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No. 293
by She She Me
December 7, 2007

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She She Me's Holiday Gift Guide

Well darling girls, I am dealing quite nicely with my current status as stylish singleton (at least I like to think I am), although I do admit that I miss those Saturday night dates, fair-weather sailing with Seth (I really hate being cold and wet), snuggling in front of a romantic fire while sipping hot chocolate, having someone around who can get that tricky lid off the olive jar and knowing that my date for New Year's Eve is a sure thing. I am, however, getting very good at coping. While the more recent Saturday night dates may have been few, they may no longer be far between, after meeting my own McDreamy last weekend, which also means that sipping hot chocolate in front of a romantic fire may be back on my list again soon! Also, Rachel Ray taught me a little trick to opening those stubborn olive jars (turn jar upside down and smack on countertop—not too hard, you don't want a broken jar!) so that little dilemma is solved. That just leaves New Year's Eve. Hmmm, will things progress with McDreamy to the point that a New Year's Eve date is a sure bet? (Already have a gorgeous new dress, just in case!) Which brings to mind another dilemma. Will things progress with McDreamy to the point that a Christmas gift is in order, and if so, what on earth do I get him?!? Strangely enough, every relationship I have been in during a holiday period has been of sufficient duration to warrant a Gift of Significance (season tickets, iPod Classic, manly bling), so I am stressing just the teeniest bit about what to get a guy that I have known for less time than the holiday displays have been up. Also, am jumping the gun a bit, having only had two dates with said McDreamy, although have upcoming date this weekend. Hmmm, will ponder a bit on gift dilemma, and move quickly onto other very important things, like filling those holiday wish lists!

This seems to be the topic of choice around the water cooler these days. Holiday gifts. What to get your spouse/boyfriend/mom/dad/sister/brother/best friend/pet for Christmas, is it even available, and if so, is it on sale anywhere? Just yesterday at the mall Girly and I saw a que of shoppers stretched right out the door of one electronics shop patiently (or impatiently) waiting for a delivery of Nintendo Wii consoles. Some shoppers had even camped out overnight in hopes of being one of the lucky recipients (my brother among them, and in fact one of the fortunate few!) As he walked out the door, his Wii clutched firmly in his arms, a silly smile plastered on his face, another shopper rushed up to him, offered him twice what he had paid for the game system and Voilà! Two very happy shoppers! Actually three if you count Girly, since now Hubby (my brother) has enough to get her those gorgeous boots she has been coveting! Isn't it just fabulous how things have a way of working out? Anyhoo, let's get to the nitty gritty: what to get all the lovely people on your holiday shopping list, and what to jot down on your own personal list while you are at it, just in case anyone is interested.

Holiday Gifts for Women: Your mom, sister, girlfriend, co-worker or just about any other female on the planet (including yourself!)

  • Pebble Cuff Bracelet. Sterling silver designer inspired bracelet. Will look fabulous with a slinky LBD and a pair of fabu skyscrapers!
  • Unique handbag. While a woman's everyday handbag is a very personal choice (hobo vs. satchel, frame vs. tote) a fun, unique bag (specially one that would make a stylish New Year's Eve accessory), is a great holiday gift item.Tobi Womens Denim
  • Luxurious scented candles—excellent choice! Don't skimp here, go with a high end classic like Diptyque or Santa Maria Novella.
  • Personalized PJ's. What better reason to spend the day lounging around in your comfy jammies than to have them be stylish as well as snuggly?
  • Footie Slippers. I know, I know, slippers are so cliché, but these slipper/socks are not only adorable, they are so very useful! You can wear them through airport security and not have to worry about getting fungus or cooties all over your freshly manicured tootsies!
  • Über-hip hat and glove set from Tory Burch. Cutting-edge fashion for surviving the cold! While you're at it, you may as well check out the whole ensemble! When it comes to cashmere, there is nothing on earth as cozy and comfortable!

Pampering Gifts: Let's face it, after hours in the shoppes, too many holiday goodies and not enough sleep we all need a little pampering!

Stocking Stuffers: I don't know about you, but when I was a little girl the first place I headed on Christmas morning was to my stocking, hanging by the fireplace. This was where Santa left the most fabulous little trinkets and goodies!

  • Waxing Poetic Charms from Inspired Creations. Initial charms worn by celebrities and fashionistas alike! Adorable and ideal for any girly girl, no matter her age. In fact, I am giving these adorable little charm necklaces to my best gal pals at the office!
  • philosophy lip shine, few good men trio. Why have just one man when you can have three? Take these mouth-watering lip shines everywhere for delicious, shiny lips.
  • Elegant or unique photo frame. One of my favorite gifts for friends. So many gorgeous styles, and you can insert a candid photo for a more personal touch.
  • For the tech savvy fashionista, Active Crystals, Swarovsky crystal encrusted USB memory keys and headphones. The ultimate technogeek fashion statement!
  • iTunes Gift Card. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for absolutely everyone!

Holiday Gifts for Men: For any of the guys in your life: dad, brother, uncle, grandpa, boyfriend, significant other or spouse!

  • Event Tickets. Sporting event. Concert. Car Show. You know what he likes! Just be sure to let him know if that extra ticket is intended for you or for a boys' night with one of his buddies!
  • Great grooming kit. I know, I know, another cliché. But the Amenity Well Represented Limited Edition Gift Set has everything your man needs to keep his skin smooth, clear and comfortable, all wrapped up in a luxurious Italian leather dopp kit.
  • Gadgets. All guys love gadgets, usually the more buttons, bells and whistles the better! Top choices for this holiday season are the iPod Classic, the iPhone (or LG Voyager for you Verizon fans), digital video camera with still shot capability, Chargepod (allows you to charge six gadgets simultaneously with a single power cord), IronKey, designed to be the world's most secure USB flash drive, and TomTom ONE 3rd Edition GPS system with real time traffic and weather. That should keep your technodude happy!
  • Experience gift certificate. Very hot this season. So many adventures to choose from! Sky diving, race car driving, surfing, gourmet cooking, cultural tours; the list goes on and on. An experience to remember for a lifetime—and possibly one you could enjoy too!

Holiday Gifts for the Traveler: Guaranteed to make time on the road and away from home a little more bearable!

  • Clear Registered Travel Card. The perfect gift for the frequent flier.The card has your information, fingerprints and iris images digitally encrypted on it, and allows the user to "fly" through security without the hassles. This is what I am giving my brother-in-law. He travels constantly and this is absolute perfection for him!
  • Inflight Power Recharger. I cannot begin to tell you how much I wish I had one of these nifty little numbers on my most recent flight to New York! I ended up on a side aisle (good), but my seat companion was a ten-year-old (traveling alone) whose PSP ran out of juice somewhere over the Rockies. Yikes! Are we there yet?
  • Gorgeous girly luggage. Love the vibrant color and pattern. It makes it so much easier to spot on the luggage carousel!

She She Me's Pick of the Week: girls, I am madly in love with this Levian Chocolate Medallion Watch, and hope that by mentioning it to enough people it will somehow end up in my stocking Christmas morning. Santa, are you listening?


She She Me

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Congratulations to our 2 Winners!

She She Me Congratulates the two winners of the VIBE The Boutique $500 Gift Certificates! Kudos to Kathryn Scott of Hailey, ID and Sarah Bullard of Chicago, IL

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