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by She She Me
October 3, 2008

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Another Birthday, Another Wish!

Is it just me, or does time seem to be spinning out of control these days? Honestly, I just celebrated my birthday, what? eight months ago? And yet somehow it seems to have snuck up on me. Again. Although I have recently adopted a new approach to tackling those nasty birthday milestones…

Was debuting my gorgeous new cashmere cowl neck sweater and sassy boot cut cords last week at a dinner at my friend Whitney's house when Katie, one of her six-year-old twins said, "Auntie She She, mommy says you are having a birthday next week." (Yes, this perfectly innocent statement from an adorable six-year-old started this whole time-spinning-out-of-control mind set.) "Yes I am, sweetie." I replied with false brightness, "Isn't that exciting?" Katie looked up at me with those huge blue eyes, and in all innocence asked the ever-dreaded question: "How old are you going to be, Auntie She She?" Suddenly, I felt all eyes in the room on me as I stammered and fidgeted and tried to sidestep the question. "Well, Katie-bug," I began. "Let's see…" Just then Max, Katie's twin, piped up. "I know! I know!" he shouted excitedly. "Mommy says that Auntie She She is twenty-nine, so that means she'll be twenty-ten!" As everyone in the room burst into laughter I sighed...saved by a six-year-old!

Anyhoo, I like that. Twenty-ten. (And I truly do appreciated Whitney's tact in fudging the numbers a bit with the "29" claim.) In fact, when I finally do decide to actually admit to being in my thirties (instead of my twirties!) I'll make it a point to turn "thirty-ten" at the appropriate time. Or I'll do like all the Hollywood stars do - they turn 39, then go backward for a half decade, then bounce between 35 and 39 perpetually. That, however, would most likely include keeping a plastic surgeon on retainer...hmmm, maybe I'll pull a Scarlett and think about that tomorrow.


Back to birthdays. And mine in particular. Since time just keeps marching on I may as well make the most of it and embrace the day. Or at least embrace the best part of the day which is yummy yummy chocolate cake with my mom's secret recipe frosting (1 melted extra-large Symphony chocolate bar mixed with 1 tub Extra Creamy Cool Whip then topped with crushed HEATH® candy bar. Oops! Make that my mom's used-to-be-secret recipe...), Ben & Jerry's Vanilla HEATH® Bar Crunch ice cream and presents! Lots of lovely presents! I know, I know...I should be all magnanimous and noble and say that a birthday card is perfectly fine, it's the thought that counts, yada, yada, yada, but come on. If I am going to surrender another year I really ought to get something fabulous out of it right? Admit it — you love diving into a festively decorated gift bag as much as the next girl! And if you are like me, you actually remove the tissue paper piece by piece, giving it a good shake and smoothing out the crinkles just in case some little trinket got lodged in there somewhere. Wouldn't want to miss a single thing! But I digress...

Anyhoo, anticipation of my birthday has put me in a somewhat wishful (and acquisitive) frame of mind. That, and the fact that there are soooooo many gorgeous sweaters and handbags, lovely dresses and boots out there just crying out to me. And honestly, can you think of a better way to spend the birthday money that had better be in all of those cards? "It's the thought that counts" my eye!

She She's "Happy Birthday to Me" Wish List:

  • Something velvet. The fabric is so absolutely sumptuous, it drapes wonderfully and has a very eye-catching sheen. It makes a girl feel positively decadent! Perhaps a gorgeous party dress. Would look fabulous with sky high patent skyscrapers. Or a great everyday velvet skirt, paired with flat boots and a sleek sweater.
  • The world's most perfect tee shirt. This one is absolutely ideal. It is just a tad oversized but not sloppy, super soft and the teeniest bit sheer. Looks great with a pair of fabulous designer jeans and ankle boots, and even more gorgeous with a pencil skirt, opaque tights and platform pumps. You're going to want/need this one in black, white and charcoal.
  • New designer jeans. Natch. Shop Girl knows that she will always be my best friend because she always gets me the hottest new jeans for my birthday. That is the sign of a true friend. Well, that and her impeccable taste in footwear...and the fact that we just happen to wear the same shoe size.
  • A knit mini dress. Classic and yet so very versatile! Can be worn with tights and platform Mary Janes for a sexy Miss Moneypenny look. For a more casual take on style, wear with skinny jeans and ankle boots. And for a more bohemian look, layer minidress over a lacy miniskirt and belt at the waist. I just love it when I can get several looks out of one item of clothing — it's the true test of a classic!
  • A gorgeous-beyond-belief handbag. Am having a bit of difficulty deciding between a rugged leather tote, which will wear well during the upcoming blustery seasons, and a more subdued and sedate executive-type handbag, which will make me look like Nico Reilly from Lipstick Jungle (and by association possibly land me a gorgeous hunk of boyfriend as well!) But I digress…(Again!)
  • A signature perfume for fall. This season I am going with Burberry Brit for Women. I adore all things Burberry, (especially the trench coats!) but this fragrance in particular just speaks to me. That and the fact that when I spritzed it on while shopping last weekend the cute guy who owns the Bistro around the corner told me I smelled gorgeous!
  • A unique sweater. Not a cardigan. Not a turtleneck. Not a crew neck. Not a polo. I'm looking for something with a bit of edge to it, something fun and funky that can be dressed up or down. I think I found the perfect one — this gorgeous draped sweater by James Perse. Would look gorgeous belted over a pencil skirt and tights. Slip into a pair of gorgeous patent oxford heels and finish with a funky handbag.

Things I Hope Are Hidden in the Tissue Paper

  • A gorgeous pair of handmade one-of-a-kind earrings. (Don't you just love artisan jewelry?)
  • Yummy new berry-stain lip gloss.
  • Orly Gems Nail Polish in Midnight Star. This rich purple shade is the ideal pedicure shade for fall. And while I'm rifling through the tissue, I hope I find Mandalay Ruby and Golden Jubilee as well!
  • tarte Indelible Wink in Plum (liquid liner & shadow duo).
  • Anyhing at all from RedStart. These fabulous San Francisco based jewelry designers are amazing! The create minimalist jewelry inspired by nature. Gorgeous!

Well darling girls, I have just about exhausted myself daydreaming and mind-shopping. Must dash now or that birthday cake will never get made!


She She Me

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