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The Chic Shop
Issue No. 80
by shop girl
July 11, 2008

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Hot Summer Style

Hot. I’m so hot. Can you believe it’s only been six weeks since I was kvetching about how cold it was? How soon I forget. Now I’m looking for excuses to wear as little as possible, which is all well and good when I’m alone in the house, but not so good for fetching the mail. Then there’s the pool club, but it seems, to add insult to injury, that the heavens decide to throw a thunderstorm my way every afternoon just before I can get my swim towel laid out, so there’s been no actual swimming for the past two weeks. So how on earth am I supposed to get any use out of the glorious summer wardrobe I’ve laid in if it’s too hot for clothes and too lightning-y (is that a word?) for swimwear? Especially since darling She She Me introduced me to Rue La La, an exclusive members-only private sale boutique for premier designer wear. And yes, of course I am going to let you in on the fabulous deals to be found with this invitation to membership. (What are friends for?) You can thank me later…

And now, back to the weather. Clearly, the answer is to socialize after sundown. Everyone’s playing a little fast-and-loose with staying late at work and getting there on time the next morning, since it’s summer, and your digs just got so much bigger, since you can spread to the outdoors and not remain holed up in your (admittedly stylish yet petite) living space. And because the best way to get invited to a social gathering is to throw one yourself, I’ve started coming up with ideas for get together's that will cover all sorts of friend groups (you know, the neighbor group, the friends-from-work group, the girlfriends-and-dates group, etc., etc.) and will present sartorial opportunities of every kind. Your calendar and cast of characters may vary, but at least you’ll be getting dressed.


Weekend Barbeque: Can be quite casual. Invite the neighbors you’ve been dying to meet and some of the other ones you know will make a welcoming assemblage. Paper plates, plastic utensils, and shorts with a loose sleeveless top and thong sandals. Or slim denims or cargos with an embellished tank or girly tee. Maybe a denim mini and skimmers. Keep the shoes flat since you’ll be standing over the grill. And make sure you let all the attendees bring a potluck dish (can’t bbq without potato salad) or something to add to the fire – then you’re not stuck spending thousands on gourmet sausages for everyone.

Cocktails by the Pool (inflatable or otherwise): Make it a sophisticated South Beach theme to encourage your BFFs and their SOs to get glammed up. Serve frosty concoctions or gazpacho and mini steak sandwiches on a silver tray while wearing your slickest little silk cocktail dress and strappy heels (stay on the patio!). Pile your hair on top of your head and add some dynamite earrings and big resin bangles, but keep the color scheme bright and fresh – think citrus, like your beverage assortment. Or if you’ve been keeping up with your Pilates schedule, slip into these amazing shorts and a delicious slinky halter top with sparkly sandals. Skip the necklace but add a pair of swingy hoops and a smoky eye. Keep the look tropical with inexpensive potted palms scattered around the space. Find some Cuban jazz or a little Astrud Gilberto on and hook up your speakers so you don’t have to help the mood along. (Oooh, I’m excited for this one!)

Dinner on the Deck: If you haven’t yet managed to keep your summer budget separated into clothing and furniture columns, you can still host a sweet sophisticated sit-down. Drag out all your coffee and side tables, and place cushions around them on the floor for a Middle-Eastern-themed feast. Grill kebabs and veggies, serve with tangy chutneys and cool yogurts, and finish with minty tea in decorative glasses. Float gracefully among your guests in one of this season’s hot maxi dresses for a Talitha Getty-esque air, with a giant cocktail ring, bare feet and a dynamite coral pedicure. Or top loose linen trousers with an embellished tunic and a rack of worldly bangles – the perfect makeup look will be a jewel-toned eye and nude, glossy lips. All the votive candles sprinkled on the tables and around the perimeter of the patio will transport everyone just as if you were Malcolm Forbes with a big jet.

Nighttime Birthday Bash: Pick a weekend when your neighbors are out of town, crank up the music and throw a discothèque dessert party for that best friend who never lets you down. Make sure she’s in on the planning, including the playlist, munchies, and of course the wardrobe. If she’s the rock-and-roll type, you can do ice cream sundaes with candles in them, cold bottled drinks in tubs of ice, and the furniture cleared out of the room (or off the deck) for lots of room to dance. Wear jeans and a sleek tee or tank with studs or edgy beading and your strappy platforms for lots of height and all-night boogying comfort. Add a pair of bold cuffs and a neck full of chains. If she’s more Euro/trance/trip-hop, keep things light and sophisticated with lots of cold, bubbly beverages, meringues or sorbet with fresh fruit, trays of chocolates, and dramatic lighting. Top a poufy painted skirt with a city-chic fitted tee shirt and balance your bronzed stems on the barest skyscraper sandals you can find. Or keep cool in a simple sequined minishift dress – the only accessory you’ll need is a winning smile. This one’s going to last all night! (Better have some scones wrapped up in pairs as party favors in case it’s sunrise by the end.)

All right, I feel much better now. I have a plan for the next few weeks, and I hope you have come up with a few ideas of your own. Who needs air conditioning when there are invitations to be arranged?

Happy Shopping,

Shop Girl

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My personal favorite position is to prop it against my coffee table, back myself into it (if I am feeling particularly porky I make the BEEP…BEEP…BEEP backup sound), smoosh my tush around until I am nice and comfy, then snag a soda and a plate of nachos (conveniently placed on coffee table beforehand) and veg while watching all my fave chick flicks. I can also work on my laptop from this chair (which I am doing right now!), shop online (which I am doing in ten minutes), give myself a mani/pedi, read a book, or just relax and dream of marrying rich…

It is made of a super strong über-wonder fabric, and spills wipe right off (as witnessed about three minutes ago with a Diet Pepsi). It also stays cool and dry, unlike other beanbag chairs which tend to adhere to one's rear and make Velcro-like sounds when one is exiting. Fabulous for the little ones and pets! Make a wonderful gift for anyone you love! (And that includes yourself dearest girls!)

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