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no. 29
February 16, 2007

Dresses & Daydreams: Top Picks for Spring

Between the fabulous finery of Fashion Week, the glitzy glamour of the Grammy's, the romance and bliss of Valentine's Day and the anticipation of the Oscars I am just a bit overwhelmed with the surfeit of stunning styles gracing the runways, red carpets and the pages of glossy magazines. I find myself wondering if I, too, could lead the seemingly magical lifestyle of the rich and famous if I only could lay my hands on the new "It" bag from Chloé. (Believe me it is NOT for lack of trying!)

As a young girl in pigtails and braces, I sometimes imagined what my life would be like as a fabulous and chic twirty girl. College, career, stunning wardrobe, 2-carat-diamond, sunset wedding on a tropical beach, barefoot in a floaty white dress…Basically, living the life of a Ralph Lauren ad (complete with hunky husband and requisite flaxen-haired toddlers), attired in Etro, accessorized by Tiffany, shod in Jimmy Choo and toting Louis Vuitton. Each morning I would awaken with a kiss (sans morning breath!) from my scruffy-yet-extremely-gorgeous-hubby and then join the cherubic laughter of my darling little ones clamoring for blueberry pancakes. The American Dream—white picket fence, rose-covered cottage, eco-friendly SUV, yada, yada, yada.

And yet, when I look at the reality that is my life, I realize that the aforementioned daydream is just that—a daydream, and not even my particular daydream come to think of it, (although the tropical beach sounds good right about now since the constant rain is causing a fit of the drear's, not to mention my pasty white legs could use a little kiss of sunshine. And I could still do the Isabella Fiorebarefoot in a floaty dress thing, but maybe something in a very I'm-still-single-and-totally-fine-with-that delicate pastel. But I digress). Anyhoo, who's to say that the Ralph-Lauren-ad husband wouldn't end up looking like Homer Simpson in a few years anyway?

I've always been a glass-is-half-full kind of girl, one who looks on the bright side of life and finds the silver lining in the gloomy storm clouds; a girl who can turn the world on with her smile, one who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile (and apparently one who has watched a bit too much Nick@Nite, no?) Again I digress. Anyhoo, I find myself at this particular juncture in time, truly, madly and deeply in love with life; and as such I have figured out a few basic truths about myself:

  • I am twirty, flirty and girly, and very happy to be so!
  • I have fabulous (and fabulously chic) friends who love me and care about me enough to spend entire afternoons helping me find the perfect pair of shoes (and it truly is just a coincidence that we all happen to wear the same size 8; which reminds me, Pilar still has my Christian Louboutin cork peeptoes.)
  • I have a cute-as-a-button little puppy who loves me enough to chew only on my flip flops and never on my Ferragamos.
  • I have an exciting, if somewhat ambiguous job which allows me to spend hours surfing the internet for the perfect spring clutch; tracking hemline trends and heel heights, flipping through glossy mags and discovering fabulous little shoppes and boutiques all in the name of research.
  • I have a very chic and stylish mentor/boss who thinks highly enough of me to give me first dibs on her superfluous samples.
  • I have a very sweet little condo that is shaping up quite nicely, especially with this recent addition to my sunny master retreat.
  • And last, but certainly not least, I have sexy Seth, who takes me sailing in the moonlight, phones me just to tell me to have a happy day and loves to surprise me (and just as often confuse me—apparently all little boxes from Tiffany are not created alike!)

Yes dearest girls, I am a happy camper these days (and we all know that happy girls are the prettiest girls!) and I am a firm believer in helping to boost the spirits of my dearest friends and She She girls. So I made a little list of a few things that have put a smile on my face, and added a little extra "pretty" to this happiest of girls:

  • Patent peep toe skimmers. I love these because they have a delicate little heel, so they can be a bit more dressy, but at the same time they are oh so comfortable!
  • Sunflower yellow bag. The color just cheers me up, and it adds a nice little punch to white crops and one of this season's hot trends—a chic color block top.
  • Updated trench coat. Perfect for spring with a more feminine feel.
  • I am a sucker for a pretty dress. I love the way a flirty, floaty, fluttery dress puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step (of course, these darling little wedges help in the springy step department too!)
  • Big bangles, necklaces with chunky beads and woven gold, and rings that make a bold statement. This season size does matter!

Well, dearest girls, I seem to have worked up a bit of an appetite with all of this shopping talk. Time to delve into the Valentine candy! Happy spring!

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