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no. 31
by she she me

April 20, 2007

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Top Picks from Sassy to Sexy

Was running a bit late for my usual mani/pedi appointment (had actually headed out a bit early knowing full well that my route to the salon would take me past a couple of my favorite boutiques, which in turn would lead to a bit of window shopping, the possibility of a quick nip into the shop to see if those spectacular slingback flats on display were available in my size, the inevitable swipe of plastic, the careful placement of tissue wrapped boxes into a monogrammed shopping bag, the double-take at a gorgeous hobo bag next door and the beep beep beep of my PDA reminding me that my ‘curist would only hold my chair for a few more minutes.

I swept into the salon, armed with a box of Krispy Kremes by way of apology for my tardiness (the girls at the salon love me by the way!) when I found the place literally overrun with hordes of giggling schoolgirls. What was this? A field trip perhaps? Every station was filled, every pedi chair occupied, even the waiting area was standing room only. It was like the entire cast of High School Musical had converged upon my little salon. After being relieved of my box of glazed yummies (shopping bags and sassy new satchel placed behind the counter for safe keeping), I found myself being whisked onto my usual throne/vibrating pedi chair and tootsies submerged into the cheerfully bubbling foot bath. As I settled in, relaxed, and unabashedly listened in on the conversations around me (“Oh. My. Gosh. You have, like, totally got to try this new lipgloss Stacy!” and “I am soooo going to borrow my mom's new Jimmy Choo's! She, like, totally owes me big time for babysitting last weekend.”) I realized that I was in the midst of a full-on Prom Prep Party.

Ahhh, Junior Prom. The memories…shopping for the dream dress, scouring the mall for just the right pair of shoes; high enough (but not too high) to put my freshly glossed lips within easy kissability Saks Fifth Avenue Want It! of oh-so-cute-date, trying to convince my mom that I would take very good care of her diamond pendant which would so totally complete my prom ensemble (lost that battle, but made a much more cutting edge statement with a multi-stone necklace.) My pleasant reverie was interrupted when I overheard several of the girls discussing nail options: french manicure vs. nail art (french manicure: classic with natural nails, tacky when done on long acrylic talons. Nail art for prom: über-tacky) and pedicure colors: soft and subdued or bold and bright (depends on your dress darling girl!) or french pedicure (resounding NO! Makes most girls tootsies look like mini sausages; besides, is considered déclassé.) When they moved on to nail lengths: mid-length and squared off (yikes!), long and pointy (double yikes!) or short and rounded (we have a winner!) I simply could not help but chime in with my much vaunted opinions and expertise (have logged many a mile in the beloved pedi chair dearest ones!) Before I knew it, out came the fabric swatches and glossy mags and I was swarmed, consulting with the girls on recommended color selections, reassuring them that they had indeed chosen well on the best footwear to show off their new pedicures at prom (and beyond) and even suggesting where to find a unique evening bag. Anyhoo, all in all it was a very rewarding morning, knowing that I had saved many a girl from a mani/pedi prom faux pas.

I bid a cheery goodbye to my newfound soul mates (once a girly girl, always a girly girl!) and headed off to meet my dearest grownup girlfriends for our bi-weekly luncheon and retail therapy session. Lunch turned into impromptu birthday party for Whitney's baby Sophie, who just turned one, as we had all brought along a little gift. Whitney adored the darling dress that I got for Sophie, especially since it coordinated so very stylishly with her own flirty sundress. Pilar brought the most unique gift: Wallcandy art chalk board circles from Lou Lou's Corner. How clever! Now Whitney's little ones can color on the walls to their little heart's content! Hmmm, that would be a great gift for my brother, who is always putting Post It notes all over his office wall…But I digress. On to retail therapy!

Top Picks for Sassy Style

Yes, dearest girls, sassy is as sassy does! Happy shopping!

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