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by shop girl
issue no. 92

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Wardrobe Wakeup Call

Unless you’re living in the Northeast, where it’s been 60° and raining for the past six weeks (I am not exaggerating: shorts FOUR times since Memorial Day), you’ve been living in your summer garb for a while now. Maybe you’re getting a little complacent with your ensembles: jeans and a tee, jeans and a great tank, tank and khaki shorts, polo and khaki shorts, and flip flops all around. Ladies, please! We know better than that. We are the sartorial super achievers, and we have reputations to uphold, populations to inspire, rooms full of people to make envious! This is no time to slack off. Summer in general is a chance to spread your showiest feathers, don your brightest pieces, strut your sassy stuff. And you don’t have to work any outerwear into your look!

Need to inject some fresh heat into your wardrobe at the midpoint of the season? Follow the lead of your favorite famous face: Make one simple change to the most basic of looks and transform yourself from run-of-the-mill to runway-fabulous in two shakes of a lambskin hobo.

The Look: Sharp white jeans, metallic flat sandals, a long tank and a hip-slung belt.
The Upgrade: Add a flowing, button-front blouse with the sleeves rolled up and the buttons undone over the tank and under the belt, in a hipster plaid or a boho floral, and you’re channeling Rachel Bilson. Trade the jeans for shorts, the sandals for flat booties, and you’re Sienna Miller.

The Look: Great sherbet-colored full-skirted sundress, delicate stiletto sandals. Standard Shipping - Sevilla Dress (120x600)
The Upgrade: Add a wide, studded leather belt and funky strappy platform heels for a more aggressive take on the summer evening classic, á là Marion Cotillard or Claire Danes.

The Look: Weekend late-night out-on-the-town in a slick little silk a-line halter top and dark denims with funky peep-toe skyscrapers or even beaded flat sandals.
The Upgrade: Dare to be different in short shorts instead of the expected jeans, and let starlets like Blake Lively and Vanessa Hudgens be your inspiration. Or go all-out in a silk romper; you’ll definitely get props for rocking the boat.

The Look: A classic striped top and solid shorts with simple flip-flops: nautical chic.
The Upgrade: Who says day casual means flat shoes? Add a wedge or a woven sandal in a bright accent color for a retro, vibrant color ensemble that says you know exactly what you’re doing, just like Katie Holmes. Don't forget the roomy tote!

The Look: Weekend errand-running and shopping in a pair of shorts, a tee, and gladiator flats. Old reliable.
The Upgrade: Trade the shorts and tee combo (jeez, any twelve-year-old can master that look) for a flowy patterned sundress that can float through anything the day throws at you while keeping your cool. And if the dress is a maxi with a so-hot ethnic vibe, it works for evening, too – for cold shoulders, add a denim jacket, not a cardi. A chic satchel completes the look. Think Nicole, Kidman or Richie.

The Look: It’s too hot for makeup, so you gloss and go.
The Upgrade: There’s no excuse for lazy cosmetics! Twenty seconds with a tube of good waterproof mascara (a must in humid or swimmy times) will add definition to your peepers and battability to your lashes that will last all day. Think of Evas, Longoria and Mendes: have you ever seen them without the sultry lashes? It works, so do it.

Thus, there are no excuses for not looking fabulous all summer long. No heat too hot, no humidity too oppressive, no air conditioning too chilly, no errands too mundane. You, the cognoscenti, owe it to the rest of the world to set the bar high. Tweak your basics and shine ‘til the leaves start to fall! (And speaking of tweaking, imagine what we’ll be able to do with this little gem!)

Shop happy,

Shop Girl

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