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Upcoming Footwear Trends

I don't know about you, but I think autumn is the most spectacular time of year. With the glorious briskness in the air and all the leaves changing color it just puts a girl in the mood for…fashion! What else? Honestly, one of the most important things about the changing season is the changing fashions, no? Especially with all the marvelousness that coming up in just a matter of days at Fashion Week in New York! Which is where by über-chic mentor/boss is headed to prep for all the fun and fashion, while I swelter in 110° in Las Vegas covering the fabu footwear trade shows …

Anyhoo, my über-chic mentor/boss scored a fantastic suite at the Palazzo, which she kindly turned over to me while she headed off to New York. So I've been taking advantage of all the lovely amenities the Palazzo has to offer: Canyon Ranch Spa, room service, eleven different pools (including The Azure, where I saw Ryan Lochte in a bright pink Speedo!) and my sweet suite on the 48th floor overlooking the lights of Las Vegas and the nightly pirate show from Treasure Island. My days are spent checking out the latest and greatest in footwear and fashion (I know, I know, but someone has got to do it!) but I do get a little time off for good behavior!

So let's take a look at the upcoming trends in footwear:

  • Colored soles – We are seeing tons of colored soles for added flare. The dying of shoes to match the soles is very cool and yet understated.
  • WedgesWedges have always been a summer staple, but now we’ve seen them in a variety of chic styles from boots, booties, etc. The wedge has proved itself to stand the test of time, and weather!
  • Flats – The ballerina flat remains as one of the shoe fashions that defies time and is a staple in most wardrobes. This season, you will see tons of flats with embellishments; think fringe, chains, feathers and ruffles.
  • Toe caps – I love the look of toe capped shoes. It brings a modern element to some of the most classic looks. Gold and other metallic's are leading the charge with this trend.  
  • Lady-like & embellished Laser cut-out details, lace, feathers and ruffles galore! Lady-like touches and chic embellishments are on almost every shoe this season. From two-toned silhouettes, tribal touches and braided accents – plain Jane’s are out this season.

What trends are making an exit this season?

Ultra- thick platforms are definitely making their way out! The chunky and sturdy look is sticking around this fall/winter because it has the ability to still create a sexy heel with comfort, but the ultra-thick look has come and gone.

There were soooo many gorgeous shoes to see that my time at the trade show just flew by! But, like I said, I did get a little time off for good behavior, so I've been sitting here poolside in my shady cabana participating in my all time favorite sport of people/fashion watching, and it has been très interesting let me tell you. While there has been the occasional "tourist" decked out in too tight bermuda shorts and requisite "Vega$" tee shirt, along with a nylon fanny pack worn as a belt and gigantic camera slung around the neck, I have been very pleasantly surprised by the number of women who have taken a more fashionable approach to their vacation attire. These festive fashionisti have been attired in cool, airy sundresses worn over stylish swimsuits, with their feet slipped into comfy, practical and chic sandals and transporting their daily travel necessities in colorful tote bags, with nary a hideous tee shirt in sight. Yes, the cream of fashion definitely still rises to the top.

While fashion/people watching, I have made a few determinations, these being that there many spectacular inventions over the years that have contributed greatly to the fashion industry, making it much easier for every woman (and man) on earth to look their best. I started out thinking that I would choose the Top Ten, but it rapidly rose to somewhere around 157. Seriously, exactly how is a girl to decide which is a more important fashion invention — the zipper or the underwire bra? Anyhoo, I have reluctantly narrowed it down to the Top Five.

  • 1. The zipper. Hello! Can you imagine what it would be like to have to lace yourself into your dress a'la Marie Antoinette every day? Not to mention the fact that there would be no such thing as designer jeans (and my life would be over). Not only are zippers practical, but they make fantastic embellishments as well. Just what, exactly, would a motorcycle jacket be without its zippers? Just a barn coat, right? Another great example of embellishment is this fabulous handbag from Dooney & Bourke. Practical, fashionable and gorgeous!
  • 2. The buttonhole/button. Interestingly, while buttons have been around since approx. 2000 BC and were used as ornaments and seals rather than fasteners, the buttonhole did not make an appearance until the 13th century. Thankfully, someone (probably a woman) figured out the practical aspects of buttons and buttonholes. Could you even imagine life without that perfect crisp white blouse that is one of the top go-to items in your wardrobe?
  • 3. Lycra/Spandex. The slimming/containment aspect says it all. I have a gigglefit every time I try to imagine what the swimsuits surrounding this pool would be like without their 97% Lycra content. Not to mention Spanx! At least half the fashions seen anywhere these days wouldn't look as hot/haute as they do without the stretch factor.
  • 4. The bra. Make that the perfect-fitting bra. The single most important garment a woman can own. Do you know that 90% of all women are wearing the wrong size bra? Honestly girls, the right size bra, properly fitted, can work wonders for your figure, improving your posture and making your clothing fit better. An excellent fitting bra can make that little black dress ROCK.
  • 5. Accessibility. Seriously, where would any of us be without the accessibility that technology has afforded us in keeping up with fashion? As I sit here by the pool, I am streaming live coverage of fashion events all over the world! Love it!

Well darlings, I'm off to the spa for a facial and seaweed wrap. Hmmm, seaweed wrap…perhaps a little sushi is in order for dinner! Shop smart darlings and get your fall fashions off to a great start!


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My Fall Beauty Arsenal

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Clark’s Botanicals Anti-Puff Eye Cream

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