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by She She Me

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The Best of Retail Therapy

Is there anything more frustrating than a summer cold? Especially when it is a balmy 75º outside, the sun is shining brightly and everyone else is enjoying this glorious summer weather! And here I am, sniffling and sneezing with a scratchy throat, watery eyes and a horrible red nose.

Thankfully, my über-chic mentor/boss took one look at me when I went in to the office yesterday and sent me home post haste!

"Darling She She!" she declared. "You simply must take better care of yourself! You are my Girl Friday and with Fashion Week just around the corner I'm going to need you to be at the top of your game…" (does this mean that she intends to take me along to New York for Fashion Week? Yes, please!)

Anyhoo, next thing I knew I had been bundled into a cab with a week's supply of chicken soup, Vitamin C and Kleenex, along with instructions to head straight to bed and take the rest of the week off. So what does a fashionista do when she is resting and recuperating? She investigates the latest trends in fashion of course! Check out a few of this fall's must-have styles darlings!Boden

Peasant Blouse: Chic and stylish, sensible for these last remaining weeks of warm weather, and easily incorporated into autumn's ensembles. I love the look and feel of the current peasant style blouses seen on the fashionistas and celebs around. A gorgeous embroidered top or smocked satin blouse can totally dress up a pair of boyfriend jeans, especially when worn with a pair of sassy skyscrapers. And a crisp white peasant top can also give a bit of feminine flair to your basic work trousers and not-so-basic platforms.

Vintage-y dress: Retro and reminiscent of days gone by, the fabulously vintage style floral's out there bring a feeling of freedom and casual style. From the ultra feminine full skirts of the 50's to the sexy form skimming styles of the 60's, you will find so many gorgeous examples of retro fashion on the racks this fall. You can delve even deeper into retro fashion with a feminine flouncy styles of the 30's and the figure flattering 40's! I adore these gorgeous girly fashions!

Flared Denim: Another fabulous retro trend makes its way back darlings! One of my favorite things about this trend is the higher waistband (bye-bye butt cleavage!) just high enough to give it that retro edge, but not high enough to be mistaken for mom jeans. Keep the fit snug through the hips, gently skimming the thighs and then flaring from the knees. The flare can be gentle or extreme — it's up to you! And if you really want to be on trend this fall, you can rock two trends at the same time the flare with the haute distressed look! Flares look great with flats, but I especially love them with wedges, like these gorgeous studded detail wedges!

Luminously Layered Color: Monochromatic styling gets a whole new lease on life with this season's rich color palette. There are a few tricks to getting it right. Light, flowing fabrics work best, and are the easiest to layer as well. Mix shades of the same color pale with bold, muted with rich just remember to keep it within the same color tone. Add a touch of shimmer; introduce silks or satins into the mix for a style kick. A casual pair of shorts or capri's will get a big boost with a dressy top and a chic little sweater. Finish with a pair of saucy sandals and a great leather hobo bag and you are good to go!

Terrific Tailoring: Whether it is a classic blazer, the perfect pair of trousers or a sleek sheath dress, this season it's all about the way it fits. And speaking of perfect fit, don't you just hate it when your sleekly tailored trousers get all bunched up in the heel of your slingbacks or sandals? It's one of those little irritations that not only drives you nuts, but completely spoils the line of your ensemble. Well, problem solved darlings with Pants Unheeled, a terrific little disposable device that attaches to the inside of your trouser leg near the hem, keeping your pants leg sleek, straight, and unable to slide under your heel when you walk. Voilà!

Well darlings, I don't know about you but I am feeling much better. Well enough, in fact, to take a little drive on down to the mall for a little retail therapy!


She She Me

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