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by shop girl
issue no. 98

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What’s Hot/What’s Not 2010

Surveying the shards of my 2009 Festive Season that still remained in the fireplace on Sunday afternoon sent me into such a funk that I had to retreat to a bubbly tub with a warm drink and a stinky candle and a good read for a while to regroup. And while I was perusing said tome (a spot-on gift from a spot-on girl) I was inspired to mentally peruse my own collection for dull spots that could be exfoliated from the racks like so much sartorial dry skin. But of course, me being me, there wasn’t much dead wood, so I went back to reading.

Then I hit the e-sales. And what I noticed was that the purveyors of style seem to be lowering prices, as is their wont, on the least-desirable merch to such extremes as to make them seem almost worth buying. (I watched a couple of girls doing this at my favorite department store last weekend, and successfully resisted the urge to point out that their bargains made their butts look big.)

Luckily for you, though, I have no such reservations. I’m here to tell you, it’s time to be SMART about your look. Those extra cookies will melt away as the month progresses, but bad fashion is forever. Especially now that everyone has a digital camera for instant FB posting. Let’s review, shall we?

So 2010: Slim trousers. Whether ankle-cropped with flats or pumps or legging-skinny with boots, this look isn’t fading as fast as I may have anticipated. When done right, it can be worn by all body types; it comes in a nearly endless list of fabrics; and it’s the perfect basis for the longer sweaters and jackets that everyone loves this year. Whether in warm climates with tanks and sandals or layered in the north with a big scarf and a blazer, it’s still hot.
So Never-Again: Vinyl-shiny leggings. Did we really think this would work on anyone but Agyness?

So 2010: The down coat. Finally, designers have figured out how to design sporty outerwear that doesn’t make the poor woman inside look like the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man. And fabric options with a little sheen or metallic hint are modern and much more stylish than your basic navy nylon.
So Never-Again: Micro-cropped puffer jackets with humongous faux-fur-trimmed hoods. I could delineate profession-specific requirements, but I’ll be delicate and not.

So 2010: Bright colors continue to add life to the drab winter landscape, with cobalt blue, raspberry, and teal maintaining their dominance. Spring looks to ice those colors into pastels, but the same hues will be the foundation of our warm-weather wardrobes as well.
So Never-Again: Day-Glo neon. How quickly we forget. It was bad in 1985, it’s bad now. For road construction crews only, please.

So 2010: Boyfriend. The jean, the khaki, and for spring, the short. Hip-slung, slouchy but not sloppy, it’s a saucy counterpoint for a snug feminine tee or a ripping heel.
So Never-Again: Destroyed denim. Did you really think for a minute that those hyper-bleached and Stryper-slashed cigarette denims would be anything but a flash in the pan? Milk ‘em for all they’re worth because the clock’s ticking.

So 2010: Sparkle. The sequin is here to stay, day or night. Find it in just the right quantity on t-shirts and tank tops and sprinkle them into your look anytime.
So Never-Again: Printed tee shirts. Buy very carefully. Unless you were ON the Ramsey Junior High Championship Basketball Team in 1993, don’t buy the shirt. And that giant animal? Has got to go.

So 2010: The knee-high boot. Equestrian style is never out. Whether high heeled or flat, suede or leather, black, brown, grey or navy, this boot is a sure thing. Wear your skinnies tucked in, wear your boot-cuts on top, ground a short skirt and tights or a floaty floral dress. Always a sound investment.
So Never-Again: The over-the-knee boot. A cutting-edge look at its best, it’s too extreme for the mainstream and a tough look for anyone who has body-proportion management issues. Basically, see Agyness for the ideal wearer. I can think of many better ways to get some fashion bang for your buck.

So 2010: The necklace. Statement or delicate, short or long, layered or solo, this is a trend with legs. It’s budget-flexible, size-independent, works day or night, and there’s one out there for everyone. Or two. Or seven.
So Never-Again: The infinity scarf. Looks fabulous this season, but will scream “She bought me last year!” next fall. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I’m not saying that all the hot haute you bought last fall is ready for the bin, but wear them with caution now and prepare to move on once the weather changes for good. Use the opportunity of the outrageous post-holiday sales to stock up on wardrobe classics, linens and towels, and to refill the hostess-gift closet. But for heaven’s sake, leave the Noughties behind. It’s a whole new decade!

Happy New Year,

Shop Girl

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