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No. 299
by Chiclet
May 2, 2008

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Summer Style & Beauty Prep

As the month of April steadily sails away and the imminent smell of summer begins to lurk about, it’s time to say ta-ta to winter woes, perk up your beauty cabinet, revamp your wardrobe closets, and celebrate some fun in the sun!

But just because your stilettos may pinch, doesn’t mean your wallet has to. Whether beaching it in the Hampton’s in a gorgeous patio dress, cruising in your drop-top down Highway 109 with sun warming your beautifully bare shoulders, or lounging in sassy style in the comfy-coziness of your own backyard, every great fashionista should begin her look by coupling pricier hangtags with budget fashion options. Here are a few quick (and achievable looks) sure to have the ray of light shining on you this summer season:

Under the Boardwalk: Perfect whether you’re on the beach, at the boardwalk, or simply dressed for Sunday-best, Pink Studio’s Tahiti flat proves your backside isn’t the only thong guaranteed some attention this summer. Jazz’em up with a full and froofy cotton summer skirt, simple bright-colored ribbed tank, and drop earrings for a simple, yet versatile look.

Pedicabs and Carriage Rides: Salvador Sapena’s Tibetan white, round-toe pumps with criss-cross straps have summer cottage written all over them. Pair’em up with a solid toned, A-lined dress for that classy look Diane Lane pulls off frolicking the coast of Amalfi in “Under the Tuscan Sun.” And don’t forget the wide-brim straw hat for additional sophistication!

Frolicking Poolside: Whether your weapon of choice is a teeny bikini or a marvelous maillot you are definitely going to want something chic to toss on as a coverup. I adore tunics because they are so versatile and can move from grab 'n go to all-out glam with just a quick accessory swap. A sassy little sundress (and this one by Nau is eco-friendly to boot!) is another stylish option, and for the girl who loves to go bare (but not too bare!) slip a flirty skirt over your thong and you are good to go. Footwear can run the gamut from sporty flip-flops to movie-star glam slides. Ditto for the tote: beach-worthy straw or lounging-at-the-Beverly-Wilshire shiny patent.


But, dearies dearies, reassessing your “so last season” wardrobe isn’t the only task at-hand as we blissfully move into some summer lovin’. In the midst of updating your walk-ins with sassy tootsies and sexy one-piece swimsuits, it’s important not to neglect your beauty cabinet. Afterall, your beauty regime needs just as much of a pick-me-up as your style!

3 letters put the sum into summer: S-P-F! Why we all love a little smoochin’ from the sun, it shouldn’t come at a cost. Leathery complexions are passé and neglect to incorporate effective sun protection into our summer (and daily) beauty regime can result in some of the worst consequences a girl can face, including WRINKLES! Fess up ladies, we’re all guilty of pursuing that deep sparkly bronze shine reflected on the monthly covers of our daily bible. But fact of the matter is that it’s not worth frying your skin for a short-term effect. (Especially with the veritable plethora of easy-to-use bronzing products available!) Tip: Check out Neutrogena Suncare with Helioplex, which fights off both sunburning UVB and collagen stealing UVA rays. Unlike sun protection that leaves you feeling a like a grease monkey, Neutrogena is light, airy and perfect for sensitive skin. And for all you beauty junkies on the go looking for effective and convenient skincare options, try out mdskincare’s Powerful Sun Protection sunscreen packets with SPF 30. You won’t make any excuses not to apply since these wipes are individually packaged and easy to toss on and toss out while on the move. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to reapply!

Feed Your Skin From Within: Though the Beauty Department is a woman’s most treasured friend, we cannot lose sight of our secondary friend, the Kitchen. While many of us (cough, me, cough) spend the big dollars on facial products and services to keep our skin looking youthful, blemish-free and well-nourished, many skin enriching nutrients can be found right in your grocery store. Tip: Your skin is essentially a mirror of your body (ok, more like your fridge), so treat it from within with some of these yum-tastic treats:

  • Berries are the Billy Blanks of skincare. Antioxidants found in blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, any-kinda-berries can help battle off free radicals and even help fight against the aging process.
  • Egg-nite your breakfast. Eggs are a phenomenal source of Vitamin E which can play a crucial role in protecting skin against the sun's ultraviolet rays and other environmental damages. Not to mention, Vitamin E helps calm inflammation and prevents dry skin.
  • Get nutty! Omega-3, found in walnuts, helps to retain water, which in turn strengthens the barrier of our skin allowing it to hold in more moisture. It helps to improve the integrity of skin texture and radiance by preventing the breakdown of collagen.
  • H to the Izzo. Plain and simple…drinking water helps rejuvenate skin cells allowing your skin to look and feel younger. Got sunburn? Check out Skyn Iceland Arctic Face Mist—perfect for helping to remove perspiration, harmful salt and chlorine and to help sooth and replenish overheated skin that is need of a little hydration boost.

Face-Off with Summer: There’s no better way to unclog those winter mishaps beneath your pores than with a facial. And as an avid pamper junkie, I’m a sucker for Bliss’ Triple Oxygen Instant Energy Mask, which is fantastic for all skin types. A little equation for the mind: more oxygen = better blood circulation in your facial tissues = younger looking skin. Now that’s math that we can all adore and appreciate. Want to continue treatments in the comfort of your own casa? Then grab Bliss’ Triple Oxygen Take-Home Trio. Tip: For all you problematic princesses who tend to break out in summer humidity, extra oxygen is a great defense mechanism for fighting surface bacteria.

Rid Yourself of Winter-Worn Skin: Whether at the spa or at your home, exfoliating is a must-do for the summer season (and all year round). Peace out dull complexions and uneven tans, full body exfoliations allow you to detoxify, regenerate and strengthen your skin by ridding your body of those unwanted dry and dead skin cells. Oh, and did I mention new skin holds in moisturization better? Tip: Try AHAVA’s Dead Sea Liquid Salt treatment and D-I-Y, dearie! And don’t forget to couple it with Jergens Natural Glow daily moisturizer, which enriches and extends the life of that fabulous tan you so effortlessly earned on the beach.

Purge your cabinets: Ladies, ladies, ladies—we have all been guilty of it (or are guilty of it as we speak)…beauty hording! Yes, I said it, beauty hording! Remember those old Oprah segments where she encourages people to “rid themselves of the excess in their life?” Well, it’s time we apply this to our beauty cabinets for a healthier lifestyle. Plain and simple, toss out products that you have had for over a year. Chances are they have expired and will unlikely be beneficial for your skin anyhow. Tip: Seasonal changes in weather call for a seasonal changes in skin care. Use this as your excuse for a little beauty retail therapy for new pampering essentials. Our skin fluctuates in the same way our body does, so changes in the weather can lead to noticeable changes in the texture of our skin.

Hugs and Fixes,


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Product of the Week: J & J Meltaways

Melt Away Stress

Have you ever had a Murphy's Law Day? You know, the kind of day where anything and everything that could possibly go wrong does? Well, we may not be able to put an end to those irritating and frustrating days, but we have certainly found a way to help take the stress out.

Johnson's®—the brand that nurtured you as a baby, has developed a body care line to nurture you again. The new Melt Away Stress line of products enriched with chamomile and an exclusive Aromasoothe™ fragrance with a hint of lavender, helps you feel calm and relaxed.

Melt Away Stress Body Lotion: This fast absorbing lotion with its nurturing formula intensely moisturizes for 24 hours to restore your skin’s softness. I absolutely love the scent—soooo soothing!

Melt Away Stress 24-Hour Moisturizing Wash: This unique moisturizing wash transforms into a creamy, comforting lather that helps you feel relaxed like after a warm bath. And this soothing wash is clinically shown to moisturize for 24 hours without leaving behind any greasy after-feel. So everyday you can enjoy the pampering experience as you cleanse.

Melt-Away Stress Massaging Moisturizer: This light formula soothes you while leaving your skin baby soft. You’ll feel calm and relaxed as you gently massage the product into your skin.

Melt-Away Stress Dreamy Night Cream: This nurturing formula helps relax your senses to prepare for a good night's sleep and moisturizes for 24 hours so you can wake up to soft, beautiful skin. I adore the way this rich, soothing cream makes my skin feel so smooth and soft, and the scent is positively heavenly.

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