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Make the Most of Summer Styles!

What is it about the month of July that makes a girl take stock of her life? I mean, most people wait till the end of the year to do that — take a good, long look back and make all sorts of pledges and promises, resolving to give up chocolate or lose that extra 10 pounds, or find true love. But there is just something about mid-summer that gives me a little recharge. Perhaps it's the fact that the year is already half over, even if all I can see right now are long, lazy sunny days and hot summer nights stretching out endlessly before me. Which, of course, gives me ample opportunity to wear my gorgeous new wrap dress and strappy sandals! Not to mention my oh-so-flattering new swimsuit (and adorable cover up, which helps camouflage that pesky extra 10 pounds.)

Anyhoo, this patriotically red, white and blue month has definitely put me in a reflective mood. I realize just what a lucky girl I am to enjoy such bounty in my life. Fabulous friends, a truly fantastic job, an adorable little abode, a faithful, furry, lovable little puppy and, best of all, the opportunity to live in this wonderfully free country; a country where I am free to write about anything I choose without fear of being nabbed by anyone other than the Fashion Police! Not that any of my topics are particularly controversial or anything, but I must admit I have, on occasion, been lambasted by a reader who was appalled by my suggestion of pairing a particularly feminine blouse with denim, a pair of stacked heel boots and this gorgeously sleek satchel. (Someone obviously stuck in a 1950's time warp.) Or the reader who practically had a heart attack when I inferred that weddings offer the perfect opportunity to break out of LBD mode and opt for something feminine, cheery and (gasp!) celebratory. (My own personal opinion. I adore absolutely any reason to get all girlied-up and weddings are ideal!) Anyhoo, in keeping with my new found feeling of bounteous blessedness, I propose to sermonize on a topic most dear to my heart: weekends! More particularly, what to wear and what to shop for on weekends. And in my world the weekend begins on Friday and doesn't end till the elevator has deposited me at my office sometime Monday morning. Or Monday afternoon…

Weekends are always fun! (Or at least they should be don't you think?) My weekend started off early, and with two very pleasant surprises!

My other fabulous surprise was this gorgeous-beyond-belief handbag by Tory Burch. Beautiful, supple smooth leather dip-dyed in an artisinal style, sculpted natural wood handle and plenty of room. Fold over design with exterior pocket and inside cell phone pocket. . Functional and fashionable, all at the same time! AND... it is on sale!! (I just love being able to share my fantastic new finds with my dearest friends…and I am so looking forward to the look on Girly's face when she sees that I got mine first!) But I digress…again…

Anyhoo, weekends are wonderful. Whether they are packed to the hilt with parties, events and opportunities to don that fabulous new frock and snake-print sandals, or maybe just three days in a row with no obligations whatsoever; the chance to relax in your jeans and sassy tee and be one with the world, weekends are meant to be enjoyed!

Reasons to love weekends: 

  • In anticipation of the weekend, I tend to dress way cooler on Fridays. I don't know why, but the Fashion Fairy seems to sprinkle sassy dust on my Friday duds and all of a sudden the scarily stylish production assistant on the 17th floor isn't quite as intimidating. I have no control over this phenomenon — it's all about the Fashion Fairy and her dust. I honestly try to look this cool every day, it just doesn't work out.What I think is very Gwyneth Paltrow in the morning mirror turns out to be just me with a false sense of cuteness by the 12 o'clock once-over.
  • Cheeseburgers and French Fries. Like chocolates wrapped in holiday foils, weekend lunches are calorie free. This is why I always do lunch with my girlfriends who aren't in mortal fear of carbs on the weekend. (Girlfriends who eat only salads with fat-free dressing on the side are really not weekend worthy.) Thankfully, Girly is always up for a burger (where does she put it all?!?) and when she's in town, Shop Girl can burn through a double cheeseburger, fries and chocolate milkshake in one single afternoon of shopping for the perfect pair of pumps! And speaking of shoe shopping, word to the wise: always shop for shoes in the late afternoon, when your feet have reached their true size potential (otherwise you will end up with footwear that pinches and causes blisters!) Also, wear comfy easy-to-slip-out-of shoes to aid in quick try-ons. And if you do happen to find the perfect pair of shoes, snap them up post haste! You know you will obsess about them the rest of the weekend, and when you drop by the boutique Monday after work your size will be sold out.
  • And speaking of shopping (aren't we always?), Certified Retail Therapists agree that shopping on the weekend is good for the soul. After all, it is important to reward yourself for surviving life's challenges. The weekend indicates the end of the work week, which means that you have successfully dressed yourself — overcoming inherent outfit anxieties — for a full week. Well done, indeed! Now, when it comes to serious shopping, always remember to dress the part. A fashionista never attempts retail therapy in workour wear and cross trainers. Or shapeless jeans and a sweatshirt. You can be comfortable and stylish at the same time. A great pair of denim jeans and a chic top paired with wedges is the perfect afternoon-at-the-mall outfit. Simple, stylish and makes for a quick change when trying on all those gorgeous work ensembles. Or a comfy skirt and top, once again paired with lacy espadrilles or sandals works just as well. I always like to wear heels when trying on dresses and skirts, but skyscrapers are not always conducive to trekking miles through the mall. Ergo, the wedge heel or platform sandal! You get the long, leggy effect of heels and the comfort of a solid sole.
  • Weekends are anything-counts-as-exercise days. Yes girls, a couple of laps around the mall in a chic summery ensemble and a pair of strappy sandals really does burn calories! Especially if there is a fabulous sale taking place — there is nothing quite like an armload of shopping bags filled with glorious goodies to give a girl a great upper-body workout.
  • Last, but certainly not least, big things happen on weekends. All funny stories stem from weekend antics, all dynamite outfits are worn on weekend outings, and all power shopping is done on weekend time. As such, weekends are full of the anticipation of all the what if's… What if I find a pair of Jimmy Choo's on sale for $12 (my current bank balance)? What if they run out of the teeny tiny samples of Crème de la Mer at Saks so they just give me the full size jar? What if my friends throw me a surprise party just for being me? (Don't laugh, you never know…) What if my boyfriend from college comes into town and professes his love for me…and whips out a 6-carat square cut diamond on a platinum band? Really, the possibilities are endless.

Well enough of that. I've got to dash. Burgers and fries at noon! You girls behave. (Well, at least, a little.) Have fun, smile pretty and try not to break too many hearts.

She She Me

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Pre Beach Workout That
Won't Weigh You Down

You have been hitting the gym hard for months (or pretending to) but there are still those problem areas that even a treadmill can't fix. These little additions to your routine will go a long way. Wear your skin with confidence. The better your skin feels after exfoliating, the better you will feel about your skin. These all natural products will leave you ready to head out into the sun. Orico London wants you to look your best out there. Last step, don't forget to SPF.

Skin Jive Revving Body Exfoliator-125ml/4.23oz 

Orico London Skin Jive revving Body Exfoliator

Give your skin a workout. Skin Jive Revving Body Exfoliator gently exfoliates skin of city pollutants to promote elasticity and radiance. A rich natural blend of age-defying plant oils Kigelia, Baobab and Coconut help to revitalize tone and moisturize. This organic body scrub is formulated to exfoliate dead skin cells and allow skin to better absorb moisturizer. Treat your skin to a new lease of energy and life!

U Turn Stretch Mark Elixir-100ml/3.38oz 

Orico London U Turn Stretch Mark Elixir

Raise the tone. A 100% natural stretch mark serum with a clinically proven extract of Green Microalgae bioactive to visibly help reduce stretch marks and improve skin smoothness after 28 days of use. Its powerful formula, rich in peptides and amino acids helps promote collagen production to restore elasticity and leave skin firmer, smoother and even toned. Powered-up with antioxidants and an invigorating blend of Lime and
Orange essential oils to improve circulation and help to reduce cellulite.


Summer Whiteout!

If you haven't already, it's time to incorporate the season’s hottest shade into your wardrobe again…WHITE! 

Whether you’re rocking a light and airy silhouette, or a tailored and edgy look, white always looks polished and chic. There’s a ton of ways to play up the versatile and surprisingly flattering shade, particularly through great statement pieces and accessories. Even celebs are proving that amongst today’s top footwear trends, white is the “IT” color for summer.

From sandals, to wedges, to mules, Spring Step offers an array of comfortable and affordable footwear that’ll help you achieve this simple, yet fashion-forward look for summer.

Summer Beauty Fixes: Smashbox, Lumene

Summer rules…but greasy skin and flat hair DON’T.

PROBLEM: Greasy, sweaty skin
SOLUTION: Poreless, sweat-proof skin

Getting gorgeous, poreless skin and flawless makeup application starts with a great primer! Here, two choices (PLUS hybrid Westmore Foundation!) that not only protect and mattify, BUT also give skin a ridiculous Barbie-No Pores-Look that we all want! Just pat on do not rub (to prevent balling up) and go!

  Westmore Beauty Coverage Perfector 2-in-1 Foundation 

PROBLEM: Boring, flat hair
SOLUTION: Trendy, bright and voluminous hair

Easy: I am sure you may have seen, but Kelly Ripa recently dyed her locks a gorgeous aqua blue! I’m too much of a scaredy-cat to dye my entire head blue, BUT what I do use is semi-permanent streaks from my fave Streekers. Reach for a handy Conair Detangling Brush to amp volume by brushing out hair before applying the AMAZING Sun Bum Surf Spray (the gorgeous, tousled look we’ve all been looking for)!


Must-Have Argan Oil Products for Hair

It’s the one item that everyone should have in their hair care kit and it’s called “Liquid Gold” for a reason right? Argan Oil is THE ultimate and most resilient moisturizing agent in beauty available found at any price point. It tames frizz, gives hair a shiny, glossy look and feel and adds a healthy bounce to hair!

Rub a few drops of oil over your palms and then comb your fingers/a wide tooth comb through your hair to apply. It’s that simple!

Check out the  NEWEST hair innovations containing Argan Oil that we are in love with:


L to R: Sun Bum Beach Formula Shine On ($19.99), Nios Shield Leave-In Conditioner with SPF 15 ($26), Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Serum (.5oz, $12) Conair Detangling Comb ($2.99 - $3.49)

Summer Sweat Proof Beauty Essentials
from Pür Minerals

Don’t sweat the small stuff this summer; enjoy the heat and sunshine without worrying about your makeup. Pür Minerals has your water-proof and sweat-proof makeup essentials so you can have fun in the sun and still look flawless. 

  • Pür Minerals Big Look Waterproof Mascara ($20): Take your lashes to the extreme with this formula. Coat your lashes in nourishment with this Argan Oil enriched mascara. The clump-resistant wand ensures smooth, no mess application.
  • Pür Minerals Double Ego Dual Ended Eyeliners ($21): Two of Pür Minerals’ most popular formulas combine in this 2-in-1 dual-ended eyeliner. A dry mineral tip offers smudge-proof definition for everyday eyes or a smoky look, while the liquid liner glides on with ease for bold, intense color.
  • Pür Minerals Miracle Mist ($19): Instantly soothe and refresh your skin on a sunny day with this hydrating skin quencher. Spray on after applying your makeup to keep your makeup looking fierce all day long.

Experience Serious Glamour with
S Factor by TIGI

Glam revamp! The S Factor by TIGI line received a seriously glamorous makeover – with upgraded formulas and new product additions, the full range of products is key for silky, soft, smooth, shiny, sexy hair!

Just in time to protect hair against the sticky summer elements, the S Factor by TIGI Serious Shampoo is the perfect partner to the best-selling Serious Conditioner. Working from the inside out to repair hair at the cuticle, this miracle system improves the texture of hair with every use for long-term results – not just a quick fix.

Other key products in the line include the Vivacious Hairspray used on Jessica Chastain at this year’s Met Gala, the Body Booster Plumping Spray for lift and volume, and the Smoothing Lusterizer, ideal for fighting humidity in summer months. To top it off, S Factor by TIGI products feature a lovely “Island Escape” fruity fragrance.


Age does not have to define you; hit the reset button with Skinn Cosmetics' new and innovative Collagenesis® DWP Age Reset Serum.

Formulated with NAD, an active that will help reset the appearance of age by smoothing wrinkles, while also brightening, tightening and hydrating the look of your complexion, the DWP Age Reset Serum is Skinn's most powerful anti-aging serum to date. NAD is a cutting edge, innovative ingredient that is found in every living cell, designed to promote cell metabolism, protect DNA replication and improve the skin’s surface structure.

Also featuring HGF-7 complex, a formulation of seven critical anti-aging actives, the serum includes a bio-engineered pseudo form of placenta containing peptides, amino acids and vitamins to enhance elasticity, rejuvenate skin and vitalize cells. This dynamic formula also contains Pitaya Extract and Immortelle Oils, both packed with antioxidant and moisturizing qualities, to calm, protect and heal stressed and damaged skin. Meanwhile, the composition of Coconut Fatty Acids provide cells with the necessary materials to maintain their firmness and integrity creating a stronger, more elastic surface. In addition, time-released Hylauronic Acid slowly absorbs into the skin, smoothing the look of wrinkles and plumping the appearance of slacking aging skin. The powerful combination in the serum gives your skin a younger, smoother, more supple appearance yet is gentle enough for use on sensitive skin.

Stay Refreshed this Summer with
Lush Beauty Essentials

Summer is in full swing and it’s the perfect time to switch your beauty products to ones that embrace the summer. Accompany the fresh air with fresh, lush beauty essentials from Krigler and Soap & Paper Factory.

Krigler Mediterranean Peach 15Made with natural essence of Mediterranean Peach from Provence in Saint Tropez, the unexpected bursts of floral notes with a lightness and zest of peach and dew fruit give this fragrance a sparkling sweetness. ($320,
Soap & Paper Factory Lip ButtersAvailable in three fruity flavors: Limoncello, Mint Julep and Blood Orange, they will not only add some bright color to your bag, but also practicality.  With a mirror inside each balm, the Soap & Factory Lip Butters double as a lip balm and a compact, allowing for the perfect touch up on-the-go. ($9.00,

Get Chic Summer Hair with ghd

When heat and humidity strike, the last thing you want to do is spend an eternity styling your hair, only for it to end in frizz. Say goodbye to your flatiron for the next three months and follow the summer trend of beachy waves.

No one really rolls out of bed with that “I woke up like this” hair look. To achieve those effortless and chic waves, we need a little help from our styling tools. ghd has you covered with their curve collection. ghd’s curve stylers feature patented tri-zone™ technology that help create curls that last up to 24 hours. Each wand is designed to give a different result, from glamorous and sculpted waves to modern undone curls, to textured and beach strands.



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