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no. 38
by she she me

November 30, 2007

She She Me Sponsors: Avenue You and Boutique 33

The Look for the Holidays

Am finally recovering from the whirlwind shopping extravaganza of Black Friday (not to mention Cyber Monday)! Honestly, every year I tell myself that this time I will be prepared for the hordes of vicious, greedy, grabbing maniacs disguised as sweet little grandmothers in track suits and trainers. This year I will not hesitate to knock anyone on their keister who has the audacity to snatch a cashmere sweater from right off the top of my pile of goodies while waiting in the checkout line. (Honestly! It did happen! And I was so flabbergasted that I just stood there, openmouthed, as the gum-snapping wench with lipstick on her teeth and a really bad perm waddled away with my cashmere. And even though I didn't actually knock her on her keister, I did think very evil thoughts about the center seam in her stretchy pants splitting wide open in the communal dressing room, exposing her great big giant underpants.)

Anyhoo, as I was saying, I had sharpened my shopping talons and was ready to do battle with the holiday shopping masses when the mall doors opened in the pre-dawn light. I had spent hours pouring over the sales ads and mapping out my retail reconnaissance. I had dressed appropriately—gorgeous amazing-fitting jeans with just a hint of stretch for ease of movement as well as rear-view flattery, comfy cashmere sweater (not too hot, not too cold, juuuust right!) with easy-on/easy-off style for quick changes in the dressing rooms, sensible yet stylish flats—also easy-on/easy-off as well as designed for hours of comfortable walking/shopping, a warm yet lightweight wrap to toss over my shoulders when dashing from shop to shop, and a roomy tote in which to haul all my girly goodies (and said lightweight wrap when not in use). I had carbo-loaded the night before (for added shopping endurance) with yummy pasta, had gone to bed at sunset in anticipation of an extra-early mall opening, and had slathered my face with Jurlique Day Cream to keep it soft, supple and glowing for the entire stress-filled day. I had covered all my bases. Or so I thought.

What I hadn't reckoned on was tall, dark and gorgeous putting a boomerang in my Holiday gift quest. I was just hitting my shopping stride—had snatched up a fabulous pair of suede boots, as well as a fabulous weekend bag (always best to be prepared!) and was just passing the jewelry counter when my eye was caught by the most gorgeous bracelet! As I was trying it on and admiring how fabulous it looked on my wrist, I noticed a very attractive man noticing me. He caught my eye and nodded at the bracelet on my wrist, saying, "Is that something a lovely, accomplished and obviously stylish girl such as yourself would like to receive as a gift?" As I hesitated, somewhat flustered, he quickly added, "I'm not coming on to you, honestly. I'm just trying to find a gift for someone and I am completely lost here." I thawed just a bit and asked hesitantly, "Is the gift for your wife? Or girlfriend?" He laughed and answered, "I'm not married, or spoken for, for that matter. It's actually for my sister, and seeing you standing there looking so chic and self-assured just reminded me so much of her that I thought perhaps you and she might have the same sort of taste in, well, this kind of stuff," and he waved his arm casually over the display case. "This kind of stuff?" I added, incredulously (and thawing considerably more I might add!) "This kind of stuff is ambrosia to chic and stylish girls! In fact, I can virtually guarantee that your sister would adore a bracelet like this." Five hours, a deliciously loooong lunch and two gorgeously giftwrapped bracelets later Jack and I exchanged phone numbers, made a date for Saturday evening and I drifted home on a cloud, completely oblivious to the fact that I hadn't made another single purchase! Oh well, I can catch up on my holiday shopping online.

There is nothing quite like the promise of a date with a new guy to make a girl realize that her wardrobe is in definite need of revamping. In fact, with oodles of holiday parties looming on the horizon it is definitely time to get serious about a proper holiday wardrobe. Boden

What Chic and Stylish Girls Will be Wearing this Holiday Season

For Work: As temptingly festive as they may seem, leave the Santa sweaters and blinking light earrings at home. Stick with chic and professional looks at the office

For Date Night: My favorite look! (Especially since I have been date-less for the past several weeks.) The anticipation of dressing for a date is almost as much fun as the actual shopping for date clothes!

For Party Night: There is nothing like the swish of chiffon around your knees to make a girl feel feminine!

What Chic and Stylish Girls Will be on the Lookout for this Holiday Season

Beauty Finds: The best beauty find this season? The Avenue You All Access Beauty Pass. It brings a whole new world of beauty to your fingertips. Flash this pass at our stores, or use it online to receive amazing discounts, free gifts, samples, and to get a first look at the hottest & newest products and trends. This is what I am giving my beauty-product-shopaholic friends this year!

  • Luscious body cream. I love Gabriel Couzian Highly Nourishing Body Cream
    because it makes my skin feel like velvet (and I have incredibly dry winter skin.) I slather it all over each morning and evening and I just love the way it makes my skin feel nourished and smooth.
  • Timelapse Wand, a line and wrinkle removing agent. One of the actives is a special molecule naturally derived from Spanish lavender oil that reduces muscle contraction. Inhibiting muscle contraction diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the facial area within minutes of application. It is not a drug. It is very safe and produces no side effects.
  • Clive Christian No. 1 Perfume. Touted as the world's most expensive perfume; in fact, this is what Katie Holmes wore on her wedding day! Ask Santa (or perhaps your extremely rich uncle) for this one.
  • Zeno Pro Acne Treatment Device. (It's pink!) While my scary teenage acne days are behind me (thank goodness!) I still get the occasional Mt. Vesuvius, usually in the middle of my forehead, and usually the day before a big event! My Zeno takes care of these troublesome eruptions in no time flat! In fact, it is usually gone by morning!

Fun Stuff For Anyone!

  • Amazing cosmetic and travel bags, perfect for the girl on to go! I love to use them just to keep my ever-expanding stash of cosmetics and beauty supplies in order, and the Nicola weekend bag is ideal for the gym! Right now Jimeale is offering 20% off, free shipping and a free gift for She She Me shoppers! Just enter code shesheme at checkout.
  • Ugly Dolls. I adore these little guys! Better snap one up now—after being seen on Morgan's bed in the movie "Enchanted" they are one hot ticket! I bought a bundle of the darling little keychain Uglys to give out at our office Sub-for Santa children's gift exchange and they were the most popular gift there!
  • Gorgeous knit cap. Perfect for keeping warm on those icy cold days (or looking oh-so-cutting-edge on those bad hair days!) These make great gifts too!

Whew! I don't know about you girls, but I am exhausted! My little fingers are beginning to turn numb from all the surfing, pointing and clicking, but I have made a significant dent in my holiday shopping! Hope you find something here that appeals to the chic and stylish girl in you! Happy holiday shopping girls!


She She Me

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Happy Holidays and happy shopping, Love Boutique 33

Boutique 33

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Gorgeous Hair for the Holidays!

As we all know, happy girls are the prettiest girls, and I have found the most fabulous hair straightener that is making me incredibly happy, and therefore, incredibly pretty! From the Conair Nano Silver Collection, the Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener is by far and above the best hair straightener I have ever used. The ionic technology and infrared energy help to protect your hair's natural luster, leaving you with clean, shiny, healty-looking hair with less damage.

I have tried and tossed at least ten different hair straighteners over the past few years. Either they fry my hair and leave it looking like dried out straw, or it takes forever to straighten my hair one tiny section at a time but it never seems to look as sleek and shiny as the ads on tv and in the glossy magazines. Until now. The Infiniti Nano Silver by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener is a dream come true.

Just look at how gorgeously sleek and shiny our model's hair is! Alex's hair is naturally curly, especially around the hairline. She used the Conair Nano Silver Tourmaline straightener, set on a medium heat setting, and was able to straighten her hair in under five minutes! The sleek, shiny style lasted all day, all night, and even looked fabulous first thing the next morning! I have been able to cut 30 minutes out of my morning routine by using the Conair Infiniti Nano Styler to dry my hair quickly while minimizing heat damage, and then using the Conair Infiniti Tourmaline Straightener to get my hair looking sleek, shiny and incredibly healthy. I adore these products!

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