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by She She Me
August 15, 2008

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Fashion Olympics: Gold Medal Styles for Fall

In my next life I have decided that I want to come back as a beach volleyball player. Seriously! I mean, have you seen the bodies on those girls? Not an ounce of jiggle anywhere! And with all that jumping about, leaping through the air, diving into the sand and smacking of volleyballs one would think that something somewhere would jiggle, no? Especially given the fact that they are encased in the most miniscule of beach wear. (That fact alone would give me pause when considering this career move.) And speaking of such, how is it that these girls can run, jump, twist and dive without ever once getting a wedgie? Personally, I can't even walk from my beach towel to the water without the bottom of my adorable bikini trying to perform a disappearing act into my nether-regions. Thank heaven for sarongs! (especially the fabulous selection of darling styles at Angela Moore). But I digress…

Where was I? Oh, yes...beach volleyball. Must admit to being quite disappointed in the men's beach volleyball. Not in the action on the sand, per se, but in the neck-to-knee ensembles they have all chosen to wear. To be perfectly honest, I was looking forward to tanned torsos, six-packs and a little Speedo action. Sigh…Oh well, at least there is still men's diving — yes! I have been absolutely glued to the tv screen this past week, watching each and every Olympic event. (And before you ask, yes, I watched rowing, cycling, fencing, whitewater kayaking and archery…I am a true fan after all!) I am astounded at the physical prowess of our athletes, as well as those from around the world. The dedication, commitment and raw talent on display are just astounding. As a young girl, I too had an Olympic dream. (Cue delicate piano music.) But alas, that dream was dashed in a freak household accident involving clothespins, sugar cubes and rubber cement, which effectively ended my Olympic career as a gymnast/tennis player/equestrian/synchronized swimmer. (That, and the fact that I have absolutely no athletic talent whatsoever, unless of course you count donning a gorgeous Catherine Malandrino cocktail gown and Christian Louboutin skyscrapers, then gliding skillfully across a crowded restaurant without knocking over a single waiter! Then, of course, I am the gold medal winner.)


As exciting as it is to watch the athletes spin, twist, dive, jump, run and march around with goggles strapped to their foreheads (not an attractive look; someone should tell them), I am beginning to suffer a bit from fashion atrophy. This is the disease brought on by seeing nothing but tee shirts, sweatshirts, sweat pants and athletic gear...and by the way, why is it that the fans in the stands are also attired in tee shirts and sweat suits? They aren't working up a sweat are they? Unless you count chugging soda and chomping peanuts. And yet again, I digress…

Anyhoo, am feeling the desperate need to reconnect with style. Time to focus on fashion and put together a great selection of Gold Medal Styles for fall.

KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetie!)

The key to this look for fall is in the name — keep it simple. Clean lines, classic styling with a clever little twist. Start with a pair of figure flattering designer jeans. I like bootcut, because it is the most flattering shape for all figures. Add a great silk knit tee or cashmere top in a rich color. Now for the twist — instead of playing it safe with a classic blazer, go with a chic biker jacket or belted military style coat. You still get the clean lines but with a little more pizzazz. Finish with a pair of platform ankle boots, an awesome leather messenger bag and a sleek cuff at the wrist. Classic with a twist.

Bohemian Style

As you may recall, I adore the whole boho chic look. This fall's boho look is a little more folk art than hippie. Lots of delicate florals and lace. The key to embracing this look and making it yours is to focus on just one item of clothing to carry the theme. For instance, a great maxi dress in a retro floral print looks très chic when worn with a pair of bold platform heels. For chilly evenings add a versatile cashmere wrap/cardi. (I also adore the Chilly Jilly, which is small enough to fit in your handbag.) Accessorize with a plethora of metal chains at the neck and a sassy patent clutch.

Ladies Who Lunch

Again, it's all in the name. As in ladylike, chic and sophisticated. This fall's florals are all the rage, especially anything with purple and black, the season's signature hues. Platform Mary Jane's look fantastic and add a chic edge to your look. Add a sleek leather handbag and finish with an edgy sea glass bracelet and great statement ring.

Executive Decision

Time to step away from the standard trouser suit look ladies. This gorgeous knit tube dress has total stand-alone style — elegant and edgy all at the same time. It needs nothing more than a great pair of slingback pumps, an elegant and unique handbag and an attention grabbing necklace to put this look together.

Night at the Museum

Or the theatre, or the club, etc. Think ruffles. Think lace. Floaty tiers. Shimmery metallics. All out glam is the way to go. Pair that gorgeous gown with über-chic heels and a stylish little clutch. Add a little dash of bling and you are good to go.

For a different take on glam, go with ultra wide-leg trousers in a very elegant fabric, paired with a gorgeous floaty chiffon top. Add a pair of funky skyscrapers, a stack of bangles to show of your shapely arms and finish with a chic little chain strap bag.

Well girly girls, this fashion fix should carry you through a few more Olympic events, but I've got to warn you, once those track and field events get going I am going to be once again glued to the tv (I just love to rewind and watch the hunky men run in slow motion! Just love those unitards!)


She She Me

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