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Real Life Resolutions in Style

Well darlings, it's a brand new year! Soooo…how are those resolutions coming along? Is it just me, or do we all tend to start each new year with a vast list of "never again's" and "starting tomorrow's", only to throw in the towel after a week or two? Well, not this year darlings! I have learned that the best way to make my New Year's Resolutions stick is to make them realistic enough to actually achieve. So, instead of "fit into size 4 by Valentine's Day" (as if!) one of my resolutions this year is to live a healthier lifestyle. The good thing about this resolution is that because it is all-encompassing, it can be achieved by setting small reachable goals — preferably those which can be accomplished on a daily basis, thus giving a girl a sense of, well, accomplishment! And accomplishment, to this girl, means rewards!! (That's the other secret to accomplishing my New Year's Resolutions — I promise myself a little reward for sticking to them. The longer I stick, the bigger the reward.)

So, living this healthier lifestyle (less caffeine, more sleep, no deep-fried foods, more sleep, regular exercise, more sleep) has the added bonus of not only improving the way I feel, but of also improving the way I look! Which is going to make it that much more fun to work on my fashion resolutions! (Shop Girl insists I make a few each year to ensure that I never appear in those glossy mag photos with a black bar over my face.)

Fashion Resolutions/Acquisitions

Acquire the perfect little black dress for upcoming parties, festivities and events. Go with a classic style, not too short and not too long, preferably knee length or a few inches above. A sheath style is an excellent choice, as it can be dressed up or dressed down depending upon the occasion. Or perhaps something a little lacy and ultrafeminine!

Denim to Die For: with all this healthy eating and daily exercise I'm quite certain that my "assets" are going to benefit in all the right places. Which means the very distinct possibility that I will be smokin' hot in my designer jeans this spring! And as they say, if you've got it (and I will have it!) flaunt it! I'm thinking new skinnies, with a soupcon of stretch and an adorable rear view. Paired with kickin' booties of course!

Haute Handbag. You know I'm a handbag hussy — there is just something about the soft and supple leather, exquisite hardware and georgeously crafted design of an exquisite handbag that I can't live without.

  • A hot trend for Spring 2012 is the ladylike pastel handbag. One of my favorites is this ruched leather shoulder bag by Marni —- the perfect bag for both work and leisure.
  • Classic styling. You can never go wrong with a classicly styled handbag, especially one in stamped croc — the skin of choice for Spring 2012. It's actually an investment, because it will be just as on trend in ten years as it is today.

Sassy Skyscrapers. As much as I love my fabulous knee high boots, my gorgeous sh'booties and my fun and fab duckies (which have carried me through all the cold and wet weather in style and comfort), I am all about strutting around in the sassiest pair of skyscrapers I can find! From suede and exotics to supple leather and shiny patent, I'm thinking that I'll definitely need several pair. Which makes for an excellent "reward" for keeping those resolutions, no?

Beauty Resolutions:
(With a little help from beauty guru Jemma Kidd!)

  • My lifestyle will enhance my beauty. I will regularly exercise knowing it increases blood circulation, which carries more nutrients to the skin and helps with the renewal of skin cells and I will eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, which are high in antioxidants and help to protect the skin from environmental damage. 
  • I will clean up my act – makeup act that is.  Good hygiene is crucial to avoid breakouts and eye infections.  I will be sure to wash my brushes using brush cleanser or mild shampoo.  Then I will rinse and squeeze gently in a towel before letting dry over the side of the sink so air can circulate around the fibers.  I will never use a hair dryer to dry them as that will damage the brushes.
  • I will clear the clutter.  I will empty my makeup bag completely.  I will replace the following:
  • I will always, always wear SPF.  Not only does this reduce my risk of skin cancer, but it will also help to limit 90% of the aging process that is traced back to sun exposure.
  • I will get to know my skin and the colors that work with it.  For porcelain, try shades of gray, blue and cool creams; fair skin works well with a wide range of warm and cool tones but avoid yellows and oranges; light olive is best suited for neutrals, earthy browns and mossy greens; dark olive shades should be paired with deep purples, plums, greens and rich golds and browns; and deeper skin tones should try bronze, burnt oranges, emerald green, sapphires and plums.

(Thanks Jemma!)

Well dearest girls, it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it. Stylish resolutions are not for the faint of heart. Here's to a chic and fabulous 2012!


She She Me

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