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no. 51
by she she me

January 16, 2009

She She Me Sponsor: Avenue You

Fresh Style: Things I Want/Need Right Now

It's very reassuring to know that there are some things I can always count on. Like the fact that my dad could be dropped into the middle of any city in the continental U.S. and automatically know which way was north and how to get to the nearest freeway. Or that my mom will have fresh oatmeal chocolate chip cookies cooling on the counter whenever I come to visit (and the reassurance that all of the calories have been magically removed). My little dog, Zak, will always be excited to see me (even if I don't have bacon in my pocket), and I will never in this lifetime be able to pass up a Dove Truffle Egg. But, most importantly, I can always count on Shop Girl to let me know when my false sense of cuteness has gotten the better of me, and it's time to do a little style recon.

As was the case earlier this week. Shop Girl was in town on business for a couple of days, so we decided to meet for an early dinner and an evening of relaxing and catching up. I was excited to wear my new GoldSign jeans (Christmas gift from Santa) and my gorgeous new strappy skyscrapers (Christmas gift from self). I even had an adorable sweater to complete the ensemble, so I was feeling oh-so-chic and stylish as I swanned into the restaurant, spotted Shop Girl (in a sleek sweater dress, tights and edgy boots) sitting at a banquette by the window. I glided over to do the whole "Darling-you-look-fabulous-it's-so-good-to-see-you-again!" air-kiss-kiss thing. Shop Girl gave me a quick and mighty hug, then held me at arm's length and said, "Sweetie, you know I love you and I'm only telling you this for your own good: you look like a sausage topped with mustard." Brutally honest, as always. I guess my first clue should have been the fact that I couldn't do up the top button on my jeans, not to mention my inability to actually sit down without splitting the seams…looks like it's definitely time to dust off my trainers and hit the gym!

After that little wake-up call Shop Girl and I quickly settled into our usual routine of consuming goodies, constructive gossip and deconstructing the glamour of the Golden Globes. Consensus: best dressed was Kate Beckinsale in that amazing white hourglass gown (I soooo want those earrings!); most glamorous star was Drew Barrymore channeling Marilyn, although I am wondering if she did her hair by driving down Santa Monica Blvd. at 60 mph with the top down). She also wins best bracelet award. Kate Winslet in the perfect award-winning LBD was most sleek and chic, and the winner of the Please-Let-Me-Look-Like-That-At-47 award goes to Demi Moore, although I think a strategically placed pair of nipple covers from Bring It Up would have benefited her greatly (the girls were perky but the nips were definitely headed south.)

Anyhoo, time to get down to business. We've got a brand new year ahead of us and it's time to inaugurate our brand new (and budget friendly) style darlings! So here's a little list of what to be on the lookout for to make your mark as a style maven this year:

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  • Show your patriotism! With one of the most anticipated inaugurations in history occurring in less than a week, now is the time to bump up your patriotic style. You choose the level: from a chic and simple graphic tee, figure friendly denim and a fun pair of heels, to the actual Inaugural Ball gown (if you are lucky enough to attend one!) complete with elegant clutch, killer accessories and a pair of to-die-for skyscrapers. Personally, I am going to do a little patriotic accessorizing. Apparently my invitation to the ball got lost in the mail…sigh…
  • It's a 10. This is my go-to hair care line for the upcoming year. I have been using these products for the past several months and I adore the way they make my hair look and feel. The It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in Spray is my all time favorite. Just a little spritz on damp hair, a bit of a finger fluff and I am good to go! It detangles, sleeks and shines all at the same time. It also keeps fly-aways and those nasty little broken halo bits in check. And if you need to undo a lifetime of hair trauma, try the Miracle Hair Mask . Best source: Avenue You. Check out their All Access Pass while you're at it — a fabulous deal with oodles of free goodies, samples and discounts whenever you order!
  • Wedge Pumps. One of this springs hot looks. The thing I love about wedge heels is that they are much easier to walk in, and I can go sky-high and not have to worry about falling over! Your weight is much more evenly distributed, so unless you are a total klutz (or possible hammered) you should be safe in a pair of gorgeous wedge heels. Plus they go with everything from denim to dresses!
  • Convertible jewelry. The perfect way to stretch your accessory budget. Belts become necklaces… become chokers… become multi-wrap bracelets! The best source I have found is Twisted Silver. Not only do they have great convertible pieces, but they have fabulous earrings and awesome funky rings as well. I love the mix of metals. Most of the designs are easily interchangeable and adaptable. Your only limitation is your own imagination!
  • Graphic graffiti tee. Gives a chic twist to an otherwise basic tee. Go girly with a fun and flirty design, pick a retro or celebrity image, or take the opportunity to make an eco statement. Looks great with jeans, or even a flippy little skirt, tights and boots.
  • Boyfriend jeans and distressed denim. You've seen them on the celebs, on the screen and in all the glossy mags. Boyfriend jeans look best when worn with a rolled cuff — it offsets the slouchiness. Looks great with a silky tee and blazer, finish with skyscraper strappies. Take it down a notch with the distressed denim. Perhaps a skinny sweater or knit top and a biker jacket. Complete the ensemble with chunky platforms or boots and a fun cross body bag.
  • Incredibly sexy heels. Black and strappy - can be worn with anything and everything.
  • Slouchy/slinky dress in a clingy fabric. Think Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes. The way the dress skims over the body yet clings in all the right places. Perfection. Also very comfy! I would opt for delicate strappies with this dress style.
  • One absolutely spectacular killer handbag. My one splurge purchase of the season, so I am going to make it worthwhile! Unless, of course, I find some really great sales — then I'll snap up a couple!!!

Well, girly girls, I think that's enough to keep us busy for a couple of days! Shop happy darlings!


She She Me

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