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Spring Travel Style

What do you do when the gloomy and wet winter weather just keeps hanging around, wreaking havoc with your hair and causing all sorts of mischief with your suede pumps? Well, normally I would just have to suck it up and hunker down in my condo with oodles of Easter candy and a stack of chick flicks, but lucky for me my fabulous fashionista posse is getting together for a little Girl's Weekend Away! Darling Bailey scored a long weekend at her timeshare in sunny Baja so we are off for a little fun in the sun, and none too soon I might add. Having suffered from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in the past, I knew it was just a matter of time before the dreary winter doldrums set in, and since I was able to self-diagnose my malady prior to blowing my vacay fund on a new designer handbag ( a sure fire method of cheering myself up), I find myself with the financial means to attire and accessorize myself in style and make our extended Girl's Night Out a weekend to remember.

What to Pack for a Weekend in the Sun:

Remember that time you went on a cruise to the Bahamas and the airline lost your luggage, so all you had for the first four days of the cruise were the clothes you had traveled in: skinny jeans, cashmere sweater, cool leather biker jacket and Uggs, supplemented by two Cruise Line logo tee shirts, a pair of cut-off Cruise Line sweat pants, an extremely un-hip one-piece swimsuit (from the gift shop) and a spangly gold kaftan (also from the gift shop) that positively screamed Palm Beach Geezerfest 2009? Oh wait, that was me. Anyhoo, from personal experience I have learned the art of the carry-on tote bag. This bag contains the items of necessity and luxury that can save your stylish rep should you ever again suffer from the inconsistencies of airline travel.

The Carry-On Tote Bag:

  • First and foremost, a great carry-on tote bag (make sure it fits within airline specs — you'd hate to have to check it on after all!) I prefer a duffle. You can roll, fold, stuff and cram many essential items into just such a bag.
  • A complete change of stylish clothing--you know, those items that can get you through a day of sightseeing and on to a casual dinner with equal ease. A fluttery skirt, a chic top, and stylish espadrilles should do the trick.
  • A pair of jeans, a go-anywhere tee and a lightweight cashmere sweater (takes up little packing space and even warmer climates can get chilly when the sun goes down). A cozy, travel-friendly pair of ballet flats (which can be part of your plane travel ensemble) completes the look.
  • Swimsuit — an absolute must! If you have a roomy duffle, toss in a coverup too.
  • Fresh undies — one bra, two panties.
  • Prescription medications, sunscreen, basic toiletry and cosmetic items.

This duffle bag should provide you with the basics to hold you over until either your luggage catches up with you or you find a really great boutique. An ongoing fantasy of mine is to board a flight for Tahiti with just a handbag, a bottle of Evian, Vanity Fair and a Visa with a very generous credit line.

Serious Fun-in-the-Sun Packing:

  • The mother-of-all-suitcases. The better in which to pack an uber-stylish wardrobe my dear! Don't forget the chic cosmetics bag!
  • A great sundress (or two). Something that can be worn on the beach or on the dance floor. A colorful necklace for day and something with a little sparkle for evening.
  • A lovely, feminine top. This can dress up your jeans or add spice to the floaty skirt that you have tucked away in your carry-on tote.
  • Cropped pants, a super-chic option for day time.
  • Tanks and camis. They are tiny and take up little space so pack a bunch! Go for all the colors of the rainbow, because they can be layered over each other, worn under a sexy, sheer blouse or even tossed over a bikini top!
  • Swimsuits and bikinis. A sexy one-piece for serious swimming and a gorgeous bikini for serious sunning.
  • And speaking of sunning, don't forget the sunscreen! It is vital that you protect that gorgeous complexion whenever you expose your tender skin to those golden rays of sunshine. An SPF 45+ specifically for the face, reapplied every 4-6 hours and an SPF 30 everywhere else. Don't forget your hair! It needs protection too. I love Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, which is rich in nutrients and restores moisture. It also protects the hair from damaging UV rays, while strengthening and increasing hair's elasticity. Your hair will be silky smooth with a healthy shine. Also, a lovely floppy straw hat will provide you with shade and style.
  • Footwear: You already have espadrilles and flats; toss in a pair of thongs for the pool, comfy slides for sightseeing, and, if you still have room, a pair of sexy skyscrapers for a night on the town.
  • Sunglasses, iPod, a roomy beach tote, twirty beach towel and a Kindle loaded with the hottest summer books.

Word to the wise, don't stuff your suitcase to the brim--leave room for those one-of-a-kind treasures and exotic trinkets that will always be a memento of your weekend in the sun!


She She Me


Minimize the Appearance of Cellulite

Daylight savings recently went into effect and already it seems like a nationwide case of spring fever has taken hold. Unsurprisingly, there’s an inverse relationship between this time of year and dress code. As the days get longer, hemlines and sleeves get shorter leaving women with fewer options to hide their “unmentionables.” Namely cellulite. The good news is that the 80 to 90 percent of women who have cellulite on at least one part of their body are in excellent company. Kim Kardashian, Holly Madison, Tyra Banks and Jennifer Love Hewitt have talked openly about their own cellulite and there exists photographic evidence for hundreds of other stars’ cellulite. All this begs the question: what exactly can be done to erase the cottage cheese-like appearance of cellulite.

According to New York City board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Barry M. Weintraub, the first thing women need to know is what cellulite actually is. “The term cellulite refers to dimpling of the skin that results when the fibrous bands attaching the skin to the fascia are pulled tighter – it can happen on its own through weight gain, or it can be simulated when force is exerted on the layer of skin and fat, as when a woman crosses her legs,” explains Dr. Weintraub, spokesman for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. “What this means is that it isn’t a condition in the traditional sense and since the cause lays beneath the skin, no satisfactory results will be seen with popular treatments like lotions, massages, compression garments, or even lasers.”

However, Dr. Weintraub says there are a few ways to effectively minimize the appearance of cellulite both with the help of a plastic surgeon and at home.

  • Fight fire with fire. Autologous fat injections are the best way to minimize the appearance of cellulite in qualified patients. Also known as fat grafting or fat transfers, fat harvested from the patient’s body is used to fill in the “divots” that together make up the appearance of cellulite. According to Dr. Weintraub, using fat grafts to treat a particularly irksome area of cellulite is a great option. “If done correctly, treated areas will retain their smooth texture permanently,” he says. “Just be sure to work with a qualified plastic surgeon who has done fat grafts before and will share before and after photos for the patient to evaluate the quality of their results.
  • Dermal fillers can do for cellulite what they do for laugh lines and wrinkles. Another good option is to use popular dermal fillers to fill in “dimples” the same way fat grafting can.  However, the results last only as long as the fillers, and treatment must often be repeated every two to six months.
  • A healthy diet and good old-fashioned exercise will prevent and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Dr. Weintraub reminds patients that well cared for bodies are the most beautiful. He explains that eating a healthy diet of between 1,500 to 2,000 calories a day, and regular cardio workouts are key to preventing and reducing the appearance of cellulite. “It’s not always easy, but eating sensibly and exercising are really the best non-surgical methods for fending off cellulite. Toned leg muscles especially keep the skin looking great and cardiovascular exercise pushes blood to your skin, laying down elastin and collagen so skin hugs you closer,” says Dr. Weintraub. He added that the most dreaded signs of aging – wrinkles and sun damage – do a number to the skin all over a person’s body, not just on their face. “Women should be diligent about moisturizing and applying sun screen to the skin on their legs and torso because premature signs of aging only worsen the appearance of cellulite.”

Cellulite is a dreaded fact of life for up to 90 percent of women and is just as likely to rear its ugly head in women who are long and lean as it is in those who are pleasantly plump. “One of the greatest misconceptions is that skinny women don’t have cellulite, which can lead to crash dieting,” warns Dr. Weintraub. “That’s just not the case. Just as every body-type can present cellulite, everybody can reduce the appearance or erase it by taking proper, safe steps to do so. With spring and summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to get started with an anti-cellulite regime than right now. 

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She She Me's Favorite Things

Travel Must-Haves

No matter how you travel — by car, bus, train or plane — you are going to come into contact with a boatload of germs. Thank heaven for Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer from Jurlique. It effectively kills 99% of germs without stripping hands of essential moisture. It also comes in a travel size bottle too so it’s perfect to bring along on your next trip!

Perfect for your handbag or airplane carry-on is the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water. It comes in a travel, TSA approved size bottle. Just a quick spritz after a long flight will re-hydrate and refresh skin, especially after spending hours in a plane with dry air.

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water 


YOU are definitely packed and ready for your vacation in the sun, but is your skin ready?   CellCeuticals® Photo Defensegives your skin a healthy glow with it’s ultra-light hydrating formula, while protecting your skin from the sun! CellCeuticals®  PhotoDefense Extreme UVA & UVB Protection SPF 55+ is a powerful treatment that provides extreme anti-aging protection against daily UVA and UVB sun exposure and oxidative stress. Fortified with vitamin D and powerful anti-oxidants, it helps to strengthen the skin’s natural defenses and is sure to give you a softer, younger looking skin.   Let your skin shine with health and radiance!

CellCeuticals PhotoDefense SPF 55+ 

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel New Daily Facial Towelettes pore perfecting power on the go! These convenient, individually wrapped towelettes are saturated with a blend of Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Formula and aloe, to provide gentle cleansing and refreshment while on the run! Individually wrapped for people on the run! Gentle moisturizing formula.


Koh Gen Do

Already love Koh Gen Do’s luxurious makeup products but are not sure which of their fantastic skincare items is for you?  Or, maybe you’ve discovered your favorite skincare product and wish you could carry that face-saving item with you when you travel.  During the month of April only, Koh Gen Do Cosmetics is offering all customers, with online purchases over $100, a Deluxe Skin Care Gift Bag, featuring the brand’s most coveted skincare lines.

For a limited time, get your favorite Koh Gen Do skincare products, blended with unique Japanese and Chinese minerals and extracts, in easy-to-use travel sizes with your purchase of $100 or more on the Koh Gen Do website:

Available while supplies last, this fabulous set includes travel sizes of the following: Cleansing Spa Water, Soft Gommage Gel, Brighting Moisture Mask, Pure Cotton, Oriental Plants Skin Lotion, Oriental Plants Emollient Cream, Oriental Plants Essence II, Oriental Plants Milky Lotion, plus a mirror with cloth case all housed within a fashion-forward clear pouch. 

Products found in the Koh Gen Do Spa and Oriental Plants skincare lines include lotions, cleansers, soaps and toners formulated with 36 rich botanicals and skin benefiting ingredients for skin that is left looking and feeling more youthful with improved tone, texture and clarity.

Visit the Koh Gen Do website now while it lasts:

L’Occitane Almond Delightful Shape

Just in time for the spring slim-down, L’Occitane is thrilled to announce the launch of their newest addition to their famously firming Almond collection: Almond Delightful Shape. Proven to trim up to 1.3 inches off the thighs in just 4 weeks, this powerhouse product harnesses the power of the almond bud to firm and tone the skin, stimulate microcirculation and decrease water retention and the appearance of cellulite. In just 2 weeks of use the skin is significantly smoother, firmer and more beautiful, and after 4 weeks of use the appearance of cellulite is significantly reduced!


Almond Delightful Shape joins these other best-selling products in the range:

Almond Shower Oil:
This foaming body cleanser, which doubles as a shaving base, leaves skin silky.

Almond Delicious Paste:
A fragrant mixture of crushed almonds and sugar crystals that exfoliates while stimulating cellular activity.

Almond Milk Concentrate:
This multitasking milk concentrate nourishes, firms and tones the skin.


Travel Fashionably Light With Solano

Traveling light is the key to a hassle-free experience. Streamline your packing process by whittling your list down to the essentials. Perfect for traveling, the Solano ULTRAlite Hair Dryer is 32% lighter than the average professional dryer but offers 1,700 watts of high-performance heat. Tourmaline adds shine and smoothes hair, minimizing flyaways, while Silver Nanotechnology helps to reduce bacterial buildup on strands.

Now you’ll save room for that cute bag you snagged in Soho or the box of truffles you bought on the Champs Elysées. Traveling light has never been easier.

Relax Missy

As much as I adore a gorgeous pair of skyscraper heels I realize how impractical they are to wear while commuting. Or racing to catch a cab. Or hopping on and off the cable car. And most especially when going through airport security juggling carry-on luggage, a laptop and a handbag while hopping on one foot trying to unbuckle the straps on my platform Mary Janes! So what's a girl to do when she wants to look stylish but be practical?

Relax Missy! Seriously, Relax Missy, the foldable ballet flat that provides everyday wearable luxury is the ideal footwear for the busy girl on the go.  These luxurious ballet flats are cleverly designed to fold neatly in half, with a perfectly sized insole for support and protection, as well as extra padding for comfort. With an elastic back, fuschia lining and a shiny gold signature hardware disc across the front they are chic and stylish enough to wear while traveling, commuting or even for a girl's night out!

Each set of ballet flats comes with a black, stretch-satin drawstring pouch for storage, as well as a large extra bag for storing your stilettos.

*Ladies, Relax Missy is designed like a real ballet flat and can be worn all day.  With its supportive soles, you can bet your feet nothing will penetrate through these bad boys.

LOUP Online

Loup makes the ultimate go-to for travel and packing-friendly garments.  Take a load off when packing for summer weekend getaways to beach destinations with condense, wrinkle-free, and sweat-resistant garments.  Mixing and matching is ideal with Loup’s  modern-fitting dresses, lightweight tanks and tees, and adorable skirts and pants consisting of ruffles, pleats, and bold colors! The newest Loup collection reinvents the concept of natural and refined fashion, enabling women to take garments from day to night, with easy-to-care for, feather-light materials.

Stretchable, durable, and wrinkle-resistant fabrics with quick-dry qualities enable women to feel content and look great.  Retailing for $55.00-$105.00, the Spring 2011 collection is available online at and will be available in the near future in athletic wear stores, resorts, pro shops nationwide, and contemporary boutiques.


Introducing the Unbelievabra, the Multi-Purpose Bra that Will Change Lives

Recently, Oprah proclaimed that “choosing the right bra can change your life.  The right bra can reverse aging; it can make you look 10, even 20 pounds lighter.”  Unfortunately, most women have not found the right bra for them: they are stuck in a traditional bra with uncomfortable elastic bands around the body, straps that are constantly slipping off the shoulders and, the worst part – back fat and bra bulge. 

Every woman has been on the hunt for their perfect bra, but until now, their options have been limited.  The Unbelievabra by Shapeez is an all-in-one bra and body shaper that provides superior breast shaping and support while eliminating bra lines and back bulges.  Based in the USA and manufactured in North America, the Unbelievabra is a breakthrough in garment technology.  Made from the company’s patented ‘smooth-back’ design (no back bands or closures), the Unbelievabra is constructed with breathable cool-tex lycra that fits snugly to the body providing a close, lean, and supportive fit.  It also wicks moisture away from the body keeping you cool, dry and light.

The Ultimate
Lacee Short
The Shortee
Tankee Short
Lacee Long
Tankee Long

Enter to Win the SHAPEEZ Unbelievabra of your choice!
Enter SHAPEEZ in the subject line and provide your contact information.
One winner will be chosen and provided with a (nontransferable) coupon code for one time use on a complimentary item.


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