ylang Ylang is historically known to assist as an: 

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  • Aphrodisiac: The essential oil can really up the ante in the bedroom.
  • Sedative: This oil calms nervous afflictions caused by stress, anger and anxiety.

Ylang Ylang oil can be found in the following Avalon Organics hair and skin care products:

Sooth your mind and body with Ylang Ylang Bath and Shower Gel Replenish dry skin with Ylang Ylang Hand and Body Lotion Get glistening shine and a sensual aroma with Ylang Ylang Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

The groundbreaking is improving all types of Yoga Mats from texture, size, and allowing you to personalize your very own.   In addition to yoga mats, Yogamatic also has yoga towels- a travel mat and yoga towel all-in-one useful, machine-washable and of course, customize-able option!

The yoga mats and yoga towels both measure 72” X 24”and have a sueded microfiber topside, printable edge-to-edge in full color, and is backed with an eco-friendly, recycled rubber texture that’s compatible with most leading mat types. The yoga towel comes in it’s own breathable pouch, and when folded is a mere 7” X 5” X 2”, fitting neatly into your hand bag or carry-on luggage.  The compact size is the yogi’s perfect travel companion, and a great advantage for busy people on the move.

You now have the capability of choosing a Travel Mat /Yoga Towel from 100’s of original designs in the online Gallery, or creating your own CUSTOM design!

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The latest from M.A.C. Cosmetics

Pro Longwear

In the world of Pro Longwear, Foundation and Concealer carry the show, with creamy, medium buildable coverage right through to a flawless, natural finish.  With medical-grade patch polymers, these formulas get you fifteen + hours of high performance for concealing flaws and correcting/diminishing under eye circles, spots and discolourations.  Marathon makeup to go, made from micronized pigments to promote the smoothest application and colour purity. Matte blendability for perfect comfort.

I've been using Pro Longwear Foundation for the past several weeks and I love the way it evens out my complexion without looking or feeling heavy.

Haute & Naughty Lash

Leading the kind of double life that doesn’t land you in the tabloids is easy with Haute & Naughty Lash.  So smart with its two-in-one dual wiper system, you choose if you want defined lashes for day, or instantly combed volume for evening.  Use the small orifice for a natural end look; the large orifice for major drama, all-in-one!  First at M∙A∙C, this innovative, unique, double-duty development is the clever new way to customize lashes... Select and shimmy brush from root to tip for desired effect.  State-of-the-art conditioning and hydrating formula prevents parching, flake-outs.  A one-for-all winner! 

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