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Styling for Spring/Summer 09



Spring is in the air darlings! And with the warmer weather comes the much anticipated, and often dreaded, introduction of more figure revealing clothing trends into our wardrobes. But never fear darlings! If you are still working at ditching those last few pesky pounds that somehow crept on during the winter weary months, you still have several weeks to go before you have to truly be bikini-ready. Which is a good thing, because it's probably going to take that long for the streaks in my spray tan to wear off! That's what I get by choosing convenience over experience!

I was looking a bit pasty after so many months indoors and felt that a nice glowing tan would be just the thing I needed to show off my new sheath dress (which was on sale, therefore totally justified). And, of course, I was much too impatient to wait three days for an appointment at my regular salon, so I decided to try the brand new salon just around the corner from my condo. My first clue should have been the fact that I was able to walk right in — no appointment — and strip down to my teeny bikini all ready to be bronzed. My next clue should have been when Fiona, the salon assistant, took the spanking new airbrush compressor right out of its box…and started reading the instruction manual! About that time I got a phone call from my über-chic mentor/boss, which kept me occupied for quite some time and next thing I knew Fiona was spraying contours on my stomach! Aaargh! I do not want to look like a female body builder! I just wanted a shimmery golden tan to add the appropriate elan to my sassy spring sundresses! Lesson learned.

Anyhoo, this spring and summer's trends are all about being a girl. Which is right down my chic and stylish alley! (I am twirty, flirty and girly after all.) With that in mind, let's take a minute to check out what fashionistas everywhere are touting as the hottest trends for Spring/Summer '09:



Ladylike floral's get a modern boost from trendy sheers, layers and exquisite accents. Start small and sweet with a sweetly feminine halter top, gorgeous crisp white denim or twill trousers and a pair of delicious platform sandals. Finish the ensemble with a stack of silver bangles, flirty dangle earrings and a chic handbag.

Or embrace your inner garden goddess with a luscious floral sundress that skims over your figure with silken perfection. Keep it simple with a pair of gorgeous heels and add just a touch of insouciance with an edgy leather handbag.


Sporty Chic

Think refined with just a touch of sass. Take a classic look, like the timeless nautical style, and give it your own personality with bold accessories: studded leather handbag, flat fringed sandals bold bangles.

A denim pencil skirt is sporty in and of itself, positively shouting spring, but pair it with a silky tie-top and a scoop necked pleated cardigan and you have an entirely new chic ensemble. Finish with strappy feminine sandals in a metallic hue and a sassy satchel. Accessorize with bold beads or a unique cuff and you are good to go!


Worldly Wise

Taking inspiration from the four corners of the globe: the silks and beading of India. The Ikat prints of Southeast Asia. Designs reminiscent of the African deserts and plains. Even the boho chic styles of San Francisco and fringing inspired by the wild wild west. Embrace the styles of the world traveler.

Start with a pair of crisp bermuda shorts or cropped khaki trousers. Add a skinny tank or tee and a lightweight floaty top. Finish with a cropped trench, funky sandals and a chic messenger bag. Grab your passport because you are ready to travel!


Black on White Print

The little black dress just got a big boost: Black stripes/floral's/graphics on a white background make a fresh, visual statement.

A classic black pencil skirt is the perfect foil for a chic black-on-white floral blouse. Accessorize wisely with bold metallic pieces in silver, gold or platinum. And just to mix things up a bit (nobody likes to be predictable!) add a pop of color with a chic wedge heel or patent peep toe. Finish with a supple leather bag.




Glamour Girl

Take inspiration from America's top style icons: Kathryn Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Audrey Hepburn…one thing these women all had in common was timeless style. Whether it be the sleeveless shift dresses à la Audrey or the wide leg trousers favored by Kate, or Jackie's signature sunglasses, the fashion was simple, sleek and sophisticated.

To emulate this, remember exactly that: simple, sleek, sophisticated. Then add your own personal style. Start with an updated sheath dress that skims lightly over your figure. (The little black dress is a prime example.) Simple accessories — perhaps one gorgeous bracelet . Finish the ensemble with a pair of open-toe pumps or sandals and a sleek clutch bag. Très chic!

Naughty…but not that naughty!
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