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Fall Fashion Trend Alert

I have always been a firm believer in the old adage, "What goes around, comes around," and honestly try to live my life accordingly. I mean, why get your knickers in a twist because someone decides that they are soooo much more important than you and are therefore entitled to jump into your cab while you grapple with luggage, gorgeous spanking new handbag, and cell phone while negotiating madcap rush hour sidewalk traffic in Christian Louboutin and Victoria Beckham on a sweltering August afternoon?! Does it make me a bad person because I felt the teeniest little thrill as I watched said cab speed away, bearing said VIP smugly ensconced in rear seat—with the shoulder strap of her to-die-for vintage Chanel bucket bag hanging out the door, dragging along the gritty streets? Sheer divine retribution (though I must admit to feeling an honest-to-goodness pang of regret for what once was a most glorious handbag).

Which brings us to my most recent brush with serendipity. Was walking briskly down the street, juggling carrier bags containing my lunch-hour shopping-fest booty (positively divine cashmere sweater — perfect for summer evenings; fabu indigo denim jeans for this weekend's little jaunt up the coast; sassy new leather platforms to wear with darling denim and the pièce de résistance — a lovely little frock for a romantic dinner out), when who should I practically knock over with my lovely carrier bag(s)? None other than my old college nemesis and archrival-for-the-love-of-a-boy (she won, then dumped him and broke his little two-timing heart) Mindy Merriweather! I had a moment to survey her in all her too-tight-jeans-bleach-blonde-big-haired-big-(saggy)-boobed glory (and believe me, darlings, the years have not been kind!) before she realized it was me. Her Tammy Faye eyes widened as they took in my über-chic style: chic knee length skirt, luscious lace blouse, covetable leather cut-out pumps and a deliriously gorgeous Alexander McQueen bucket bag (a re-gift from my chic mentor/boss, but who needs to know that?). A slow sneer began to spread across her face, but before she could open her mouth to utter a word, I simply stepped around her and continued on my merry way. As I heard her snort and say, "Well! That's a fine how-do-you-do!" I realized that there is another old adage that is particularly true: Living well is the best revenge!

And speaking of living well, this week we're going to get a jump on fall with the top trends that will be the basis for your fall and winter wardrobe. Check out top tips from our friends at the Zoe Report:

A-Line Dress: The A-Line silhouette — named thus for its A shaped flare — is flattering for all body types. Looks fabulous now with bare legs and a pair of strappy sandals. Looks equally stylish with tights and knee high boots later this fall!

Nifty Knitwear: More is more in the knitwear department, with chunky sweater fabrics meant to be worn from head-to-toe in muted shades. Whether you opt for a sweater dress, cape scarf or poncho, comfy knit leggings or just a traditional pullover, cozy is the name of the game. 

Slouchy Wide-Leg Trousers: Wide-leg trousers are perfect for so many occasions! Pair them with an equally roomy sweater, or highlight your waist by tucking in a filmy blouse. Either way, this gorgeous trend will have you looking effortless alongside the skinny jean crowd. 

Boxy Jacket: Top your fall ensembles with a boxy jacket. This season's version comes with chic inflections, be it substantial breast pockets, shearling touches or a flattened collar. 

Chunky Black Pumps: The block heel is the perfect choice for a day at the office or an evening on the town. These heels go with everything you own.

Super-Strappy Stilettos: These gorgeous heels will dial up the wow factor on your plain ol' pumps, and with so many options in a variety of heel heights, you're sure to find the perfect pair for any occasion.

Well, my dears, that should get you started! Happy fall shopping!


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Sumo Onmi Reloaded

Sumo Omni Reloaded is the latest and most revolutionary product Sumo Lounge has ever produced. A logical evolution from our signature Omni beanbag, it features the same quality craftsmanship but designed for those who value comfort and versatility on the go. The magic is in the flexible, durable and easy-to-clean materials it is made with; Reloaded effortlessly adjusts into a number of positions to suit your needs. And just as easily, it packs away in its matching carry case for convenient transport or storage.

I recently received the Sumo Omni Reloaded and was so excited to give it a whirl. However, it was immediately appropriated by my teenage twin boys, put to immediate use as a gaming chair and promptly received a five star rating from two very enthusiastic gamers. In fact, I realized that the only way I would ever get a chance to try it would be to buy my own! (And the only way to achieve peace in my home would be to buy an extra one so the twins don't have to rock/paper/scissors for whose turn it is!)

Try Sumo Omni Reloaded at the beach or your local swimming pool. Take it with you on your next camping trip. At home, comfortably watch your favorite movies, surf the net or play video games. It’s even great for overnight guests as it discreetly folds away when not in use. Whatever your lifestyle, Sumo Omni Reloaded will make you love your leisure!

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Ash & Willow's Gold Rush for Under $40

A haven for bold & unique accessories of unparalleled selection at guilt-free prices 

Our goal is to create a haven for you to stop all the latest fashion trends in jewelry and accessories all for under $40! 

We source the majority of our accessories directly from manufacturers, cutting out the cost of the middleman, which allows us to keep our prices as low as possible so you can indulge in your favorite pieces without feeling guilty!

Our stylists choose only the hottest trends in accessories and source them more often than seasonally, giving you more options to be on trend at all times! Check out a few of our favorite pieces to give your style just the boost it needs:

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Beneficial for all skin types, the Cooling Moisture Mist can be spritzed on after cleansing to tone, after makeup to set, or anytime during the day for an instant dose of hydration. It’s the perfect go-to for prepping the skin to maximize the benefits and absorption of serums and creams.

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Sunkissed Blonde Lemon Highlights Shampoo and Conditioner

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Sunkissed Blonde Lemon Highlights Highlight Activating Citrus Oil Mist 

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Word is out:
Lancôme – the undisputed mascara expert – introduces Grandiôse: the First Ever Swan-NeckTM Mascara for the Ultimate in Length, Lift and Volume

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The result? Ultimate Coverage – from corner to corner and root to tip. One more detail: the wand’s three dimensional curve seals air into the bottle and automatically mixes the formula in from the sides every time you open the bottle, so it always stays fresh

Lazy Girl's Hair Guide

Don’t be ashamed by your lazy girl style and own it! It’s summer and all your time should be spent on having fun and making memories, not on hair care! Here are our top picks (with tips!) on how to save time and look gorgeous as ever:

The Half-Updo: Scunci No Slip Grip Barrettes, and Hair Ties for that perfect on the-go updo that no one needs to know you spent 5 minutes on!


The Pony: Conair Perfect Pony, and Scunci Beautiful Blends Bobby Pins, for a gorge and perfect pony, every time without fail!

Conair Perfect Pony 4 PC Kit 

The Bun: Conair Bun Maker, and Scunci Effortless Beauty Thin Hair Bands and Comfort Curve Bobby Pins, for a quick update on the classic!

  Scunci Effortless Beauty Headbands   

The After-Gym Updo: Scunci Everyday & Actives Luxe Fabric Stretch Headwrap, and 3x Stronger Hair Ties, because we all know looking cute post gym is everything!

Stay Hydrated This Summer With Burt's Bees Lotion!

  Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Day Lotion with enhanced probiotic technology and a carefully crafted formula helps to increase the skins ability to retain moisture for a revitalized, glowing summer look



World's Most Fantastic Craft Blog:
The Sassy Pepper

You have got to check out The Sassy Pepper Blog! Created by the amazing team of Pepper and Sassy, two very stylish young mommies with amazing abilities in regard to all things DIY, the Sassy Pepper Blog is filled with wonderful ideas for creating, decorating and repurposing to make your life easier, your little darlings more adorable and your home more stylish.

From making sweet skirts out of daddy's shirts to creating an orchid terrarium or making basil mint lemonade, your sure to be as amazed and thrilled by the ideas in this blog as me! Check it out today — you'll thank me tomorrow!

Check out one of their latest projectsmini wall art tutorial: turning a blank canvas into a great backdrop for your displays. Step-by-step instructions along with photos will take you through the process, proving just how easy it is to be a DIY expert!


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