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The Chic Shop
Issue No. 86
by shop girl
January 9, 2009

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Reality Based Resolutions

January. Always a little bleak, if you ask me. Once the hoopla of the holidays and gatherings and justified purchasing is over, and you’re left with possibly some credit-card debt, five (or seven) extra pounds, and endless months of winter spread out before you (or beneath you, as the case may be), I get to looking for some new raisons d’être. Oh, yeah, and that whole New Year’s Resolution thing, too. I try not to get too holy about those because I usually fall off the resolution wagon by about February third. But anyway, here are some ideas I’ve come up with. Maybe yours are a little like mine (or maybe you’re like my sister-in-law, who resolves things like “Make own stationery” and “Spend more time researching low-environmental-impact homemade gift ideas”. I shudder).

Get on the thank-you notes right quick: Choose some dynamite note cards, maybe with a modern graphic or classic monogram, and pen a quick missive to all those who graced you last month with gorgeous gifts, food, or social engagements. Writing them the morning after (while recuperating with a warm something and wrapped in a warm something else) is best, but you’ll still be a star if you send them now. February, not so much.

Stay in touch: call one girlfriend a day and keep yourself grounded. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the routine of daily life, but five simple minutes (and yes, even busy you can spare them) will help smooth rough patches of your life and remind you of what’s most important. And a second opinion, (on a relationship, career move, accessories purchase) is always welcome, in my book.


Buy quality, cry once: I read that somewhere, and this year I’m resolving to stick to it. Fewer pieces, higher quality. The French woman’s wardrobe philosophy. Look for great basics, simply stunning accents, delicious fabrics in timeless styles (white button-front shirt, wide-leg flannel trousers, sharp blazer, gorgeous leather jacket) that will serve you for years. (In January, you can pick up gorgeous eveningwear and party pieces on steep discount and use them next December!) This also goes for leather goods: better to buy one lovely all-leather handbag than the logo-canvas one that will wear out or, worse, be carried by every upscale high-schooler in the country. Shoes have their own quality-check: the more you spend on a good quality heel, the longer they’ll last, sure, but also the more comfortable they’ll be. Better one great pair of wearable platforms than six pairs of trendy cone-heels, shooties and gladiator sandals you’ll need to remain seated in.

Quit beating myself up: If I exercise today/this week/this month, great. If I’m busy and it makes me feel indulgent to skip a day, fine. What I’m NOT going to do this year is browbeat myself tomorrow for my shortcomings today. Pick myself up, dust off the cross-trainers and get back to work(out). Better yet, motivate the good behavior I know I should have more often by stocking up on new workout wear, Pilates mat, yoga DVDs. And keep myself pumped with some great new playlist downloads.

Make time to moisturize: No, seriously. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s so easy when I’m rushing out the door…really, stop laughing…in the morning to skip this one, and it makes such a huge difference. And this year I am going to kickstart my New Year in a truly philanthropic way, with the WE Help Bring Hope Collection™, a truly wonderful collection of skincare products by Wei East, who is donating 100% of the revenues generated (and the products are magnificent!) to Autism Speaks™ and The Autism Treatment Center of America™. I’m also leaving rich hand moisturizer next to every sink in the place so I won’t forget to restore my winter-dry hands after every wash.

Spend some more on home décor: Instead of constantly buying clothing and accessory items, this year I’m going to make a concerted effort to deck my halls. It’ll be an exercise in self-discipline, to be sure, but I’m always kicking myself when I go to my friends’ houses with the gorgeously arranged bookshelves full of frames and accessories, or the ones with enough matching wine glasses to serve the whole book club (at once), or the ones with the big fancy pots of annuals around the outsides of their decks. If I could just stop comparing the price of absolutely everything I come across to the cost of a pair of designer pumps, this resolution might have a prayer.

My mother would chide me that there aren’t any major changes involved in my resolutions, but they’re pretty substantial adjustments to my usual patterns. If they are different enough that I have to keep a list on my bathroom mirror, I say they count as good resolutions. And now another one: I resolve not to prattle on ad nauseam when I could go rub some lotion on my elbows.

Happy New Year!

Shop Girl

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