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She She Me's Favorite Things

Am finding myself in the midst of déjà vu moments of late. Which, as a general rule is a good thing according to my granny. She always said that experiencing déjà vu meant that you were on the right track in life and were on your way to fulfilling your destiny. Which is how I knew with absolute certainty that these new huarache heels were meant to be mine; an immediate and almost spiritual connection when I slipped my feet into the soft supple leather. That and the fact that they were exactly what I needed to complete my stylish weekend ensemble. Any accessory that bridges the path from day to evening is meant to be, especially if that item happens to be on sale! Same rule applies to jackets, jeans, skirts and tops. And handbags. (Handbags are NOT accessories, they are necessities!)

Anyhoo, was feeling pretty perky, having snapped up those new sandals, as well as a great tote for upcoming sailing excursions with hunky Seth. Had also secured a major find with this fabulously quirky pen, which will make the perfect and most unique gift for so many of my family, friends and business associates/higher-ups (as well as score me major brownies points with said business associates/higher-ups, at which time they will realize that my thoughtfulness and ability to scout out the truly exceptional and distinct is a trait worthy of immediate reward in the form of career promotion, higher pay and a corner office). But I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, feeling perky. So there I was, strolling confidently down the sidewalk when I caught a glimpse of myself reflected in a shop window. Normally, when this occurs, I pretend that said reflection is a complete stranger who I am about to have the pleasure of meeting and this is where the voices in my mind take over:

  • "Just look at that strikingly gorgeous and confident young woman! What a fabulous sense of style she has in her chic designer jeans and swingy jacket. And that glossy hair! She must be a Pantene model—how divine.Oh my goodness, look at that! She has the exact same handbag as me! And the same wedges! Oh, she's headed right toward me..."

Usually at this point I am able to rein in my imagination before I start a conversation with myself. Unfortunately, today's shop-window-reflection reaction was a different story altogether:

  • "Wait a minute, where did this navy blazer come from? I know I put the black one on this morning (note to self: replace lightbulb in closet). And what's with this skirt? Not only does the black look so very wrong with the navy blazer but did it shrink? Again? (I look like a sausage; should have dug the Spanx out of the hamper. Again.) Yikes, my hair has a life of its own in this humidity (Hmmm, bet that's what Britney thought too.) It is definitely time for a good deep condition and a trim. Better book a mani/pedi too; my cuticles look like gnarly fish scales. And what was I thinking with the sunless tanner? So much for the golden glow—looks more like a nasty bout of hepatitis. NEVER use last year's leftovers. I've got to get out of here before someone I know sees me…"

Too late, for as I was skulking back to my car I ran headlong into one of the higher-ups from the office. I don't think she recognized me, what with all of the shopping bags and shoe boxes flying through the air, and as she scrambled on all fours to retrieve her Jimmy Choos and Juicys I was able to make a quick getaway.

Whew! After such a harrowing experience I have decided that the best course of action for restoring my usual composure, serenity and impeccable sense of style is the standard raindrops-on-roses-and-whiskers-on-kittens approach (as well as the purging of all things chocolate from my condo to counteract perceived sausageness). So here you go girls:

She She's Favorite Things:

  • My always-look-hot-in-these jeans. The one pair of jeans that seems to be a little more forgiving of that last Krispy Kreme (or two).
  • Nifty nautical wedges. The perfect way to perk up a pair of white crops or to dress up a denim skirt.
  • L'Bel Satin Rouge eau de parfum. Sophisticated and sensual, intense and elegant. Makes me feel posh and pampered and makes Seth very, very attentive!
  • Something snuggle worthy. The perfect antidote to stressful times. Grab a good book and curl up with this gloriously plush blanket. And for the days that I want to take my blankie with me, I substitute this darling little pullover.
  • The Hanes All-Over Comfort bra. I know, I know, since when is a bra one of my favorite things? Since I discovered this wonder of wonders. The straps stay in place! Truly the most comfortable (and affordable) bra I have ever worn. (And isn't it funny how much Jennifer Love Hewitt looks like me? Right down to the cleavage! If I saw her reflected in a shop window I would so totally think it was me.) Play the Bra Toss Game for kicks and giggles.
  • Lovely spring frock. I love the kimono feel to this dress and the delicate floral motif. So feminine and flirty.
  • Crabtree & Evelyn Edamame, Rice and Bamboo line of products. Not only do they moisturize, but they have a fabulous skin-firming effect. Perfect pampering for twirty skin. Love, love, love the In-Shower Moisturizer for all-day moisturizing!
  • Luscious ligloss. This spring the power is in the pucker and the pucker is in pink. Pastels and beige-pinks ruled the runways. New Cargo PurseGloss is perfection indeed. Perfect for your pucker and perfect for your purse!
  • Kneipp Anti-Cellulite Creme. Smooths and nourishes the skin, making it feel firmer and toned. With swimsuit season just around the corner I will use this faithfully! (Available at select Nordstrom department stores and in March)

Well dearest girls, there is nothing quite like happy thoughts to put the sparkle back in my eye and a spring in my step. I do, however, think that I will take a bit more time on my wardrobe selection before hitting the shops again (I am sooo going to ditch the sausage skirt!)


She She Me

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