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Style Resolutions

It has only taken a week, but I believe I have recovered from my excesses of the New Year. One of the best things about this final shindig of the season, apart from the excuse to wear a party frock and killer heels, is that most of the party occurs before the actual new year begins, therefore any food eaten or beverages consumed pre-midnight do not count against previously plotted New Year's Resolutions. This in mind, I found myself hunkered down by the buffet table at fifteen minutes to midnight, scarfing shrimp cocktail, chicken kebabs, artichoke dip and the last few yummy little chocolate toffee cookies that looked like they came from somewhere exotic--Belgium perhaps. As the clock ticked away the last of 2010 I kept a surreptitious eye out for my hunky date, lest he find me elbow deep in strawberries and chocolate fondue. As luck would have it, the clock began to strike just as I had popped an overly large strawberry into my mouth. Next thing I knew, my guy appeared out of nowhere, twirled me into his arms, whispered "Happy New Year, She She" and swooped in for a kiss. I barely had time to swallow my strawberry! As the clock finished its chime, he pulled back, looked deep into my eyes and said, "Mmmm, chocolate. My favorite way to start a New Year!" I believe I may have found a soul mate.

But I digress from the purpose of this little missive. I am happy to report that once again I have made a list of New Year's Resolutions, which I have actually decided to call my New Year's Good Ideas/Thoughts/Suggestions so that I can bypass the guilt that arises if I slack off a bit. 2011 is shaping up nicely indeed:

  • Speaking of guilt, my first Good Idea/Thought/Suggestion provides the perfect solution to the fashionista's love of/need for designer goods dilemma (as fabulous handbags are one of my weaknesses, along with any and all gorgeous footwear, great nail polish that doesn't chip and chocolate truffles). The designer discount sales site, Hautelook is one of my favorite sources for gorgeous goodies, offering 50% to 75% off fabulous designer apparel and accessories! With new sales starting every day you'll never miss out again. I also love Rue La La and, and three more excellent designer sale sites.
  • Record my random thoughts, ideas and life events in a journal, on a regular basis, not just once every four or five months. Many a famous author will tell you that this was where their career got its start. Would probably be good idea to invest in nicely bound leather journal and good quality writing implement, as it will endure the test of time and be passed down from generation to generation, or perhaps sold on eBay when my as-yet-unwritten-best-selling-novel takes off. Speaking of best-selling novels, check out Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. A fun read all around!
  • Exercise faithfully at least four times per week. This time I am amending my former (for the past 15+ years) Exercise Resolution to include the actual process of sweating. Girly informs me that parking at the far end of the first row in the mall parking lot does not count as aerobic exercise. I beg to differ. When laden with shopping bags, especially those containing bulky items, and dodging traffic in kitten heels one does get one's heart rate up in the 80% range. However, will renew gym membership, will then MapQuest said gym, and will resolve to get fit. (Bonus: workout attire has become much more fashionable. Double bonus: cute boys at gym!)
  • Will lose ten pounds. Actually, this past year I lost twelve pounds. Unfortunately, I also found fifteen, and they seem to have belonged previously to someone with a bit more junk in the trunk. Will be faithful with amazing new exercise regimen.
  • Will eat a more healthy diet, but will not totally deprive self of yummy indulgences (which apparently leads to binge behavior.) Will only eat half a Krispy Kreme at a time. Save other half for post-workout reward. Or pre-workout energy. Also, am overjoyed to read recent studies involving health benefits of chocolate. Will also stop eating at kitchen sink.
  • Will pamper my twirty skin — perhaps said pampering will give the illusion of twenty-something skin, no? Great new find for just such pampering: Coconut and Vanilla Sugar Scrub by Noah's Naturals. Guaranteed to make your skin feel ten years younger.
  • Will also pamper my hands (they are the true sign of a girl's age after all) with luxurious hand cremes and a faithful-weekly-till-death-do-us-part manicure. Will also pamper my tootsies with a pedicure (I'm already at the salon, so why not?)
  • Will no longer waste precious money on impulse purchases of trendy-but-cheap footwear. Instead, will invest wisely in one pair of exceptional quality killer shoes (per season), preferably those which enhance above mentioned fresh pedicure.(OK, we all know that I meant two pair. Per season. Possibly three pair, but only if I get a really great deal and free shipping.)

Well my darling girls, this is a start. Fear of overwhelming self with too many resolutions has caused me to keep it short and sweet. Best wishes for a heavenly 2011!


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