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The Chic Shop
Issue No. 85
by shop girl
December 12, 2008

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Happy Holiday Style

Since everyone seems to be cutting back this year, what with our disappearing 401(k)s, negative home equity and all, one might assume that I’ll be treating my giftees to a big fat hug or maybe a holiday card, and that’s it. One would be quite wrong, however. Besides the fact that everyone needs a little personal luxury now more than ever (wow, I hate that phrase), there are UNBELIEVABLE deals out there – retailers both real and e- are practically paying shoppers to take merchandise off their hands (in the event of a post-holiday Chapter 11 frenzy). So really, what choice do I have? I’m buying up a storm, for myself and others, and doing my part to bring up the retail forecasts for Q4. Such a giver am I.

Another fabulous thing about the holidays is that they give me an opportunity to educate some of the… how shall I put this diplomatically…less stylistically inclined members of my circle in the ways of the fashionista. By bestowing gifts or looking really outstanding myself, it’s a chance to spread the chic around. Hey, I want to make the world a better place to live, I’m just starting with the visuals.

For Moms: I love to keep Mom in the know; it’s too easy for her to get out of the loop now that she’s got no kids at home. My first choice is an iPhone, but really, I can’t picture her walking the dog with earbuds in, or texting her friends about the grandkids’ latest achievements. So then I’m thinking maybe a great handbag — she’s a little behind in the accessories-acquisition thing. Or the best choice might be a spa day with a friend (me, of course); she never slows down enough for a mani/pedi. And since Mom is always an advocate of a great sale, a nifty little gift card tucked into a lovely scented candle is ideal.


For Dads: If yours is like mine, it’s all about golf. Get him the latest distance-increasing toys like fancy tees or expensive golf balls, or organizing tools to keep the gear under control in the garage (a gift for Mom at the same time!). If he’s into fishing, get some warm woolies for those hours in the boat, or chip in with your siblings and get him a weekend at a fly-fishing school to hone his skills. (This one might be hard to top next year, though…) Dads love gadgets: grilling tools, electronics accessories (big-buttoned universal remotes are easy to read), or a non-fiction book to keep him occupied after the big family dinner, at least until he falls asleep in the living room. Style can be hard, but maybe help him trade in his light, relaxed-fit old jeans for some darker, narrower ones. And you may as well show him how fiscally responsible you are by taking advantage of the James Perse Private Sale — you know he'd love a soft and toasty sweater!

For Sisters and BFFs: You know what they want, and they know you know what they want, so you better get it right. A gift subscription to a favorite magazine is a thoughtful touch, and it keeps on giving all year long. If you don’t know their favorite brands and colors, a gift card to a beauty emporium is a sweet indulgence. Other terrific choices are little luxury accessories that they always pass over for more practical choices, like a delightful makeup bag, a chic logo key fob, designer shades, a luscious silk scarf, or a silver photo frame with a picture of the two of you and a special message engraved on it. So thoughtful!

For Co-Workers: Keep it small and considerate: if you know he’s a coffee addict, get him a pound of his favorite brew. If she’s a big gardener, pick up an orchid she can keep on her desk. For the boss, a nice pair of shearling gloves will make her commute more comfortable, but won’t be so extravagant that you look like you’re kissing up. For the administrative assistant, think about a great-smelling hand-care kit to keep her fingers flying over your reports all winter long.

For Service People: Here’s your chance to exercise your creative side: homemade gifts are the perfect choice. Slip a big, decorated gingerbread cookie in a glassine bag and give one to the mail carrier, trash and recycling guys, and the UPS man (since he’ll be dropping by daily to deliver the rest of your other holiday gifts). If you are a bit on the creatively-challenged side, a Starbuck's gift card is ideal.

For The Significant Other: You love him no matter what he’s wearing, but sometimes you need to take him out in public and you want him to represent! So make sure he’s decked in all the wonders the season has to offer; specifically cashmere. Sweaters, both dressy and casual, make him so much nicer to snuggle with. Or a scarf and cashmere-lined leather gloves so he can remember you when he’s on his way to work. Make sure his casual wear lives up to his work wear by switching some of his old jeans for a hot new brand; even he’ll admit they make him look fantastic. If you’re looking for more together-time, fill a box with slips of paper promising dates with you: home-cooked dinner in; a weekend football game together on the couch (and you won’t complain); a weekday lunch – if you work too far away to meet, pack him a gourmet box lunch with a love note and call him at his desk to make sure he enjoyed it.

For Yourself: Make sure you’re decked out for all occasions, and take advantage of fabulous sales on designer goodies! You’ll need some snuggly sweaters to wear with everything from jeans to pencil skirts to evening pants. Pick up incredible deals on dresses for day and night, and don’t forget a necklace to nestle in the neckline. By now all the fall suits should be on sale, so it’s time to pass on the oldest one in your closet and replace it with something feminine and close-fitting, in a new neutral. A sparkly top and evening sandals can take your suit from work to after-work parties with just a smudge of smoky eye shadow, but for big parties pick up a dynamite cocktail dress and a new clutch. There are so many chances to dress up in December – now’s your chance to shine. After all, you’re your favorite person, and doesn’t your favorite deserve a few great gifts, too?

Shop happy,

Shop Girl

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