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Sassy Spring Style

I just love my job! Although it is one of those jobs that is difficult to explain in twenty words or less. Whenever my grandmother asks what it is I do, I am often at a loss for a credible explanation! But one of the quite-often-enjoyed-perks is the ability to work from home whenever my boss is out of town, which has been quite a lot lately. While she is off doing whatever it is that Chic Professional Execs do in Barbados, Fiji and Costa Rica, I get to sleep in late, take my laptop to the corner bistro, order a croissant and something hot and frothy and pretend that I am in that adorable little diner with the cast of Bones (Seeley Booth is my dream man!) So when my boss told me she had to nip on over to Milan for a week I decided to take advantage of this sudden somewhat flexible schedule. This would be the perfect time to implement my new Spring into Spring plan. It actually started out as my Sprint into Spring plan (with swimsuit season just around the corner I felt it wise to add a bit of aerobic conditioning to my daily schedule), and I had the best of intentions, truly I did. I even awoke with the birds this morning (those specific aviary specimens that arise somewhere around 9:00 a.m.), donned my new exercise togs and headed out into the bonny bright sunshine for a little jog around the park. Spring, however, is a fickle creature and no sooner had I hit my stride (even sound more fit, no?) than the once-clear sky filled with ominous dark clouds, a light drizzle began (which soon became a drenching downpour) and I found myself soaked and shivering, dodging mud puddles and lightening bolts and taking cover in a smelly bus shelter till the worst had passed. Needless to say, I think my fitness frenzy will be on hiatus til summer has set in.

Anyhoo, I'm all cozy now, (took a cab home -- rain + suede = BAD; although cows are basically suede and they don't get all streaky and shrunken in the rain; but I digress) and after a nice hot soak in the tub I'm ready to revamp and revitalize my Spring into Spring plan. For the best of the best of everything Spring, grab your notepad and play along with me:

Spring Indulgences/Necessities: - Members exclusive premium online sample sale

  • SexyPlatforms. Whether wood, cork or rope sole, platforms are the hottest of the hot spring footwear. Delicate strappy leather, sophisticated pump, ankle-tie espadrille or a sexy peep-toe. Practice walking in them a bit--one tends to underestimate the amount of sole beneath one's foot, which could end one up on one's rear end if one is not careful!
  • A flared or full skirt. An absolute must-have this season. A bit of sophistication, yet still flirty enough for Spring. Wear with a flirty feminine top or lightweight sweater.
  • A little white dress - the perfect combination of innocence and glamour will quickly become your go-to dress for spring.
  • Dressy cropped trousers in a neutral color like cream or tan. They will become a staple of your wardrobe for spring and summer! Can be dressed up or down with silky tops or ribbed tanks. Also, rolled and/or cuffed denim or twill is perfect for spring. Paired with either a fun polo, or perhaps a girly blouse for a fetching fashion statement.
  • The perfect handbag. With so many style choices this season your options are wide open. Pay attention to details like handles, buckles and trim. Glamorous and elegant or trendy and casual, a great bag can add that final cachet to make an ensemble sing!

Spring Movies:

  • The King's Speech. OK, so it isn't a spring movie because it came out late 2010 in time for Oscar consideration, which is a good thing because The King's Speech rocked the Oscars!! Colin Firth's performance is perfection.
  • The Adjustment Bureau. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt! 'Nuff said.
  • Red Riding Hood. This is a bit of a dark gothic take on a children's fairy tale, with a teenage love triangle to boot. I just really like Amanda Seyfried's gorgeous red cape!

DVD's to Watch Over and Over and Over While it Rains/Snows/Blows Outside:

  • Pride and Prejudice. The original A & E version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle is one of my all time favorite movies. Their performances are fabulous, the scenery is exquisite, and Alison Steadman's performance as Mrs. Bennett is just priceless! I have already worn out one complete set of DVD's so I'm thrilled to have an excuse to snap it up on blu-ray!
  • Bridget Jones Diary. Hmm, seems I've got a bit of a crush on Colin Firth now doesn't it? I adore this wacky, hilarious film - the ensemble of Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant is spot on.
  • About a Boy. This movie makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you believe in the best in people. Love it!

Best of the Best Chic Lit:

Just Because it's Spring :

  • Give your winter-weary skin a little boost. The Collagen Diamond Collection from Elizabeth Grant Skincare contains diamond powder to deliver a one-two punch, working to improve skin from the inside with firming collagen and DESS technology, while at the same time; the diamond powder illuminates the skin on a surface level making it look immediately smoother and radiant.
  • Time for a mani/pedi spring spruce up! Pay particular attention to cuticles.
  • Snap up your tube of the latest creation from FusionBeauty - LipFusion XL 2X Micro-Collagen + HA Lip Contouring Pencil. The perfect remedy to fine lines and feathered or bleeding color!
  • Every fashionista would appreciate these adorable spring flats, especially with the added bonus of being able to switch up the look with the interchangeable embellishments available. Same goes for these cute flip flops!


She She Me

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She She Me's Favorite Things

Elizabeth Grant's Collagen Diamond Collection

The Collagen Diamond Collection from Elizabeth Grant Skincare contains diamond powder to deliver a one-two punch, working to improve skin from the inside with firming collagen and DESS technology, while at the same time; the diamond powder illuminates the skin on a surface level making it look immediately smoother and radiant. At a price point under $100, you’ll even crave to use the beautifully designed packaging after the jump, to protect jewelry, daily vitamins or for casing your own at-home lip gloss recipe!

Celebrity fans of this line include Jennifer Lopez, Natasha Bedingfield, Blake Lively, Audrina Partridge, Sofia Vergara, Jessica White, Kim Kardashian, Shontelle, Nina Dobrev and more!

Collagen Diamond Day Crème
Collagen Diamond Night Crème
Collagen Diamond Miracle Concentrate
Collagen Diamond Eye Crème

Charme Silkiner Jewelry Design

Inspired by the brilliant, irresistible beauty of gemstones, Charme Silkiner’s love for design resonates through each piece of jewelry. Her distinct collections showcase eye catching couture gemstones with exceptional elegance. An orchestration of color, texture, movement and luminosity comes together in show-stopping designs.

CLEAN Perfume

CLEAN Perfume was launched by Fusion Brands Inc. in April 2003. Randi Shinder, the founder, desired a fragrance that was reminiscent of pure soap, that universal fresh out of the shower scent. Unable to find such a fragrance, she developed her own…CLEAN. CLEAN is formulated in small quantities to ensure all ingredients are fresh, pure, and of the highest quality. CLEAN is a lifestyle brand that has expanded from its core CLEAN fragrance to encompass ancillaries that remain true to CLEAN's promise of simplicity in a complicated world. Get CLEAN. Smell Good.

CLEAN Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Cream CLEAN Shower Fresh Rollerball 0.34 oz Rollerball CLEAN Warm Cotton Rollerball 0.34 oz Eau de Parfum Roll-On CLEAN Starter Set ($50 Value) Starter Set

M·A·C Wonder Woman

Just when the fate of the world is careening toward disaster, cue theme music! It’s Wonder Woman! She Kicks Sass! Her mission: Collaborate with M∙A∙C to fight the supervillains of the world – criminally outdated colour, evil, un-dimensional skin finish, the disasters that drain drama – with that famous spin, a double-cuff of her wicked wrist bracelets and shazam! M∙A∙C Spring Colour 2011 is the feminine force (with a dash of comic fun) that saves the day! No nemesis can match the stamina, agility and speed of her SUPER-SIZED Mineralize Skinfinish, bold Eye Shadow quads, Pigment, Opulash, Lipsticks and OVERSIZED Lipglass, JUMBO-BIG Powder Blush and Penultimate Eye Liner, Nail Lacquer and Lash for this larger-than-life transformation! Our Artists work wonders every day – now with the help of one of entertainment history’s most exciting feminist figures…Since 1944, Wonder Woman is the original incarnation of what makes women forever wonderful!  

MAC 'Wonder Woman' Eyeshadow Quad - Defiance
MAC 'Wonder Woman' Opulash Mascara
MAC 'Wonder Woman' Powder Blush
MAC 'Wonder Woman' Lipstick

Defiance: When it comes to style, act defiant! Your key accessory: This shade combo of Defiance (VP), Paradise Island (S), Star Studded (S) and Real Drama (S). Glossy red/blue/yellow Wonder Woman compact with comic book-style packaging. Color(s): defiance.



A superhero mascara! Lashes go dense and dramatic with an anti-gravity high-volume curled effect. Long-wearing, fighting-fit formula offers up to 15 hours of wimp-free wear. Courageously shaded. Bravely stylish! With its color-matched casing and comic book-style carton, this is WW-wonderful! Color(s): army of amazons, bad, bad, black, themyscira, victorious

Undoubtedly heroic, this special Wonder Woman presentation goes jumbo and doubles the blush power with a choice of two shades of MAC Powder Blush. A bright glossy red/blue/yellow compact with its Wonder Woman/MAC logo finds an ally in the comic book-style outer carton. Color(s): amazon princess, mighty aphrodite
Fabulous lips are your best defense. Wonder Woman comes to the rescue with four lipsticks-each one selected to empower your looks. Signature packaging includes a glossy red/blue/yellow lipstick shell with Wonder Woman/MAC logo and comic book-style outer carton. Color(s): heroine (f), marquise d' (l), russian red (m), spitfire (s)

SILKtáge™ Rejuvenating Styling Serum

SILKtáge™ Rejuvenating Styling Serum is a hair oil serum made with the most luxurious and exotic botanical oils to beautify, nourish and protect all hair types. This proprietary Organic Camellia, Monoi Oil-infused blend, with the delicate essence of Organic Geranium, Organic Rosemary and Wild Harvested Palmarosa essential oils is rich in the vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that healthy hair needs to shine and flourish naturally. The ultra-light, nourishing formula absorbs into hair quickly without oily residue. Hair instantly looks healthier, silkier, smoother and shiny.

II've been using SILKtáge™ for the past week and I can't believe what a difference it has made to my hair! My normally dry and unruly hair is sleek, shiny and very healthy looking. I adoreSILKtáge™ and will never leave home without it!

SILKtáge™ Serum


Blue Lagoon Silica Mud Mask


You can now enjoy the energy of Iceland's natural environment through Blue Lagoon skin care products. Blue Lagoon ingredients are harvested from natural sources using environmentally friendly green methods, ensuring that we can use what nature brings us in a clean and safe way to contribute to our health, wellness and beauty.

With a perfect harmony between nature and science, Blue Lagoon skin care products provide you with the energy of geothermal seawater and its active ingredients: minerals, silica and algae. 

Blue Lagoon’s signature product is the Silica Mud mask: Silica mud is the Blue Lagoon's signature element. The pure white geothermal mud deep cleanses, exfoliates and naturally strengthens skin. It brings out the skin’s inner glow, gives it a vital energy boost with a smooth complexion. 

I recently received a tube of this exquisite Silica Mud Mask and have been thrilled with the way it makes my skin feel so smooth, supple and moist. It gently exfoliates my skin, removing impurities and allowing my skin to absorbe vital moisture. And since I'm currently unable to escape to Iceland for the perfect spa experience, Blue Lagoon skin care products are the next best thing!


Get Inspired by Fall Fashion Week

Though Fall 2011 Fashion Week has come to a close, we can still find inspiration in the beautiful looks we’ve seen on the runway. Goody® Modern Organica™ Collection can help you add flair to your ‘do and mirror the colors and styles of your favorite runway looks. Marc Jacobs’ bold colors, Michael Kors’ classic styles and Prabal Gurung’s delicate details can all be replicated with hair accessories from Goody®!

Goody® Modern Organica™ Collection, coming to a Target near you!


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