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No. 298
by She She Me
April 4, 2008

Product of the Week: AminoGenesis

She She Me Sponsors: Marciano and 7 for all Mankind

Top Ten Spring Picks

Was out to lunch (literally, not mentally) with my über-chic mentor/boss this past week, enjoying the spring sunshine and sashaying down the sidewalk in our skyscrapers, when I noticed a subway grate in our path ahead. Having experienced first-hand the damage one of these little devils can wreak on a pair of Choo's, I deftly guided my stylish superior (who was walking, talking and texting all at the same time—she is a champion multi-tasker) to the edge of the sidewalk, bypassing the evil contraption altogether and without even breaking stride. As we continued on down the boulevard we heard a horrific shriek from behind us, and turning to see what the commotion was all about we saw a gruesome sight. There, in the middle of the atrocious subway grate stood a fellow fashionista in a glorious spring dress, laden with the treasures of an afternoon's labor, desperately trying to balance on her one remaining intact stiletto. Another heel bites the dust.

My mentor's face paled as she took in the sight, then she turned to me, grasped my shoulders and with a ferocious hug said, "Oh, She She! You darling girl! You saved my Louboutin's! Whatever can I do to thank you?!" Now, I am definitely NOT a girl to take advantage of a situation like this, but I have to report honestly: when we got back to the office and I found this exquisite handbag on my desk, along with a note that said, "Darling She She. Thanks for a job well done!" I certainly didn't say no! Besides, she knew that I knew that she had received it from one of her many, many, many PR contacts, so everything was on the up-and-up…and I have a gorgeous new handbag now!

So I was feeling stylishly sprightly as I left work, skipping along the avenue with my stunning new bag slung over my arm, receiving what could only be enviously admiring looks from the other fashionisti in the vicinity. I was waiting for the light to change so I could cross the street and nip into Banana Republic for a quick recon of new spring arrivals when I caught sight of a billboard crew pasting a new ad up on a building. There, in seriously large letters, was "ARE YOU READY FOR SWIMSUIT SEASON?" It was like a cold slap in the face (especially for someone who had been having a not-too-secret relationship with Peeps and Dove chocolate eggs for the past few weeks). But every twirty girl needs a reality check once in awhile, no? Mine happened in front of the full length mirrors in the Banana Republic dressing room. Apparently those marshmallow Peeps had bestowed upon me a marshmallow midsection (as well as a somewhat chocolate-egg-shaped derrière). Oh this simply would not do! Especially after I had worked so hard to get rid of the requisite ten pound holiday bonus (and I am not talking British currency). Looks like it's back to the treadmill for me. And the pilates class. And yoga…

Anyhoo, while there is much to be done to prepare for swimsuit season, especially when one's skin is also the color (and consistency) of oatmeal, there are other more fabulous things to consider as well. Let's have a little look-see shall we?

Ten Top Spring Picks

  • First things first dearest girls. Before you tackle the fluorescent torture cubicle with three-way-mirrors, invest in a little pick-me-up to help you face the challenge. (No, I would never suggest anything illegal!) I'm talking about a gorgeous spray tan to add a golden glow to that otherwise pallid epidermis (after all, everyone knows that bronzed cellulite looks much better than pasty cellulite). As an added bonus, start using Decleor Perfect Sculpt. Not only is it ultra hydrating, but it also has the added bonus of diminishing stretch marks and firming the skin for a smoother, more even appearance. It's like anti-cellulite in a tube! And to give your face and décolletage that added smoothness and glow, try Expression De L’Âge Radiance Smoothing Cream to hydrate, brighten, and boost skin's radiance, while promoting skin renewal. If a girl is going to brave the dressing room to try on spring's skin-baring styles it's in her best interests to look fabulous, no?
  • Little White Dress. Every fashionista knows that nothing beats a great LBD…unless the temps are climbing and then, of course, you need a fabulous LWD. With the flirty, floaty, gloriously girly styles out there this spring you will have no trouble finding a fetching frock in which to strut your newly-tanned stuff. And by the way, if you are going to be a beach bride this season, you might want to consider this gorgeous gown! Or perhaps this lovely little number. Sigh…I love weddings!
  • Wooden Platforms. A chunky wooden platform will balance all of the floral's and laces out there this spring. They look fabulous with a boho skirt and equally stylish with a pair of sleek capri's and a girly little top. From patents to decorative leather, metallic's to bright's, a glam pair (or two) of wooden platforms is definitely an investment worth making.
  • Eco Friendly. As they say, green is the new black. Earth-conscious clothing is finally making the grade fashion-wise. Many top designers have begun working with organic and recycled fabrics, chemical-free dyes and community friendly production. One of my favorite items is this eco-friendly hobo bag, perfect for a quick trip to the market or an afternoon at the beach.
  • Sassy Silk Dress. Très elegant, and very warm-weather friendly as silk is a breathable fabric. It is also naturally hypoallergenic, so girls with sensitive skin will definitely appreciate the glorious texture of a silk dress. Be on the lookout for a sexy and slinky silk mini for dinner with the love of your life. A silk shirtdress is a great choice for the office as well. And don't miss out on the gorgeous silk maxi dresses out there. I'm going to snap one up to wear as a hostess gown at my next dinner party!
  • Terrific T-straps. Elegant and polished, yet oh-so-sexy. The t-strap combines the elegance of a pump with the sexiness of a sandal or peeptoe. This is the perfect shoe for the girl with gorgeous ankles. (If your ankles are a bit thick, however, steer clear.) There are many style options, from wedges and platforms to sassy stilettos, and even comfy flats!
  • In the bag. What can I say? So many handbags, so little time. I have to admit to a hankering for handbags. My tote of choice this season is this gorgeous pink tote from Anne Klein New York—plenty of room for glossy mags, a water bottle, sunscreen, shades and all my girly goodies. For a weekend getaway, you will love this colorful tote from Jimeale. You have the choice of grabbing it by the handles or tossing it over your shoulder. Color choices abound as well! Check out the adorable matching cosmetics bags in a plethora of styles and sizes. And my go-to bag for spring is the cross-body bag. I love the ultra-long straps and the freedom of movement it gives me.
  • Denim Dreams. And you thought I had forgotten all about jeans. I may have a little extra junk in the trunk right now (not for long though!) but that doesn't mean I am not on the lookout for the hottest denim styles for spring and summer! I am loving these gorgeous Seven's. (Ten pounds from now I am going to be buying white denim too!) I also adore the fit and styling of these light-washed capri's. Perfect for a weekend lunch at a sidewalk bistro. And for Casual Friday, these trousers jeans are just the ticket.

Well, dearest girls, I don't know about you, but I am absolutely raring to hit the gym right about now! The sooner I ditch the marshmallow belly and the Jell-O thighs, the sooner I will be able to button my new jeans!

Happy spring style shopping girly girls!


She She Me

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Product of the Week: AminoGenesis


Every twirty girl knows that the key to keeping her youthful appearance is taking very good care of her skin, and she's always on the lookout for products that actually perform as they promise. I'm happy to report that AminoGenesis really delivers! AminoGenesis is a scientifically advanced skin care product line that contains a special formula used extensively in the health care industry for its ability to help rehabilitate and beautify the skin. AminoGenesis years' of research and testing have shown remarkable results for a wide variety of skin care challenges. AminoGenesis has tackled everything from severe skin trauma, such as injury and burns, to persistent problems like acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, stretch marks and eczema. Even everyday concerns, such as dryness, sun damage, discoloration, wrinkles and the general signs of aging are greatly improved by this powerful formula.AminoGenesis

I started using AminoGenesis products a month ago and I can already see the difference in my skin tone and the overall appearance and texture of my skin. The Therapeutic Facial Repair penetrates quickly, infusing and nourishing my skin, making it look radiant and clear.

Counter Clockwise Under Eye Treatment is an excellent choice for those looking to help improve the appearance of fine lines, dark circles or puffiness. Already those teeny tiny fine lines around my eyes are becoming less noticeable.

Photolagen AGF is an intensive treatment for sun damage and photo depletion, and dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I love the way it has smoothed my skin and improved the texture. I have noticed that it has also reduced the appearance of the dark circles beneath my eyes.

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