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Denim Guide 2010

At the risk of showing my age, I’m going to make the following statement: I pleated and rolled my jeans. Yes, once in the late ‘80s, and another time. Last month. They were crops, they were just a smidge too long, and it’s the look.

My mother always told me that once you’ve done a trend, you don’t have to do it again. (I think this was when we first started wearing tall boots with short skirts [again, for her] in the mid-nineties.) But there’s a big difference between “have to” and “want to,” and I’m still hip enough to want to.

That seems to be the way it is with jeans these days: every time they introduce a new look for denim, it’s been done before, and now it’s back. Anything and everything goes. Don’t believe me? Here, I’ll prove it.

Light wash: Last seen in the early nineties, before all this designer-jean falderal ramped up again (thank you, Paper Denim & Cloth), and previously the last bastion of retired suburban males everywhere (just add too-big golf shirt and cross-trainers, ew). Now adopted by the haut monde and seen super-bleached all over the pages of the glossies, especially rolled to mid-calf, topped with some slouch and grounded with strappy, cloggy sandals.

High-waisted: On a bit of a downturn since the Chloé explosion of 2004, this style is still quite avant garde and should only be attempted, with care, by those with prominent hipbones and thirty-five inch inseams.
Great clothes for men, women, and children

Cropped: Light, dark, or white; cigarette-slim or boyfriend-baggy, this is the length of Summer ’10. Seen everywhere, on everyone, this works for daytime with a simple tank and flat sandals, to a sleek urban look with a little summer jacket and ballet flats, to evening with heels and a flirty top. From the ‘60s to the ‘80s to now, it’s never wrong, but this year it’s oh so right.

Wide-leg: Previously found on Navy ships and disco floors, the wide-leg lends elegance to jeans. Preferably in lightweight denim that has a little swing around the ankles, it’s best with platforms or wedges and a slim-fitting top for contrast. Be warned, though – when wearing yours you may be the recipient of comments like “willowy”.

Shredded: I still have my dad’s voice ringing in my ears (“Why on earth would anyone spend perfectly good money on a ruined pair of jeans?”) every time I see someone wearing them, but the distressed look, from lightly whiskered to abraded to patched to the ones that look like they got in a fight with Freddy Krueger, is hot. Channel your favorite rock chick in sky-high heels, totally trashed skinnies, and a loose sheer tee

Skinny: We’re still going on year five of the skinny jeans, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The last time jeans were this tight was the ‘80s (see “Hair Metal Bands”), when you needed zippers at the ankles to get them on over your feet. Now even the Gap sells jeggings. But keep in mind that trends are only hot if they work for your body type: bootylicious girls or those who carry their weight in their thighs will be much more flattered (i.e., avoid comparisons to ice cream cones) in straight-leg or boot-cut jeans, which balance the width of the hip and thigh with a little more volume at the ankle. If you’re just on the edge of this dilemma, add a heel and lengthen the leg line and you’re good to go, but skip the flats.

Boot-Cut: The original dungaree, for cowboys and railroad workers, that fit over, well, boots. Resurrected in the mid-nineties, this shape seems to have been abandoned by anyone under twenty-five, although not necessarily to great aesthetic effect (see previous paragraph). Not the slave-to-fashion cut, but undoubtedly the most flattering.

Jackets: Dateline 1997: Denim jackets became the topper for all occasions; the dressier, the better. See also: 1987, 1977, 1957 (men) and any work-with-your-hands steel-toed-boot-type situations. Flash-forward to S/S ’10 and here we are again! Cropped, faded, or even vaguely-Village-People sleeveless. Best with floral's and feminine silhouettes; NEVER with other denim, I don’t care what Vogue says. There are only two people qualified to attempt this look, and you’re not one of them. (And Agyness and Kate did it two years ago.)

Shirts: Not necessarily denim but chambray, and dark wash, with the sleeves rolled up over the elbow. So chic with little pleated shorts and espadrilles. Buy one you like because it’ll come back again. And again.

Shorts: Cutoffs that haven’t been seen since the early ‘90s and knee-length roll-ups (“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”) are de rigueur this summer. Best part is, they’re good for going out as well as going to the beach. (Well, not a cocktail party, but dancing? Rock on.) Any wash goes, but skip the neat, tailored look – this one needs a beat-up edge to fly.

There you have it: fashion is revisionist, ad infinitum. Take the trends you like, work ‘em like you own ‘em, and leave the ones that don’t work for you. No matter what the trend, if it doesn’t work for your body type, leave it on the rack. And when you do buy, buy wisely; denim is such a wardrobe staple, you know you’ll be wearing that piece for years.  Now get out there and show us what you’ve got!

Shop happy,

Shop Girl

7 For All Mankind

Summer is in full swing, and 7 For All Mankind has a great selection of stylish shades to complement your every summer style, from catching the rays on the beach to driving along the coast with the top down. Check out the stylish selection of sunglasses and accessories at 7 For All Mankind.


Our Topanga sunglasses were inspired by classic metal Aviator designs.  This timeless shape is always in fashion and includes '7 For All Mankind' etched into the brow bar.  Bursts of bright colored enamel on the eye rims and mirrored lenses add a unique touch of LA style.  
• Materials: Handmade Italian acetate and stainless steel
• Lenses: UVA and UVB protected
• Imported
• Case Included

Our Montecito sunglasses are made of a mosaic of materials inspired by the stones and crystals found in the natural landscapes of Southern California. It features a matte gold plaque on the temple with '7 For All Mankind' in raised letters. The contoured frame accentuates chic LA style.

• Materials: Handmade Italian acetate and stainless steel
• Lenses: UVA and UVB protected
• Imported
• Case Included

Our Beverly sunglasses are made of a mosaic of materials that were inspired by the stones and crystals found in the natural landscapes of Southern California.  It features a matte gold plaque on the temple with '7 For All Mankind' in raised letters.
• Materials: Handmade Italian acetate and stainless steel
• Lenses: UVA and UVB protected
• Imported
• Case Included


Our Reseda sunglasses are made of a mosaic of materials that were inspired by the stones and crystals found in the natural landscapes of Southern California. This design features a hip 80's style and a matte gold plaque on the temple with '7 For All Mankind' in raised letters.
• Materials: Handmade Italian acetate and stainless steel
• Lenses: UVA and UVB protected
• Imported
• Case Included

7 For All Mankind - Free Shipping on orders over $150 


Summer of Color is the largest public art  project in the U.S., and also one of the largest civic efforts in the world. For five months beginning in May, the LA County lifeguard towers –  on 31 miles of beach -- will be transformed into a collective work of art, a  span that includes: Zuma, Point Dume, Malibu, Will Rogers, Santa Monica,  Venice, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Dockweiler, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach,  Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Palos Verdes, and San Pedro.  

More than 40 million beachgoers will visit these renowned beaches from May thru October.  


Summer of Color is the culmination of the  efforts of nearly 6,000 children in schools, hospitals, and social service  programs – and more than 2,500 adult volunteers – who have participated in the  initiative’s program activities, which included the painting of the panels now  installed on the walls and roof tops of the towers.

In conjunction with Portraits of Hope,, a hot new Santa Monica based custom boardshort company, is creating Limited Edition board shorts from some of the Tower artwork.  Each highly collectable pair of board shorts will feature customized details on the inside waistband including: Artist Name, Title of Artwork, Date, and Limited Edition Number". A donation of $10.00 for every pair sold will benefit Portraits of Hope.


With every pair being printed right here in Los Angeles, the quality and vibrancy of these "prints" is simply mind blowing. Each pair is made to order and sewn by the Shortomatic tailor, using the best technical components. These shorts are built to last.

Available in for MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN

First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream

We all have our own routines that keep our bodies feeling healthy and refreshed, whether it’s going to a gym, taking a dance class or just walking the dog at night. Why not have a routine for your skin? With First Aid Beauty’s Daily Face Cream, your skin will get the attention it deserves and will leave you feeling beautiful inside and out.

FAB’s Daily Face Cream is a lightweight cream that deeply penetrates skin, offering exceptional hydration without feeling heavy or sticky.  This non-comedogenic formula won’t clog pores and contains the FAB Antioxidant Booster, a blend of the most powerful antioxidants known to botanical science to combat free radical damage. Ceramides, Caprylic Triglyceride, Dimethicone and Glycerin moisturize while also protecting skin’s barrier function.  Daily Face Cream helps to calm redness and irritation and reduce skin reactivity.

First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream is available at for $18 and select Sephora locations. 


Handprint Hydrating Hand Salve

Do your hands give away your age? Turn back the hands of time with Sparitual Handprint Hydrating Hand Salve. Restore devitalized hands with this unique hand conditioning formula. Hydroshield Technology delivers a rich blend of honeybush leaf, aloe ferox, shea butter, marula oil and griffonia seed to repair, hydrate, nourish and protect worn out skin. The lightweight layer of moisture boosts hand health and brings crucial nourishment for total comfort.

Made with ingredients that are either Fair Trade certified or adhere to Fair Trade practices when possible, Handprint is free of synthetic dyes, fragrances, parabens, petrochemicals and preservatives.

Each exquisite SpaRitual product has been perfectly crafted to enhance your daily life. Enlighten yourself. Be a Sparitualist. Because we all deserve to life the good life.


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