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Fall Shoe Review

Some astute readers might have noticed that I spend a significant amount of the cold-weather months pining for release from the enshrouding layers that, by late February, threaten to smother my fashion sense out of existence. And yet, by midsummer, as the retail outlets and fashion rags start to proclaim the upcoming season’s new merchandise’s fabulousness, I start to get a little itch. Start to remember that it’s so much easier to accessorize when one doesn’t need to worry about ventilation. Start to miss the snuggly softness of a dynamite #8-needle merino wool cardigan. Start to long for the lengthening effect of skinnies and heels (which, if worn now, would send me into a hyperthermic swoon). Start to long for the textural luxe of suede, cashmere, and thick knits.

Ergo, while I might be sporting linen and sandals, my eye has turned to my autumn conquests. And this week, it’s all about the kicks. As you know (thanks once again to my expert tutelage), if the ensemble is sublime but the accessories aren’t, the whole effect falls flat and you may as well be wearing a tracksuit. (Okay, maybe not that bad, but you get my point.) For F/W’10, I’m scoping a few hot trends. Ready?

Rich color: Replace the summer’s candy-brights with regal jewel-tones, writ dark. Burgundy, eggplant, royal purple, deep teal, cognac, chocolate, and indigo become neutrals of their own with the lush tweeds, corduroys and velvets..  Try a crimson pump with your grey suit jacket; accent your animal-print skirt with an emerald bootie.

Layers: Not only are we adding layers of clothing, but our footwear piles it on, too. Boots with overlay cuffs, spat-like, add texture and interest to a simple ankle silhouette. Pumps add fabric, piping AND beading, either alone or together. (To be accessorized with a solid-color legwear, please.)

Metallics: Bronze, pewter, and burnished gold replace the spring-and-summer’s bright mirror finishes. They’re a terrific accent to the season’s richer fabrics and neutral military focus. Picture a slim green fatigue with an a-line trench, soft scarf, and a bronze flat.

The Point: They’re back. Just when they had us eating out of their round-toed hands, the designers-that-be are sending us back to the true Stiletto. (This is a season when being a pack-rat might pay off.) Flats, too, are showing up in ‘80s-redux narrow shapes (my dad calls ‘em “chain-link-fence-climbing shoes”). All this length (into which your toes do NOT cram – try them and see) serves to e-x-t-e-n-d the visual line of your leg, an important effect for those of us in narrow trousers that don’t have the 34-inch inseam I spoke of recently.

Clogs:  Oh, how happy this makes me. I’ll share a little secret: though I adore heels, and the platform-y-er the better, most of my time is spent in clogs. Comfortable, easy-on-and-off, add-a-little-height, wear-big-socks-under-‘em clogs.  And for our love affair, F/W’10 is the year! Casual clogs, fancy clogs, simple clogs, glitzy clogs, high or low heel, even boots. All over the runways, keeping the models from falling over, grounding the skinny trouser leg with a modicum of functionality and still keeping the podiatrists happy. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

The Boot: Possibly the hardest part of waiting for cold weather is the new boots sitting unworn in the closet. Although this year has seen its share of off-season boots (peep-toe slouch thong booties, anyone?), it’s really what fall is for. Shoe-boots, ankle boots, mid-height (very hot this fall), full-height or above the knee – anything goes!

Menswear Details: Look once again for kilties, oxfords, pennies and perforated brogues, but this year instead of the literal interpretation, notice the feminine details that update it: the pointy toe. The kitten heel. The ruffled throat. These delights are at the top of my list. And those ruffled-throat ones.

Animal: Savage prints are everywhere. Treat them like a neutral and use them to spice up any outfit that’s light on print. Just beware of the matchy-matchy: do NOT wear your leopard pumps, belt, and handbag together, or risk adopting the title “COUGAR!” One piece only. (Oh, and this goes for the Burberry plaid, too: never the scarf, bag, and trench together. Ever.)

Accessories are the only size-independent fashion purchase out there, ladies, so despite your summer shenanigans, whether fitness-focused or fine-food-focused, you’ll still come out a winner this autumn. Happy heel hunting!

Shop happy,

Shop Girl

May Your Friday the 13th Be Filled With Good Fortune and Great Legs!

Don't fret about black cats crossing your path. Go head, open your umbrella inside. Take a stroll under a ladder. This Friday the 13th, Mama Mio Skincare is turning your luck around.

We demand a lot from our legs and feet. They carry us around all day, walking, running, skipping, jumping; even dancing ‘til dawn in highly impractical but gorgeous shoes. And what thanks do those foot soldiers really get? Well, times are a’changing and your legs are about to get very lucky. 

Try your luck on August 13th with an instant spa experience from Mama Mio. The jackpot of rescue remedies, Lucky Legs Cooling Serum helps relieve your hard-working legs after a long week in the summer heat. The instant cooling sensation is the perfect antidote for exhausted, swollen and heavy limbs. Added bonus: The lucky lotion leaves a super-subtle sparkly shimmer on your shins and a spring in your step.

TKO Watches

TKO ORLOGI was created to inspire the artistic side in each and every one of us who strives to be unique.

TKO ORLOGI was designed with the belief that simplicity can go a long way.  Fusing together poly-carbonated housings and silicon rubber straps with stainless steel accents. 


 TKO watches create timeless pieces with the thought of designing something fun and different that separates them from the crowd.
Check out the entire collection at

Something Rebellious

The fall/winter 2010 collection of Something Rebellious by Benjamin Jay offers sophisticated casuals that are made from high-quality silks and an exclusive Peruvian pima cotton.  The cotton, a signature of the Something Rebellious collection, took more than a year to develop, has an unparalleled fit and is seemingly shrink-free. The design is comprised of go-to basics that emulate Hollywood grunge meets New York chic.

My personal fave for fall is this gorgeous sleeveless cardigan - so light and versatile!


Check out the entire fall collection at


Wardrobe malfunctions are not only confined to the red carpet or the Super Bowl.  From slip up’s and slip out’s, sometimes clothes develop a mind of their own.  For women, it’s the dreaded “too-much cleavage” syndrome or unexpected bra flash that happens at the most inopportune moments.  No matter the size of your bosom, a low-cut shirt can become a source of discomfort in certain settings. Whether you’re in the office or at a family function, every woman has asked herself “Is this top too revealing?” 

The Winkee, created by entrepreneurs Patricia Calamari and Karla Kennedy is an answer to this fashion dilemma. Combining the concept of a tank top layer with the added benefit of being removable, The Winkee allows women to cover cleavage when they need to, and switch from “day to night” seamlessly without having to change outfits completely. The Winkee is a stylish, lightweight bra accessory that can help cover cleavage without added bulk.

The Problem:
over exposure!

The Solution: Winkee White
Lace Trim
The Solution: Winkee Black
Lace Trim
The Solution: Winkee White Rouched

Go from Boardroom to Bodacious…without
changing clothes!


With beautiful fragrances, gorgeous colors and advanced botanical extracts, Hissyfit products deliver the ultimate level of protection, along with anti-aging benefits for super smart women who want to protect, renew and perfect their skin every day.

Hissyfit Body Double

Body Double is a luxurious body moisturizer that cares for the body in so many different ways, protecting against sun damage, fighting free radicals and hydrating precious skin. Rich in anti-oxidants, it also contains broad spectrum protection to guard against UVA/UVB rays and environmental damage while enveloping your skin with an energizing fragrance.

Saving Face

Saving Face Foundation | Highlight is a dual -purpose formula that acts as a foundation and a highlight, providing flawless coverage plus SPF 50, broad spectrum protection. Using your foundation shade, Saving Face evens skin tone and creates a flawless canvas, while your highlight shade conceals and adds dimension.

BECCA Cosmetics

Summertime is in full swing in San Francisco!  Every California girl wants the perfect summer glow, but not everyone can make it to the beach.  BECCA Cosmetics makes effortless beach glamour possible at any moment of the day with its lush summer collection.

Drawing from Australian surf culture, BECCA Cosmetics, has created the Bombora Collection with the bright retro tones of both sand and sea evoking a fresh, cool, free-spirited vibe.

Marine-inspired eye shades and red and pink cheek tones are balanced out by a natural lip for a look that can be worn day or night.  No matter how busy you are this summer, you can get the perfect California glow with BECCA Cosmetics Bombora Collection.


Bare Necessities

bare necesities is offering free shipping/free returns on 4 fantastic women's intimate apparel brands Freya, Elomi, Goddess and Fantasie - brands for the full busted/full figure customers. Take advantage of this great promo to try on different styles at home and do free returns/exchanges thru August 23rd!

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