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no. 283
February 2, 2007

Valentines Day Fashion and Gift Guide

Was ready for a little pampering and cuddling last evening after spending hours in the kitchen doing a semi-credible Rachel Ray imitation (my 30-minute-meals are taking just over an hour these days) and was feeling pretty good about myself. Was glad I was wearing my sassy new tunic because the spicy curry sauce splatters hardly showed. My dinner guest Seth, however, took one look around the devastation that was my kitchen and immediately consigned me to the sofa with an icy cold soda and a stack of glossy fashion mags while he cleaned up. (Was so engrossed in checking out the new spring fashion trends—luxuriously chic spring tops, fun cut-out wedges and capricious crops (loving the whole nautical trend) that I was able to completely tune out the sound of shattering crockery from the kitchen.) So when Seth finally joined me on the sofa I settled in for a nice snuggle.

"You know, Seth," I murmured. "I am really looking forward to the upcoming holiday." (Hint, hint.)

"You are?" he replied in a surprised and somewhat baffled manner. "I am so glad to hear that! You know, it's my very favorite holiday of the year." (Oh goodness, this is more promising than I ever dreamed! Imagine, a guy who is so in tune with his feelings, with all the special little nuances of love and romance...) "But I really had no idea that you were such a big football fan," he continued.

What? What does football have to do with Valentine's Day? Has Peyton Manning replaced Cupid without anyone telling me? Are they using Hail Mary passes instead of bows and arrows these days? Are stretchy pants and helmets the new black?

"So tell me She She," said my obviously befuddled beau. "Is it going to be the Colts or the Bears?" Good heavens, are we headed to the zoo now? Better change my shoes—these gorgeous new sandals are the very cutting edge of style but I really think a chic pair of flats would be a better footwear choice for strolling. But I digress. Reality dawned as Seth began waxing eloquent about defensive linemen and end zones and supernachos and I suddenly realized that Seth's favorite "holiday" of the year is Super Bowl Sunday! As is true for apparently every other red blooded American male. Silly moi.

"…absolutely amazing on that new HD plasma above the bar, like you're right in the middle of the action!" Seth paused and looked at me expectantly, the glow of pigskin love burning in his eyes. I tuned back in, realizing that I had just been invited to spend an afternoon with an entire squadron of very cute boys, which under normal circumstances would be quite fun, but I knew they would be so engrossed in the action on the big screen that they wouldn't even notice my great wrap top, new skirt and über-chic pumps that make my legs look so long.

"Er, um, gosh Seth, as much as I would just love to tag along, I did promise Girly that I would help her shop for the perfect VALENTINE'S DAY ensemble to wear for her romantic evening out on VALENTINE'S DAY. And I really do need to do a little VALENTINE'S DAY shopping myself." I replied with truly feigned remorse and more than a few blatant hints.

"Oh, that's OK," responded Seth (was that the very briefest flash of relief sweeping across his gorgeous face?) "Maybe next time. Or better yet, baseball season is just around the corner—we'll have to catch a Giant's game at the Park!" Yikes! Spectator sports in the great outdoors with the possibility of rain? I don't think so…hmm, wait a minute. Dark washed jeans, chic (and warm!) boots, cashmere layering pieces, faux-fur-lined hoodie and festive umbrella in case of showers! Problem solved.

Anyhoo, with the hearts-and-flowers event that is Valentine's Day just around the corner, now is a good time to be on the lookout for fashion trends which will work well for a romantic holiday and carry forward into spring.

Valentines Day Style

  • Valentines Day is a time for glamour. Am channeling Diane Lane in the movie Hollywoodland for her chic and glamorous Old Hollywood style. Enhance a trim waist with a full taffeta skirt, or really show your curves in a figure hugging gown. HerRoom Lingerie We Buy for Ourselves
  • Keep the lines of your glamorous gown looking smooth and sleek with Spanx. (You didn't honestly think the Hollywood stars had perfect bodies underneath their Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera and Dolce & Gabbana fashions did you?!) Let me tell you girls, this is not your grandma's girdle!!
  • Sassy, sexy footwear. Pull out all the stops here. Go with a little glitz and sparkle or perhaps a pair of sky high skyscrapers. (Yes girls, life is too short to wear sensible shoes!) Or perhaps a pair of patent peeptoes, which are also very hot this season. One suggestion: if you are planning on dancing the night away, definitely go sexy, but go mid-height heel. (Your feet will thank you!)
  • Lovely little clutch or evening bag.
  • Don't forget the underpinnings dears! Granny panties and a ratty bra do nothing for your self esteem, let alone your style. A little satin and lace will go a long way to making you feel captivating, alluring and downright sexy.

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Happy Valentine shopping girly girls!


She She Me

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