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June 30, 2006

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Best of Summer!

As I have mentioned in the past, I really love my job! Even in its perpetually ambiguous state I still love my job. Perhaps it's the glitz and glamour that constantly percolate around me (occasionally rubbing off a bit). Perhaps it is the possibility of being the recipient of the occasional designer cast-off from my über-chic mentor/boss (my new Kooba tote was just a tad too mocha for her taste, but looks totally fab with my very stylish new platform heels!) Or maybe it is the fact that we are richly rewarded for our extreme hard work, dedicated devotion and often-extended work hours with an extra-long holiday weekend! (Just love it when holidays fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays!) And to celebrate, I am going on a road trip with Girly, Pilar and Bailey. What better way to commemorate the birth of our nation than with that quintessential American pastime—shopping! Yes, we are going to hit the road in search of fabulous fashion finds at sizzling summer sale prices during this fantastic festival of freedom we call the Fourth of July. And I am not coming home until I find the perfect designer jeans guaranteed to work wonders on my somewhat imperfect rear view.

Anyhoo, this pre-holiday weekend is the perfect time to embrace and experience all that is summer. And to aid in that, here's the She She Me Best of Summer list for your personal perusal and immediate implementation:

Summer Indulgences/Necessities:

  • Gorgeous sleeveless embroidered top. Perfect for those sultry summer nights. Looks lovely with a crisp cami and a pair of denim crops.
  • A bright summer smile! Nothing will add more to your sizzling summer looks than a dazzling white smile. So simple, so fast, and so affordable! With all the summer weddings, reunions, parties and activities, this is the perfect gift to give yourself—you'll never regret it!
  • Luscious Baume de Rose SPF15 Lip Gloss. Makes your lips feel decadently lush and full. From Paris to New York, this is what all the chic celebrities use to keep their lips soft, supple and kissable while protecting them from the sun and heat. And for a bit of color with the same nourishing protection try Tinted Shimmer Lip Care.
  • Glorious garden party dress. Dress is up, dress it down, put it on and paint the town! (Hmm, sounds rather like a couture cheerleader.) Better pick up a pair of sexy sandals to complete the look. Strappy platforms will have you headed for the dance floor, while demure grecian flats will work for lunch with the girls.
  • Cuffed capris. Perfect for an afternoon sail or a picnic at the beach.
  • Honey mallow eye cream. Perfect for those early-mornings-after-a-late-night. Reduces Bodenpuffiness and fills in fine lines.
  • Michael Kors Island Perfume. My new fave! Gorgeous floral scent with undertones of a tropical waterfall. This fragrance is what summer is all about.

Summer Movies:

  • The Devil Wears Prada. Natch. Anything to do with fashion, accessories, shopping, makeovers and vicious office politics and I am there! Also, many lovely things Prada!
  • Superman Returns. Face it, summer is not summer unless there is a hot dude flying around in tights. Newcomer Brandon Routh is an eerily Reeves-like Superman and Kate Bosworth is, well, brunette! Kevin Spacey not only nails the Lex Luthor character, but bumps it up a few notches for an all-out entertaining performance. Sheer summer superhero fun.
  • Nacho Libre. Speaking of dudes in tights (or as they are referred to in the film—stretchy pants), totally mindlessly hilarious! Very Napoleon Dynamite heads south of the border. I may have to go see it again (the first time I was laughing so hard I missed part of the movie!) The critics panned it, but audiences so far absolutely love it. This one is just for sheer (and I repeat, mindless) fun, so leave your natural PC sensibilities at home.

Music for a Hot Summer Night:

  • Loose by Nelly Furtado, featuring "Promiscuous" with Timbaland. Nelly really delivers the goods on this CD.
  • Oral Fixation, Vol 2 with Extra Tracks by Shakira. You get "Hips Don't Lie" with this one. I especially love the guitar riff by Carlos Santana on "Illegal".
  • The River in Reverse by Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint. A soulful collaboration of two great talents in homage to post-Katrina New Orleans. Haunting lyrics, some beautiful love songs and topnotch musicianship.
  • Taking the Long Way by the Dixie Chicks. All fourteen songs have been co-written by the Chicks themselves. Beautifully strong vocal harmonies, deeply felt private meanings. The Chicks are all grown up.

Beach Reads and Chic Lit:

  • Book of Bright Ideas, by Sandra Kring. A story of friendship, life, and well-kept secrets. This novel brings back great childhood summer memories!
  • Consider Lily, by Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt. A delightful tale about being true to yourself, despite what others may say or do. Fun, heart-warming afternoon-at-the-beach book.
  • Gucci Gucci Coo, by Sue Margolis. Part mystery, part romance, totally hysterical. The perfect escape reading on a lazy summer's afternoon.
  • Tabloid Love: Looking for Mr. Right in all the Wrong Places, by Bridget Harrison. Hilarious! Totally sassy and over the top. The perfect summer read for the romantically challenged.

Just For Fun:

This should keep you busy, happy and very productive. Smile pretty and try not to break too many hearts!


She She Me

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