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Issue 17
by She She Me
February 17, 2006

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Romance with Style

Isn't it funny how things have a way of working themselves out? You can ponder and plan, struggle and scheme, talk yourself into and right out of situations and yet, when it all comes right down to it, fate deals us the final hand. Remember my big dilemma from a few weeks ago? Well, I had finally, and painfully I might add, decided to play the family card (or suffer Aunt Elayne's eternal recriminations) and attend cousin Bette's Gone-With-the-Wind-Theme-Wedding in Atlanta last weekend (had even gone so far as to put a hoop skirt on hold at the Southern Girls Gala and Party Rental store). Alas, I awoke mid-week with a sinus infection--which meant, of course, no air travel. (And yet, nothing a day or two in bed with soothing hot tea, aromatherapy and a large dose of echinacea wouldn't take care of.) So instead of a frenzied weekend of Civil War re-enactments and mint juleps on the freezing cold balcony of an antebellum plantation, I found myself attired in an exquisite party frock, in the sun dappled garden of a darling country inn deep in the heart of Napa Valley. (A fabulous choice for an ultra-romantic wedding, by the way). And apart from a case of the sniffles, accompanied by a very red nose (of course everyone else was the picture of health and gorgeousness) the weekend was absolutely wonderful. Record high temperatures allowed for a garden wedding under a wisteria covered arbor and much aprés nuptial frolicking in the out-of-doors. I must say that I had the time of my life. And I have a theory for this. I had been so looking forward to attending this weekend of friendship, laughter and love--and really attractive groomsmen--and then it was suddenly snatched away (and cruelly replaced with tackiness of epic proportions). Then fate stepped in, waved her magic wand and restored my romantic dream weekend--all for the bargain price of a stuffy nose. (And I didn't have to feel the least bit guilty!)

The most fantastic part of this wedding-party weekend was the utter romance of it all. From the quaint yet elegant country inn to the lovely floaty dresses and stylish hats (I just love hats at weddings); from the fragrant flowers to the exquisite little favors, everything absolutely radiated romance. I could definitely get used to this lifestyle! And why not? Just because I am not tying the knot in the foreseeable future, (but that could very well change!) that's no reason why I can't live a romantic life! As can you. And with that, I give you:

The She She Me Girl's Guide to Living a Romantic Life

Romance isn't always about flowers, chocolates and kisses (although any of those are definite plusses). Romance is all about perception, sensation and imagination, as well as atmosphere and ambiance; in fact, romance is a state of mind.

Dressing Romantically

A fabulous floaty dress always sends a romantic signal, be it a whispery provocation or just barely a glimpse. A sexy knee-skimming skirt paired with a lacy cami also does the trick. Kicky heels add the perfect finishing touch. Peep-toes are a bit more daring, and slingbacks are Dior Spring Shoesalways sexy. These wedges are great for a flirty casual touch, and for the girl who has everything, but wants just one more thing, here you go!

This darling dress cinched with a wide belt offers a different take on innocence. Replace the fabric belt with one of leather, or an embellished metallic to add some personal flare. Summer sandals are a great choice here. For professional chic with just a touch of romance, go with a pretty pantsuit. Leather ankle strap pumps add the perfect touch of class. For those days when you aren't in a gauzy-dress mood, try to-die-for jeans paired with a flirty top and embellished mules.

Romantic Accessories

What says romance better than velvet? This clutch is absolutely delectable. And what twirty girl couldn't use a pair of beautiful black velvet pumps? (The ankle-strap is particularly alluring.) Another enchanting option is this sumptuous beaded brocade, paired with a jeweled bronze sandal. Absolutely divine!

Pearls are always a classic, but when paired with onyx you get a very contemporary twist. Add clean and simple dangle earrings for the coup de grâce. Circle jewelry is all the rage. Try these sterling silver dangles with an artisan feel. Pair them with this necklace for lavishly playful elegance. An earthy bead necklace gets a romantic touch with a satin ribbon bow. A filmy chiffon tie adds elegance to this darling beaded necklace.

Long chains, sexy beads, stunning lariats; adorn your gorgeous neck. And for the wrists, go for a vintage look. This bracelet is perfection indeed, as is this gorgeous silver cuff.

Don't forget your handbag! Stay away from the mattress-sized totes (save those for the beach). Tuck your girly girl necessities in this darling hobo and save money and earn points at the same time! This gorgeous floral tote just oozes romance. For the perfect girly tote, check this out!

Okay, so maybe a cell phone isn't romantic, but the color is so perfectly me! And I might get some romantic phone calls and messages anyhoo! Also, don't forget the iPod, (for mood music) and girly girl accessories! For the truly high-tech girl, this nifty little number in signature She She Pink will make it a snap to log on for great relationship advice!

The Romantic Home

It's the little touches that bring a home to life, as well as add a touch of romance. A snuggly love seat in a gorgeous French floral. A lovely four-poster bed, draped in 600 thread count sheets, an elegant comforter and piled high with pillows. Pewter and silver photo frames hold your treasured memories. Crystal and linen lamp on your nightstand. Fresh flowers. And most importantly, an artful bowl filled with decadently yummy chocolates!

You are well on your way to romance with style!

Be sure to check out the Chic Shop and the homepage for updates from She She Me!

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