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Holiday Gift Guide

Whew! I don't know about you, but I barely survived that wild and crazy mad rush that was Black Friday/Cyber Monday! You'd think I'd learn my lesson. This year I absolutely swore I would not drag myself from my cozy warm bed so early in the morning that the stars were still in the sky to wait in the freezing cold with a motley crew of crazed shopaholics in the unrealistic hope that I would be one of the lucky few to score a truly fabulous deal. Honestly. In these uncertain times you've got to figure that the truly fabulous deals are going to be few and far between, right? And I am really not in the market for a big screen tv or a blu-ray player (already got 'em — thanks little bro!), nor do I have little ones clamoring for the latest toys and video games, or teenagers begging for the latest iPhone. So there really wasn't a reason for me to leave the comfort of my 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets  (thanks Nordys!) now was there? So after a calorie laden Thanksgiving feast, a little nap, a couple of excellent movies with the fam and then a second Thanksgiving-leftovers feast, I brushed my teeth, slathered on my miracle working moisture cream and settle in for a well deserved night of blissful sleep.

I swear I had no sooner fallen asleep and was deep into a yummy dream about the exquisite Stella McCartney handbag that I was praying Santa would bring me, when suddenly my bedroom door flew open, the light snapped on and there was Girly, decked out in her chic-est wool trench, armed with a thermos of cocoa and a tote bag loaded down with the latest glossy mags and a couple of blueberry muffins.

"Wake up darling girl!" she trilled. "I know you wanted to sleep in, but you would never forgive me if I were the one to snap up those gorgeous suede boots you've been eyeing for the last two months! Hurry!"

I blearily rolled from my toasty warm bed, "But the store doesn't open for hours yet!" I whined as I fumbled into the jeans and sweater that Girly tossed my way.

"Oh Sweetie," Girly intoned. "You are just too precious. You know we'll need to line up to be among the lucky few who actually get boots in their size, right? Now get a move on darling!"

So. That's where I found myself at 4:00 a.m. on Black Friday. In the cold. In the dark. In a line…but at least I had Girly for company, a mug of yummy hot cocoa and a muffin! And we were at the head of the line, not at the end, which was excellent, because we got our boots!!! And since we had two hours to kill while waiting in line, we got busy making our annual Holiday Gift Guide to share with all our wonderful friends!

She She Me's and Girly's Holiday Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List (Including you!)

Gifts for the Girls - Mom/Sister/BFF

  • The POPPINS Tote - A modern classic backpack tote all in one. Crafted from smooth Italian calf leather, it has an adjustable strap that allows it to be worn as a backpack, cross body, satchel and tote.
  • Classic leather riding boots — this is one of those staple wardrobe items that every woman needs and will wear for decades to come! But the best quality that your budget can afford (you'll thank me!)
  • Sperry
  • Exquisite cashmere sweater with ruffle sleeves. I'm really hoping that someone (i.e. mom, grandma, auntie) will take the hint on this one. Love it!
  • Golden Krocus Ageless Saffron Elixir Serum: A precious golden serum infused with the immense antioxidant power of hand-picked saffron from Greece to visibly repair all signs of aging
  • A gorgeous personalized necklace. Your mom/sister/bff will love that you took the time to have it made especially for her!
  • Absolutely scrumptious fleece-lined slippers! These have the added bonus of a rubber sole so you can even wear them outside. I NEED these!! Wait, I mean my mom would probably love these.

Gifts for the Guys - Dad/Brother/Hubby

  • The perfect heavyweight flannel shirt from J. Crew. This super comfortable and stylish shirt  is the hottest trend for winter, and a very affordable price. Makes a great gift for your guy!
  • Fleece-lined, leather and coated canvas gloves —- the perfect thing for cold weather. Gorgeous and functional.
  • Amazingly soft cashmere henley. Who wouldn't want their guy all soft and snuggly and totally hunky in this?
  • A ruggedly handsome duffle bag for your ruggedly handsome guy! Perfect for a weekend away.
  • Great new fragrance. Chanel ‘Bleu de Chanel’ Cologne. Scents of wood, crisp citrus, fresh and clean.  This is one of the latest best-selling men’s colognes this year.  It’s a perfect fragrance option when you’re transitioning seasons, but could still be worn all year round.
  • BBO - Boardshort Bottle Opener - is a board short with a bottle opener attached to the inside pocket! Not only does BBO take you from the boat to the beach to the BBQ, but it's a fresh and innovative product that is sure to be a conversation starter!

Gifts for the Kiddies

  • I think it is absolutely adorable that little Prince George wrote a note to Santa (hand-delivered by his dad Prince William this week) asking for a police car for Christmas. Treat your toddler like royalty with this amazing remote control police cruiser!
  • Sa-weet little ruffle tulle sweatshirt dress for the little girl in your life. She will look so adorable, and be snuggly warm to boot!
  • For your little guy, how about a pair of warm cotton jersey-lined denim jeans? He will be stylin' and comfortable at the same time!
  • Give the gift of Boodle Box – the best subscription box for fashionistas-in-training! A monthly subscription box or one-time gift, Boodle Box is filled with adorable accessories and beauty products for teens and tweens

Hostess Gifts

  • A gorgeous hand stamped bangle featuring a unique and fun pattern to suit her style!
  • 'Urban Farm' Mango Wood Serving Boards & Holder. Three warm, polished mango-wood serving boards make beautifully rustic showcases for cheese, fruit or desserts—while hand-trimmed handles lend an industrial touch.
  • La Maison du Chocolat Flavored Truffles Collection. Assortment of four delicious flavors with layer of dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa.
  • Be environmentally aware AND chic at the same time with the amazing reusable water bottle from Love Bottle! Made from 40% recycled, eco-friendly glass with the added benefit of knowing that Love Bottles donates 5% of each purchase to Global Water, which helps communities get access to clean water.

Stocking Stuffers

  • Antique Initial Bookmark. The perfect petite bookmark to save the page of your favorite read! The sleek clip design is crowned with a beautifully ornate crest, with space to personalize the bookmark with any initial, or up to 2 words
  • HOLIDAY GLOW KIT: Formulated to boost radiance, soften skin, and blur pores and imperfections, these breakthrough products from Dr. Brandy Skincare will leave the complexion with a gorgeous, natural-looking glow.
  • Artisan-made, merino wool handwarmers are exquisitely soft. Fleece lined for extra warmth.
  • Tile Style. Key finder. Phone finder. Anything finder!
  • Gemstone stacking rings. These hand crafted rings are just fun!

Well darlings, that should get you headed in the right direction for your festive holiday gifting needs. Happy shopping dears!

Ta ta darlings!

She She Me

She She Me's Favorite Things!

New Skincare "It" Ingredient - RETINAL

There’s a new “it” skincare ingredient in town — Retinal.  It actually stands for retinaldehyde, and is the most potent form of Vitamin A (more potent than its cousin, retinol). Ao Skincare’s #6 Rewind Retinal, is a go-to night treatment for people who want glowing, clear, firm, resilient and smooth skin at any age. Retinal, its super powerful star ingredient, is boosted with bakuchiol, a botanical substitute for vitamin A without the harsh side effects. The formula also includes astaxanthin – a marine algae-derived superantixodant that is 6000 times more potent than vitamin C, totaro l, derived from the totara tree native to New Zealand – a super antioxidant three times stronger than vitamin E, and sodium hyaluronate for deep hydrating and plumping of skin. The result is improved skin elasticity, overall texture and radiance, with less prominent fine lines and wrinkles, and reduction in the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Like all of Ao Skincare’s products, this is an example of “raw” skin care, where ingredients are never heated. Instead a special cold processing method is used that allows the active ingredients and delicate botanicals in the formula to retain their full potency.

The product retails for $119.95 and is made in the USA. It comes in an airless pump bottle to prevent oxidation. Rewind should be used only two to three times per week initially. Once skin acclimates to the formula it can be used as often as desired.

Give the Gift of Luminous Skin This Holiday Season

Tis the season to give the gift of luminous skin. I wanted to make sure you have dr. brandt’s holiday kits on your radar. With 5 different kits to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect gift for you or the beauty-lover in your life. Each pouch targets a different area of skincare concern, ranging from nourishing dry skin to reviving dull complexions. Not only do the skincare products hydrate, restore and boost skin’s radiance, but they come in a luxe cosmetic bag that will match your skin’s newest sparkle.

HOLIDAY GLOW KIT: Formulated to boost radiance, soften skin, and blur pores and imperfections, these breakthrough products will leave the complexion with a gorgeous, natural-looking glow.
· 2% Retinol Complex Serum (full size)
· Mini Microdermabrasion
· Mini Pores No More® Luminizer Primer
Price: $49 (valued at $104)
PERFECTLY PORELESS KIT: Five pioneering pore-fighters that cleanse, refine, soften and prime.
· Mini PoreDermabrasion
· Mini Pores No More® Luminizer Primer
· Mini Pores No More® Cleanser
· Mini Pores No More® Multi Performance Stick
· Mini Pores No More® Pore Refiner Primer
Price: $19.99 (valued at $70)
RESTED & REJUVENATED KIT: Dull, sallow skin is no match for this revitalizing four-piece skincare collection.
· Needles No More® No More Baggage (full size)
· Mini Magnetight Age-Defier
· Mini Do Not Age Triple Peptide Eye Cream
· Mini Do Not Age Moisturizing Neck Cream
Price: $49.99 (valued at $105)
WINTER SURVIVAL KIT: A must-have cold-weather kit packed with nourishing products to revive and restore dry winter skin.
· Microdermabrasion (full size)
· Mini Do Not Age Triple Peptide Eye Cream
· Mini Needles No More® No More Baggage
Price: $39.99 (valued at $116)
SKIN REHAB KIT: Keep your complexion merry and bright with these two highly advanced, full-size skin savers. Kit comes with free gift wrapping.
· Needles No More® No More Baggage (full size)
· Magnetight Age-Defier (full size)
Price: $59.99 (valued at $117)

Rethink the Way You Snack with Good Zebra

What would you do to not suffer through another mealy, overly sweet, or cardboard-esque protein bar?

For Erika Szychowski, the solution was to create Good Zebra — the world's first animal crackers made with 12 grams of protein and no refined sugar for the modern, on-the-go family.

"Everyone has fond memories of being a kid and eating animal crackers," said Szychowski. "We've updated the classic treat with a whole new look, an empowering message, and wholesome ingredients, so you can indulge your inner kid while satisfying your hunger."

  • 12 grams of protein per 2 ounce serving
  • NO refined sugar – sweetened with only organic honey and coconut sugar
  • All-natural with no artificial ingredients or preservatives
  • Responsibly sourced and Kosher ingredients
  • 11 unique spirit animals inspired by street and tattoo art and each with its own message
  • Available in 3 satisfying flavors: Vanilla, Lemon, and Chai
  • Packaged in a re-sealable zip-top bag for snacking on-the-go or at the office

The POPPINS Tote - All in One Magic Bag

JEMMA Bag, the New York based handbag line that fuses function with fashion, is proud to release the Poppins Backpack Tote.

A modern classic backpack tote all in one. Crafted from smooth Italian calf leather, it has an adjustable strap that allows it to be worn as a backpack, cross body, satchel and tote.

JEMMA, known for its thoughtfully engineered handbags has designed this backpack to include inner compartments for your laptop, makeup, phone, keys and more.

This bag = the perfect option for work, weekend, and every day.

It’s no surprise it was named after the Poppins, Mary that is, because of the pure magic of this extremely multi-purpose bag, that can carry anything and everything. The Poppins is available in 3 colorways; Black, Gray & Dark Navy with contrasting brown handles and retails for $348. 

Sensitive Skin? No Problem

Ask any dermatologist their two most important skin care products and you will probably find that 10 out of 10 will say an SPF and a retinol. The anti-aging wonder, retinol, provides a lengthy list of benefits including boosting collagen production, reducing wrinkles, preventing fine lines, speeding cell turnover, evening out discoloration and more.

With all these amazing benefit however, those with sensitive skin most commonly steer clear with fear of increased redness and irritation from the powerful ingredient. Well, fear no more – PCA SKIN has the answer to your prayers. Finally, a retinol for even the most sensitive skin types – PCA SKIN’s Retinol Treatment for Sensitive Skin combines retinol with skin calming ingredients for a revolutionary anti-aging experience! The unique OmniSome delivery system allows ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin, causing less surface irritation. In true PCA SKIN style, this retinol harnesses the best in class technology and ingredients for outstanding results!


The Secret to Curly Hair Care 

While many envy curls, those who have them know that caring for curls is not an easy task – but not to worry curly girls, we have the secret to quick and easy, heat-free hair styling.

Marc Anthony True Professional is all about creating products that enhance your nature style rather than trying to give you a look you don’t already have. Their Artistic Director, Marilisa, is a true advocate of “wash-and-go” styles –  there’s no practicality in leaving the salon with a blown-out look you’ll never be able to replicate, which is why Marc Anthony’s products are designed to help you achieve the same natural look you leave the salon with, once you get home and style for yourself. 

The brand just launched a couple of additions to their Strictly Curls line (which has been their best-selling line since conception) including a hydration mask and dry styling oil.

NEW! Sally Hansen Color Therapy
Enchanting Gems Collection

Stone cold stunning! Inspired by multi-faceted luxurious gemstones, the Sally Hansen Color Therapy range introduces 6 new opulent shades designed to elevate every autumn look. Sally Hansen’s Color Therapy nail polish contains a patented micro-delivery system that delivers an argan oil enhancing formula, resulting in intensive nourishment and instant moisture for healthier-looking nails. The Color Therapy nail polish needs no base coat so the oil complex can directly contact the bare nail. 9 out of 10 women experienced a noticeable improvement in their natural nails after wearing the Color Therapy nail polish. The polish glides on for a radiant, shiny finish with up to 10 days of fade-proof, chip-resistant wear. The Color Therapy nail polish provides the ultimate rich color that cares while you wear, with everything needed to help restore nails without sacrificing luminous, pigmented hues.

  • Opulent Pearl Opt for over-the-top iridescence in a glossy white pearl hue
  • Rose Diamond This dusty pink shimmery shade adds a touch of sparkle to any ensemble
  • Pink Sapphire Pamper your nails with this luxe electric pink
  • Brilliant Lapis This royal blue shimmer is a total gem
  • Orchid Amethyst You’ll be mesmerized by this dazzling orchid tone
  • Smoky Emerald Embrace evening magic with this blackened midnight teal green

Complete your manicure with the Color Therapy top coat and nail & cuticle oil, both formulated with the same argan oil contained in the nail polish. The top coat provides an ultra-glossy finish for extended wear, and the nail & cuticle oil, the ultimate in nail therapy, instantly makes nails and cuticles look healthier, restored, and rejuvenated.

The Sally Hansen Color Therapy “Enchanting Gems” collection will be available at mass market retailers for a limited time.

Spice up your beauty routine with KORRES

Harvest the world’s most valuable spice containing powerful antioxidant benefits, saffron:

Golden Krocus Ageless Saffron Elixir Serum

A precious golden serum infused with the immense antioxidant power of hand-picked saffron from Greece to visibly repair all signs of aging. Fresh Greek saffron is combined with beta-glucans, peptides, and amino acids to create an ageless elixir that strengthens skin’s resistance to daily damage while firming and lifting skin for a youthful complexion. ($98)


Discover the anti-Inflammatory benefits of the all-purpose spice, turmeric:

Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial

Harnesses the power of turmeric to act as a brightening agent that improves the appearance of dark spots and uneven tone. This all-in-one mask repairs fine lines, moisturizes, heals, and softens skin. It continues to work through the night, leaving skin recharged and luminous by morning. ($48)


Reveal radiant skin with a youthful glow from ginger:

Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil

A silky brightness booster that provides multi-tasking antioxidant action to repair fine lines and wrinkles with improving overall tone and texture of skin. A synergistic blend of ginger root extract provides a soothing ingredient for skin defense against air pollutants, extreme temperatures, UV rays, and harsh cleansers to promote a dewy, fresh glow. ($54)



Drink With Love This Holiday Season

Give a thoughtful, stylish gift that gives back with Love Bottle

The holiday season is finally here! Don’t let the stress of shopping get you down – end the year on a positive note by giving gifts that put a smile on your friends and family’s faces and do some good for the world. Spread kindness and generosity with Love Bottle! Proudly made in the USA, Love Bottle is crafted with up to 40% recycled, eco-friendly glass. The handcrafted lid has two water droplets coming together to form a heart, and a raised heart on the chest serving as a reminder to always wear your heart out. When you take a sip, you’ll look through the mouth of the bottle and see that UR Loved. On a mission to reduce the use of single use plastic, Love Bottle is a friend to the environment and a positive voice for change!

With her journey in neuroscience and nutrition leading her to look for an easier way to improve health, founder Minna Yoo created Love Bottle. Believing that bringing love into our water experience can be powerful, each sip from a Love Bottle is an opportunity to change the way we feel and to remember the things that are most important in life. Proud to support over five USA manufacturers, you’ll be convinced that using glass feels good with Love Bottle! This year, give gifts and give back at the same time with Love Bottle! Donating 5% of each purchase to Global Water, which helps communities get access to clean water, check out all the beautiful bottles with heart this holiday season.


The Sweetest Holiday Gift Idea

For a fabulously unique holiday gift idea check out Nostalgic Candy Club, a monthly subscription box that delivers old-school candy straight to your door each month. Our boxes, which start at only $19.99, include the most popular candy from generations past that you simply cannot get at the grocery store.

With our boxes, everyone will take a trip down memory lane every month because we pick our favorite full-sized candy from the past 50 years and ship it direct to the subscriber’s door. They never know what they’re going to get, so it’s always a fun surprise! People can subscribe to our delicious nostalgic candy box with either a month-to-month, 3, 6 or 12-month plan. You can check out our plans here.

Hype Up Your Hair Accessories With By Lilla

No matter what kind of girl you are, you always have that trusted hair tie on your wrist. Whether you’re a stay at home mom juggling the kids and school, walking the halls of middle or high school, or hustling through that 9-5, find your new beauty BFF in By Lilla! Creating arm parties that double as hair accessories, By Lilla is on a mission to get rid of all ugly hair ties and change the world – one beautiful hair tie at a time.

Sunset Dreams: Whether you’re loving your look in Lemmon or more of a Maple girl, don’t run off into the sunset without your trusty, trendy elastics! Use them as bracelets and when you need a hair tie, just grab any of the pack.
Sunday Morning: Wake up ready for the day with beautiful bracelets that double as the perfect accessories! Feel the Engraved Eye Elastic every day, or feel fab in Flower – the possibilities are endless!

Night Lights: Need a night out? Get your drink on without worrying about a hair tie with these darker, dreamy designs! Walk on the wild side with Walnut or make moves with Mocking Bird.

Get a Winter White Smile in Just Five Days

Just in time for those holiday parties, you can get whiter teeth in just FIVE days with Apa Beauty’s White Duo ($150). Comparable to an in-office treatment, the White Duo is a two-step process that whitens teeth in just five days and mirrors the results of high quality in-office treatments without the messy trays and price tag. The set comes with 10 White Films and 1 White Pen.

Finish off your smile with Apa Beauty’s Lip Loofah and Apa Blue Lip Shine. The loofah, a gentle scrub derived from sugar and sweet almond, buffs away dull skin to reveal smoother and healthier looking lips. The lip shine with minty blue crystals gives your smile an instant whitening boost. Blue crystals make teeth look whiter while the peppermint oil freshens breath. Clear gloss provides instant shine. Wear alone for a natural look or layer over your favorite lip color.

Founded by celebrity aesthetic dentist Dr. Michael Apa, DDS, Apa Beauty was created to transform the way people think about their smiles. Utilizing the latest advances in oral care research with high-quality ingredients, the line is simple, effective and gentle enough to use daily.

The Perfect Gift for your Little|

Give the gift of Boodle Box – the best subscription box for fashionistas-in-training! A monthly subscription box or one-time gift, Boodle Box is filled with adorable accessories and beauty products for teens and tweens. 

How does it work? Just choose from two age groups (Boodle One ages 6-11 and Boodle Two ages 12 and up) and a 1,3 6 or 12 month subscriptions or one-time gift and uncover the fun!

With a new theme each month, Boodle Box guarantees you parent, grandparent or even friend of the year status when the goodies get to their door!

BBO - Boardshort Bottle Opener

Are you looking for a truly unique gift idea for the watersports/fisherman in your life? BBO - Boardshort Bottle Opener - is a board short with a bottle opener attached to the inside pocket!

BBO comes in a total of 14 styles and are available in sizes 30-38 at for $48. Please know 2 of the 14 designs also have a plier pocket included that is perfect for fishing!

Not only does BBO take you from the boat to the beach to the BBQ, but it's a fresh and innovative product that is sure to be a conversation starter!


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