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The Chic Shop
Issue No. 84
by shop girl
November 14 , 2008

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Winter Wardrobe Guide

By this point in the season, one would assume that my winter wardrobe is a fully fleshed, breathing organism, right? I mean, I’ve had months to pick out items, mix and match my wardrobe staples with chic selections from the new trends, add accessories, and even plan a few holiday highlights for everyone’s delectation. Alas, one would be quite wrong. What with my distraction over the plight of the nation’s banks, creditors and creditees (i.e., me), the brouhaha over the election, and the need for creative disposal of several metric tons of Halloween candy (no one at work wants it either – I’m thinking of using it for mulch on my wintering flower beds), I’ve been a bit distracted.

It turns out that I’m wiser than even I realized (I know, shocking): the sorry economic forecast has forced retailers to slash prices everywhere, even on BRAND-NEW MERCHANDISE. I find at least three discount offer postcards in my mailbox each afternoon, and my inbox is crammed with hot sale notices and friends-and-family discounts. Not to mention the great gift offers out there — I for one am definitely snapping up one of these gorgeous Trina Turk cosmetic bags at Nordstrom! So now’s the time, ladies – let’s make the most of our procrastinatory tendencies and maximize our minimized budget. Follow me! I still need:

Macy's Fit Matters

Tall brown boots: I saw the perfect pair in a catalog earlier this fall; trouble is, they’re not for sale! And when I asked customer service about it, they said the boots were “model’s own”, which means they were probably wicked expensive and three years old. Just my luck. So I’m still on the hunt. Medium brown, possibly British tan, preferably with a small platform, a stack heel and very little other detail, although I’d go for a nice flat equestrian-type if I could find the right one.

A ¾-length coat: Something not-puffy just above the knee for day or evening over trousers. I’m loving the details on this one, although I’m always a sucker for a military style, too.

Sweaters: This is my season! I’m a sweater-a-holic as it is, and F/W 2008 has fulfilled my every fantasy. Long or short, thick or sleek, cotton, wool or cashmere, I’m stocking up so I can keep the thermostat at a balmy 65o. They’re perfect with everything from jeans or leggings to a little cocktail dress this year – I’ll finally be warm at dinner parties!

A little day dress: Possibly wool, very layerable – think over a turtleneck and tall boots one day, a white shirt, tights and stack-heel pumps the next. Patterns are figure-forgiving, but I think I’ll get more mileage out of a solid or heather. Hmmmm.

Black-black stovepipe jeans: I mean really dark, not faded at all. Will be the perfect underlayer for nearly every outfit: tunic and t-straps, sweater and fuzzy boots, blazer, blouse, scarf and flats. The challenge will be to keep them black-black; I’ve heard good things about Woolite for Darks. And NEVER in the dryer.

Turtlenecks: See Sweaters; the most versatile layering piece winter ever spawned. Under a collared shirt, belted with trousers, topped with a blazer, draped with a scarf. A terrific showcase for great earrings, too.

A great clutch: Something versatile yet distinctive that I can tuck down inside my daytime tote and pull out easily to go out after work. Forces me to streamline my traveling beauty essentials.

Super jewelry: Check out the fantastic selection at Palm Beach JEM! I’m positively crazy about the big-cuff trend, even the one-on-each-wrist look. (Hey, Wonder Woman was always an idol, now I can do it every day.) And the costume necklace possibilities are nearly endless: long over a tunic? (The extra along chains can do double duty by being looped twice around the neck for a shorter version!) Short and chunky inside a scoop-neck? Multiple chains with a soft sweater? I need more days in a week!

Another wide-leg wool trouser: Can’t decide between a plaid and a stripe, but I’m sure this will be a really useful piece. Dress down for weekends with a sweater and flats, or up with pumps and a jacket. I’m going for quality on this one, because I know they’ll be timeless.

Something for chic cocktail parties: Dressier than jeans, but not so far as a little dress and evening sandals. I just got an invitation that says “Dress to kill” – I know what they mean, but I don’t own it yet. How about a little sweater dress with tights and shooties? Or a tux jacket and shiny pants over a little tee?

I’m so drunk with the power of all the sale flyers, ads and coupons that it’s been hard for me to focus on anything else – I even dreamt about juggling my budget with multi-store discounts last night. I do know that I am going to take full advantage of my invitation to join Rue La La, a fabulous invitation-only, online destination for premier-brand private sale Boutiques, and because I am such a nice person I am going to pass this invitation along to you! Go forth and save, chickens, and write me with tales of your conquests! The only thing more fun than bargain-hunting myself is hearing about other successes.

Shop Happy,

Shop Girl

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