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December 29, 2006

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Top New Year's Party Style Tips!

Am having a fabulous time this holiday season! Was able to spend quality time with family this past week; you know, the whole carols 'round the piano, stringing popcorn and cranberries for the tree, decorating (eating) sugar cookies, delivering (eating) gourmet yummies to the neighbors, yada yada. Also, scored major goodies on Christmas morning—love fabulous mother who always knows the best bag for her best girl. Also love smart-brother-who-married-very-chic-Girly, who also knows the best boots for her best sister-in-law! Only downside was that holiday homecoming only lasted four days, since some of us actually have to earn a living and our employers have unreasonable expectations of work actually being performed during the holidays; ergo, quickie trip home and quickie return to meet deadlines. Big bonus however—lovely boss/mentor is hosting New Year's Bash at her ski lodge and Yours Truly is invited for a holiday weekend of parties, schmoozing, skiing, snowboarding (as if) and après ski festivities, as well as an über-chic New Year's Eve Party-To-End-All-Parties! Which, of course, leads us to:

What the Chic Girls are Wearing this New Year's Eve:

  • Very flirty party dress. If ever there was an excuse for a fabulous party dress, girls, this is it. Many of us wait all year for the perfect excuse to purchase the perfect party dress. Check the dress code if the party is work-related (like mine); cocktail dresses are usually the norm, as long as theyBag Borrow Or Steal, Inc. are not too bare or revealing. If it's not work-related, almost anything goes! (Use a little common sense, girls, so you are not forever labeled as a no-class hussy.) Since most New Year's Eve parties include dancing, stay away from a dress that is too short or limits movement. Go with something flirty, flowing and fun!
  • Another option would be a fabulous party skirt and gorgeous blouse. This is a great option for the girl with an active professional/social life and many events to attend. The blouse can be worn with a pair of tuxedo trousers and heels, and you can top the skirt with a figure flattering sweater, finishing the look with a pair of sassy slides.
  • Dancing shoes girls! This is definitely the time to break out the skyscrapers. Sass up your LBD with a metallic strappy sandal. Try mixing textures—your lacy skirt will look great with a pair of velvet peeptoes. Or pair a flirty chiffon cocktail gown with a brocade slingback. It's a new year—be a little daring!
  • A gorgeous party wrap. I found this amazing little sequined wrap at ZenTrend. Perfect for my party frock and luxurious to boot!
  • Bring on the bling. Focus on fun faux rings and arm flattering bangles and cuffs.
  • It's all in the bag. A great little clutch to hold your girly necessities, or, if you are like me and have a tendency to put things down and never remember where, this darling little shoulder bag is perfection indeed.

Party Perfect Beauty

  • Hair: Sweet and simple. A sleek ponytail, worn high with hair wrapped around to hide the elastic. Or low, with a chiffon or silk scarf tied around the base. For a quick girly touch, add a headband—perfect for an evening of dancing and flirting.
  • Another option: the classic chignon. Pull hair back, twist gently, fasten low and pull out a few strands for that casually chic look.
  • Metallic eyes. Brush a sparkling gold powder over a base of chocolate brown. Or try a glittery copper. For the peaches-and-cream complexion, edge the eyes in a deep cobalt, smudging at the corners and brush over with a silvery shadow. Instant glamour!
  • Dewy fresh skin. Skip the bronzer and go for a fresh glow. A sheer foundation and light dusting of mineral powder will give you a fresh look that will last all evening.
  • Pink Lips. From delicate blush to deep rose, choose the most kissable shade for you!

Keeping Up Appearances—the Perk-Up Necessities for Your Handbag!

  • Oil control blotting sheets. Perfect way to get rid of the Dance Dance Revolution shiny forehead.
  • A trick I learned from Girly—roll a Q-Tip in eyeshadow for quick touch-ups later in the evening (no need to haul your entire makeup case around with you). I store them in my mirrored compact then toss them after use.
  • Lipgloss. Love these tiny little lovelies by Lorac—the perfect take-along size, and they taste yummy, which makes them kissalicious!
  • Teeny tiny smoothing cream. A little dab'l do ya! Rub the tiniest bit between your palms and skim it over your hair to fight frizz. You can also use hand lotion in a pinch.

Well, dearest girls, this should help you get the party started. Here's to a fabulous New Year filled with happiness (handbags) and sunshine (shoes) and may you always smile pretty and try not to break too many hearts!


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