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no. 39
by she she me

December 21, 2007

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What's In/What's Out for Holiday Fashions

There is just something about the holidays that brings out my inner princess. It must be all the sparkly lights and festive decorations in the shop windows (or is it the gorgeous gowns and delectable baubles?). The minute I hear the first strains of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" I feel the irresistible urge to splurge on the most glittery party dress I can find, a snappy little handbag and a fabulous pair of skyscrapers to match! In fact, it is not until I have those three items safely stashed in my closet that I can consider the holiday season officially under way!

Having already acquired those particular holiday kick-off items (with the added bonus of having snapped them up at the fabulous day-after-Thanksgiving sales!), I was feeling very festive and ready to hit the holiday parties (to which I have several invitations!) in the height of holiday style. Although, I had seen an exquisite pair of embellished velvet pumps just this afternoon that would really make my new party dress pop. (There is just something about a Betsey Johnson shoe that puts me in a party mood every time!) But I digress. Anyhoo, although I was basically ready to hit the holiday party scene, Girly called in near-hysteria because the airline had lost her luggage (when will the darling girl ever learn the cardinal rule of flight travel "Always pack your party dress, shoes and accoutrement in your carry-on bag"?) and was frantic. So I told her to take deep calming breaths, say her favorite soothing mantra "designer shoes are always an investment, never an expense" and meet me in Union Square in 30 minutes for an all-out holiday-party-ensemble shoppingfest! The sacrifices I make in the name of family/friendship/fashion!

So (four hours and the remainder of my holiday bonus later), there we were, two über-stylish twirty girls laden with boxes and bags, making our way through the throngs of happy holiday shoppers in search of somewhere to rest our aching feet and a nice cup of hot chocolate to warm us up. As I sidestepped a haut monde matron in haute couture (being led by a darling little Yorkie on a rhinestone leash) the heel on my adorable suede kitten heel pumps (which coordinated so chic-ly with my comfy Burberry day dress) caught in a grate and I found myself and my packages toppling into a pair of very strong arms of the male persuasion. "Here, let me help you with that," a deep voice murmured, as he steadied me, then gathered my boxes and bags. "Oh, thank you soooo much," I intoned gratefully, pausing to inspect my now scuffed and scraped heel. At least it hadn't broken off. That would have been a truly devastating event; but thankfully I know of a fabulous cobbler down on Van Ness who can do wonders with scuffed suede.


Again I digress. Back to He of the Oh-So-Strong Arms and Pleasant Voice. I flashed a grateful smile as I retrieved my packages and looked up—way up —into a pair of twinkling eyes and quite adorable dimples. "You gotta watch out for those sewer grates, " Tall, Dark and Handsome said, "They're murder on shoes. But yours look no worse for the wear; nothing a good shoe guy couldn't take care of." I gazed up at him wordlessly, a silly little smile plastered on my face. He looked vaguely familiar, had I met him before? Back in college perhaps? A business meeting? The gym? That trip to Aruba two years ago? As I fumbled through my famously inefficient memory for some clue, he handed over the last of my bags, smiled and said, "You gonna be OK? Take it easy now, and have a Merry Christmas." And with that, he turned and melted into the crowd. I stood there, dazed for just a moment before Girly (who had retrieved my new Manolo's before they rolled into the gutter) said, "Nice guy. Do you know him? He looked kind of familiar." We both stood there for a moment, concentrating on shuffling boxes and bags into more carry-able positions, when a gaggle of teenage girls burst upon us shrieking, "Vince Vaughn! Ohmygosh that was Vince Vaughn!"

Vince Vaughn? I had just been rescued by Vince Vaughn and I didn't even know it? Vince Vaughn had held me in his arms, steadied me on my feet and tenderly gathered my boxes and bags and I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT?!?! Just my luck—locked in the arms of a Hollywood Hottie and the only thing he notices are my shoes!

So, with the very real possibility of total hunks like Vince Vaughn on the holiday party scene, it is imperative that we girls look our very best. Here is what the chic-est of the chic will be wearing this holiday season:

Holiday Party Chic

What's In:

What's Out:

  • Garden variety plain cocktail dresses.
  • Generic, severe or neutral attire for evenings.
  • Chunky wedge heels for evening.
  • Delicate chains and strings of pearls
  • Spaghetti straps.

What's Hot:

  • Healthy, shiny hair. Whether you want it sleek and straight or a cascade of curls, keep your hair in tip top shape. Shampoo to gently remove styling residue, daily conditioner to protect and weekly deep conditioner to rebuild and strengthen.
  • Thick, luscious lashes. My new fave pick? Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara.
  • Deep jewel-toned shadow. Play up your eyes, but keep the rest of your makeup toned down so the focus is on your gorgeous eyes.
  • Luscious lips in a sheer hue.
  • Golden glimmer on your skin. A oh-so-subtle brush of golden sparkle on your shoulders, across your décolletage, down your spine makes skin radiant.

What's Not:

  • Overly Botoxed expressionless faces.
  • Orange-y fake and bake tans.
  • Non-reality based body types and unhealthy lifestyles.

So smile often, eat your vegetables, stay away from too much caffeine and always remember, happy girls are the prettiest girls! Happy holidays dearest girls!

She She Me

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Small flat irons that actually deliver results are hard to find, but for the sake of not checking luggage, I decided I would look for one. So I searched our online inventory for a small flat iron and came up with the Artizen Wireless Detail Flat Iron—complete with a car and home charger. Small enough to fit comfortably inside a purse, it comes with a travel cover and pouch, has a LED temperature display, nano & tourmaline technology emitting hydro-ions, and heats up quickly for 60 minutes of use time.

Avenue You

In other words, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. Disheveled after my long flight, the first time I tried it was in the rental car (no, I wasn’t driving!)with fantastic results. My hair was instantly groomed, smooth, and shiny. It was well worth the splurgeand I didn’t have to sacrifice anything in my bag to take the flat iron with me!

 by: Top Beauty Consultant Kate Page

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