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no. 28
January 19, 2007

Stylish Resolutions: Things I Want/Need Right Now!


I have come to the conclusion that the Powers-That-Be schedule the Golden Globe Awards at the beginning of January so everyone will realize that had they stuck to last year's New Year's Resolutions they would look as spectacular as the bevy of beautiful starlets on the red carpet this year. As was obvious as I channel surfed between the Golden Globes and "24" last Monday evening. (Compromise: Seth=avid Jack Bauer devotee. She She Me=avid celebrity gawker. Besides, I TiVO'd the entire awards for private viewing later!) But I digress. All it took was one look at Jessica Biel's beauteous curves (and seriously toned backside) for me to realize it was time to dust off the ole' bun-and-thigh-roller and take a different route to work (one that doesn't go past Krispy Kreme!)

Every year I seem to have the same resolutions. They usually involve losing a few pounds, trimming a few inches, saving a few dollars and finding true love. (And, poll taken, the same resolutions as just about every other twirty girl on earth!) And I always start off with the best of intentions, truly I do! January 1st rolls around and I wake with renewed commitment that This Is The Year! I toss all the holiday goodies (usually only crumbs left anyway) into the trash, replace the Diet Coke in the refrigerator with sparkly vitamin water, fill the fruit bowl with oranges and apples and resolvedly remove the tissue stuffing from my new cross trainers. I pack my trusty workout bag with all my girly essentials and head to the gym…which apparently moved to new digs six months ago! Not a total wasted effort, however. Old gym is now fabu new shoe boutique and a girl can never have too many ballet flats! Oooh, and new skimmers are totally justified as Boston Proper, Inc.part of new very healthy lifestyle attempt.

Anyhoo, same story every year. Resolutions, good intentions, one or two good weeks, then the gradual re-introduction of the chocolate covered Krispy Kreme into my life and I'm a goner. But like any good twirty girl, I embrace the mantra of the lovely Miss Scarlett— for tomorrow is another day! So this year I am setting goals instead of resolutions. (Goals have a much more positive and upbeat sound.) That way I can reward myself with lovely goodies when said goals are achieved! So, that said, here are my goals for 2007: lose a few pounds, trim a few inches, save a few dollars and find true love. Now, that sounds much more attainable, no?

Things I Want/Need Right Now:

  • A classy coat. With four months of nippy/freezing weather still ahead, this makes total sense. Going for something fresh and fun to offset winter blahs.
  • Patent platforms. The perfect way to add a little va-va-va-voom to your basic LBD.
  • Elegant clutch. Was inspired by all of the gorgeous little bags on the red carpet. Absolutely covet gold brocade clutch SJP was carrying!
  • A gorgeous silver toggle necklace. Love the gemstones on the toggle!
  • Bracelet watch. So I can stay on schedule and look stylish at the same time!
  • Yummy new fragrance. Love, love, love this one by Lolita Lempicka (which I bought just because the bottle was so gorgeous) and it smells divine! She She Tip: I love trying new perfumes, so I always buy the miniature bottles; not only does the perfume stay fresh and fragrant, but I can get more than one kind!

Rewards Along the Way

Things to Aspire To

  • An itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini. Natch.
  • Or perhaps a stunning color block maillot—much more flattering to this twirty girl.
  • A great dress (this one absolutely shouts She She Me!) to show off my hard earned assets. (Assuming, of course, that this healthy new lifestyle I am embarking on pays off!)
  • Truly luscious lingerie. Even on the most blustery cold dreary grey winter day, just knowing that I have on bits of lovely lace and sumptuous satin under my oh-so-professional work wear can perk me right up!
  • A sheer girly girl blouse. Looks great with a demure cami and topped with a stylish suede jacket. So versatile: can be worn with skirts, jeans and trousers!

Looks like we've got our work cut out for us girls. On your mark, get set, SHOP!!

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