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No. 278
by she she me
September 1, 2006

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She She's Fab Fall Finds

Aren't life's little ironies just precious? I suppose they occur (with relative frequency in my case) as little reminders that no amount of preparation, planning, negotiation or compromise will make things turn out in your favor. Take, for instance, my recent discovery of ex-love-of-life's impending nuptials. Now while I do admit that it caught me a bit off guard (shouldn't there be some kind of law against being ambushed by wedding announcements from ex's? I mean, every girl knows that an ex should never get married first. It's just not right!) But I digress. Anyhoo, was coping quite well thank you very much! Took a day or so to wander down memory lane, re-living the good times (and the goodies—you have to admit the boy had good taste in trinkets!) and the mediocre times (how many baseball games did I sit through? I lose count. And how many chic flicks did he take me to? Nil.) and coming to the justified conclusion that when we parted ways it was definitely for the best. The relationship just didn't sparkle any more. And, after all, every girl needs sparkle. I shudder to think what kind of girl I would be without the various bits of sparkle I have come to depend upon. But, again I digress.

Back to life's little ironies. Had decided best way to deal with discovery of Jeb-engaged-to-airbrushed-Sweet-Young-Thing was a serious bout of pampering and retail therapy. Had taken full advantage of Girly's timely suggestions for treating oneself like a celebrity, and in point of fact had just finished with mani/pedi and was merrily on way to Nordie's to check out the latest fall peeptoes to show off said pedicure when I was waylaid in the cosmetics department. A mere slip of a girl in a white lab coat (and without a visible pore on her face) informed me that she had a time slot open for a free consultation and makeover and would I be interested? Would I be interested? Free makeover and beauty product samples? Hello?

So I hopped right up on that stool in anticipation of a relaxing half hour of pampering, soothing, smoothing and festooning of self. Needless to say, when I left over an hour later I was literally shaking in my Claudia Ciuti beaded sandals and carrying a miniscule ribbon-handled bag full of promises (which, by the way, was not free and set me back a week's salary!) Yes, girls, I had fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the beauty game. Had been lulled and soothed by phrases such as, "You have fabulous bone structure" and "Your eyes are definitely your best asset" (note how these two praises/phrases are completely due to genetics and not cosmetics) only to then be skewered with "Well, we'll have to do something about these flaky patches around the nose" and "Hmm, there seems to be quite a little oil slick forming on your forehead" and the coup de grâce, "Lucky for you, we just got in this lovely super-charged serum that will ne just the thing for those crow's feet." Crow's feet? What crow's feet?

Well, dearest ones, what is a twirty girl to do when faced with a cosmetic onslaught of such epic proportions? Exactly as I did—purchase every lotion, potion and concoction legally available to stem the tide of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, not to mention the vicious effects of gravity for as long as commercially possible. I suppose once I had a chance to recover from said skewering I may have taken umbrage at having been so obviously taken advantage of and returned the products, demanding my money back. But the fact is, I do so love the darling little bottles all lined up on my dressing table! And they really do make my skin feel revitalized, refreshed and renewed! (Which they should, at those prices!)

Anyhoo, lest all my pampering and cosseting be for naught, I must admit that this experience did light a little fire in me. Have determined that it is the dawn of a new She She. I'm all about confidence and self acceptance these days. Am concentrating on being the best twirty girl that I can realistically be. I may not have perfect skin, (but then again, neither did Charlize Theron in Monster and you have to admit that she is beyond breathtaking!) I may not be able to resist the occasional Krispy Kreme, but my new beau likes a girl with a few curves (as do most men truth be told!) i.e. Jennifer Lopez and Scarlett Johansson; Beyoncé Knowles and Salma Hayek. And while I may not have access to "the closet" from The Devil Wears Prada, I admit to having some very good sources up my sleeve (and She She girls always share):

She She's Fab Fall Finds:

  • Great casual handbag from Fossil. Very chic, love the hand stitching and a fabulous price to boot! So good in fact, that I was also able to snap up this wallet as well and a fun new watch!
  • I am positively in love with these very weekend-at-my-country-estate leather boots. The English riding boot style is always a classic and looks very country-chic with these slim jeans, and a cashmere turtleneck. But instead of going all tweedy-horsey-set, bump it up a notch with a satin blazer and a sexy scarf.
  • Back to boots. Apparently, this is my obsession this season. Like these darling suede and leather ankle boots—so stylish! Or these soft and supple fire engine red knee high boots; just the thing for fall.
  • My new exercise regimen, and subsequent toning of nether regions, has finally enabled me to invest in a sassy short skirt! (Worn with capri leggings of course—cellulite seems to have become very good friends with my thighs of late) and a great pair of sexy pumps.
  • Wonderful lemongrass & brown sugar body scrub from Crabtree & Evelyn. Just the thing to take care of the streaky bits when your self tanner goes awry.
  • Check it out. Fabulous! Especially the "Nicole" dress. So many little black dresses, so little time…
  • Gorgeous girly dress. Oh-so-romantic and perfect for an evening pour deux with current beau. Appropriate accessories, fancy footwear and an edgy cuff for attitude and I will be the belle of the ball!
  • Oh! And a lovely little bit of sparkle to set off the new manicure.

Well girls, am feeling much better about self after having done my good deed for the day! So much so, that if a teenager in a white lab coat tells me that I have a flaky nose, I'll just tell her to flake off! And if she then points out my crow's feet, I will inform her that those, my dearest girl, are laugh lines. And everyone knows that happy girls are the prettiest girls!


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