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Spring Fitness and Fashion

As a general rule I'm a glass if half full kind of girl. One who likes to look on the bright side of things. The eternal optimist. Yes, when life hands me lemons I stop by the bakery and pick up a lemon meringue pie. And I honestly try to carry that attitude into my everyday life, be it work or play. I've just found that I can be more productive and less stressed if I stay positive. That's not to say that I don't have my bad days, however.

Like this morning. Was feeling the need of a little endorphin boost so I awoke early, dusted off my membership card and headed to the gym. Had picked up a fabulous new sports bra from Jockey, made specifically for medium impact exercise (and it has moulded cups for enhanced shape, so you actually look like a girl and not a uni-boob freak) and I wanted to test it out to see if it really did "wick moisture away to keep me cool and dry" (it did!). So I tucked all my necessaries in my fabulous new yoga bag (honestly, the best exercise/tote/anything bag I have ever owned! Check out all the fabulous styles at Go GaGa.) and headed out the door. Luckily, at that time of the morning the gym was filled with serious exercise enthusiasts — you know, the kind who actually perspire? Which was good, because I worked up quite a sweat on the treadmill and, in fact, flies were beginning to circle by the time I finished and headed to the locker room. Normally, I don't really like to shower and get ready for work at the gym (left over junior-high body anxiety — while everyone else was blossoming, I was still a stick-insect with no curves), but I had a crazy day ahead of me so, 'nuf said. Free Shipping with $75 Purchase

Anyhoo, was lathered, rinsed, toweled, powdered, lotioned, dressed, made-up and hair dried in record time, ready to put the finishing touches in place when I reached for my magical flat iron only to find it missing in action! Well, not missing exactly, and most definitely in action, but in someone else's hands and hair! The gum-snapping overly-made-up multi-hued and tattooed teenager at the styling station next to me was using my flat iron, then passing it to various members of her locker room posse!

"Excuse me", I said to the dread-locked Elvira currently wielding my flat iron, "but I believe that's mine."

"Chill," she replied in a deliberately offhand manner. "Wait your turn lady. We'll be done with it in a minute." She then turned to her friends and mumbled, "Who does the old cougar she think she is anyway?" and they all broke into snorts of laughter.

Cougar?!? Cougar?!? Who does this little not-yet-ready-for-prime-time tart think she is dealing with? Nobody calls me a cougar and gets away with it! I calmly rose to my full height (with an imposing 4 " added by my new killer shoes), walked around the girls, reached for the power cord and whipped it out of the wall socket with a flourish, the momentum also yanking the flat iron right out of Thing One's hands, and deftly caught the handle midair.

"I happen to be the rightful owner of this flat-iron, little girl." I said coldly, towering over her stunned and suddenly silent form in all my stylishly attired glory. "And hair implements, much like underwear, are not meant to be shared, especially by grabby little girls who feel entitled to take whatever they want. Now leave." I finished grandly, pointing to the door.

Well, my Joan Crawford act must have worked because those girls skedaddled right out of there as fast as their little clackers would carry them! And about that time I realized that there was no possible way I was going to be able to use that flat iron myself until it had been completely cleaned, disinfected and possibly even blessed. Thank heaven sleek ponytails are in style!

Anyhoo, to calm myself down after my little mini-tirade, I decided to stop by the local patisserie for a muffin, juice and a leisurely scan through the glossies for Spring Style inspiration. There are so many adorable outfits and delectable designs out there this season! But alas, the economy has taken a toll on my bank balance. So along with all my wishful dreaming, I have narrowed it down to the top five trends that I am on the prowl for (hey! I am a cougar!) this season:

Spring's Top Five

Nifty Neutral dress. The best thing about neutrals is that they pair well with all of the rest of the trends out there this spring. From mini floral's to animal prints to vibrant colors. A gorgeous neutral dress can be glammed up with a chic cropped jacket, a pair of sassy sandals and a bold handbag. Accessorize with festive jewelry and you are all set. Or, you can give that neutral dress an office makeover with a great sweater or jacket, a vibrant scarf, colorful bag and professional style footwear.

Mini floral's.Liberty prints are all over this spring. From tops and tees, skirts and sundresses to handbags, shoes and accessories. The key here is to keep it real, stick with just one piece. For instance, an adorable sundress in a mini floral print, paired with espadrilles or stacked heel sandals, a bright handbag and stacked bangles. Or a girly blouse paired with great jeans or khakis, a biker jacket, stylish t-straps and a fun metallic hobo.

Girly ruffles. You may think that ruffles aren't for everyone, but it doesn't have to be all Good Ship Lollipop/Shirley Temple. From delicate frills to sophisticated tiers to softly cascading swaths of fabric, the ruffle can be your friend! Try it on for size by starting small: a silky tank with tiered ruffles worn under a cropped jacket with jeans and booties. Then work your way up to the full-on flounce with a gorgeous girly dress, sophisticated heels and a fun clutch. Even if you are totally allergic to wearing ruffles, you can still rock the trend with a great handbag!

Bold Statement. Neon's and bold colors are back in full force for spring/summer. Here again the key is to mix it up a bit with neutrals. Give new life to a white blouse and crisp khakis with a great pair of vibrant heels. Add a fun little bag and a flirty scarf and you are good to go! If you're not feeling particularly brave, keep this trend strictly in the accessory department — bags and baubles, shoes and scarves, with the occasional little cami or tank. If you are feeling adventurous, go all out with a great sundress, then even the field with a pair of neutral sandals, a slouchy hobo and easy accessories.

Exotic Heels. As if I would ever consider top trends without including footwear as a major player! I adore shoes, I live for wedges, I thrive on sandals. And handbags, but that's another newsletter. Your wardrobe will get a whole new life by adding a few well chosen pair of skyscrapers. Consider a pair of sleek snake print pumps to give your basic workaday wear a new lease on life. Or perhaps a pair of colorful strappy sandals to wear with your safari style dress.

And there you have it! My heart's desire(s) for spring!


She She Me

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