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The good word on she she me…

Somehow (lucky for me) I stumbled upon "She She Me" and my fashion life has never been the same.  The stories that she tells are done in a fun yet witty style that is most enjoyable to read. I always look forward to the next email from She She Me to catch up on her latest adventures. Sometimes, I can totally picture myself and or my friends in the scenarios that she describes and it brings a smile (smirk) to my face.  It is so easy to picture the clothes, accessories, makeup and lets not forget the shoes, since there is a link right there, how convenient!  She She Me has debunked the fashion world and brought it to the average working woman in a way that can be easily applied to daily life.  The sponsors are all high quality vendors who offer services or products that I use.  I cannot say enough about how fun I think She She Me is!!

-Sincerely Lisa Parker St Petersburg, FL

The thing I like most about the "She She Me" Newsletter is the fashion information! I am always looking for new ideas and I definetly look to the She She Me Newsletter first! Thanks She She Me!

-Ashley Hickok, McKinney, TX

I love "She She Me" because it keeps me informed of what's chic and fun. I will be hitting the big 4-0 this year and I want to be stylish so I continue to get the compliments that I don't look a doay over 30! Yeah!  SheSheMe.com is such a fun website, so easy to read and so eye catching.

-Laura Schoefield, Baltimore, MD

I love everything about "She She Me"!  I have been reading for almost 4 years now and it is a part of my everday life.  I even save the ones I love so that I can go back and read them again. 

Arden Herrington, Memphis, TN

I like being a She She Me subscriber because there are a variety of items featured I like. One is searching the "She She Mall" to shop for the latest products and some cool new stores to shop in. ...the Shoe Mall is cool too. Thank you.

Connie Miller, Glendale, AZ

I love how "She She Me" is a quick go-to site where I can see what's new and in style in the fashion realm. I like how the articles have direct links to mentioned items that will take me directly to sites where I can see more and learn more. I have felt that I have been in a fashion timewarp/rut and your website gives me fresh ideas on how to update my style and where to go to find items and ideas to help me do just that. Thanks so much She She Me!

-Amanda Swanson Delano, MN

"I love the fashion trend updates from "She She Me" — from "What to Wear" to "Style Scoop"— they not only keep the working girl informed about what's hot, but also where to actually find the current look."

- Crystal Blaise Sacramento CA

I like "She She Me" because it’s a fun way to find out about the latest fashion trends.  The commentary is upbeat and clever, and I love using the links in the emails to see pictures of “killer shoes” or a “sassy skirt.”  The website and emails give me an idea of where to shop and what to buy.  It tells me about fun websites too.  She She Me also gives me ideas for outfits—what goes well with what, and what to wear in certain environments.  It also helps organize the millions of clothing items that are online, and only shows me the ones worth actually looking at.  So it saves me time and energy, and does it in a fun way.  Basically, I like She She Me because it makes me feel girly and it lets me indulge myself and my shopping tendencies.  It’s a great site, and I love being on the mailing list.  

-Anne Blackstock-Bernstein, New York, NY

“We are a young online retail store and after intensive research our company decided our advertising dollars would be well spent with “She She Me.”  It is gratifying to know our exposure is equal to some of the largest web sites in the world such as amazon.com, beauty.com, sephora.com, strawberry.net not to mention some of the largest companies in the world: Target, Macy’s, Godiva, Eddie Bauer, Tommy Hilfiger. We are happy to be featured with these prestigious companies; I don’t think this would be possible with anyone but shesheme. We are thrilled!”

-Wanda Hullett, President, ebeautifulyou.com & bellezaboutique.net

“She She Me” provides quick and easy marketing options and an incredibly fast response time to questions.  SheSheMe Mall has provided us with good search exposure and traffic which has enabled us to increase our target customer base. 

-Rebecca Nash, MadieDeluxe Handbag

“I subscribed to She She Me because I find the new and cute trends and styles. I noticed the artwork first and thought it was cute and refreshing.  There is something for all ages and in my business I must keep abreast of current interests of all age groups.”

-Pam Parham, Yukon , OK

The “She She Me” experience was absolutely perfect from start to finish to results.  The Newsletter Sponsorship provided tremendous exposure to exactly the type of audience we love; ladies who are smart, fashionable, and know what they want.  As a result, orders came in immediately and we have already placed three more campaigns.  We will definitely be a year round client. 

Mary Phillips-Whitley, Mary Phillips Designs

“SheSheMe.com” is one of my best marketing tools.  They bring in a lot of business, the click throughs are amazing, and the traffic they bring does produce daily sales. She She Me has a fabulous site, along with the mall it really is worth the advertising expense. You will be used additionally in shesheme features when you start advertising with them, which keeps a consistent flow of traffic to your site, they are good at what they do, you would definitely make a good marketing decision if you advertise with shesheme.com.

Brandi Felt, Owner, Boutique33.com

She She Me is an All-Star favorite at boscia ! The boscia beauty team all started out as subscribers who couldn't wait to read our She She Me newsletter updates. Now we are enjoying the partnership in marketing and advertising with their savvy and entertaining She She Me marketing program. We really wanted to speak to the stylish set of  beauty mavens on-line and She She Me is the Coolest! Thanks for helping boscia to drive sales and awareness with your great service and creativity in such a fun and upscale format.

-Caren Conrad, boscia General Manager

She She Me is a great site – well written with a beautiful layout! It is a wonderful site to be featured on, as their dedicated, fashion forward readers are action-oriented and really check out all of the sites and products featured – generating a lot of site traffic and sales for Shopbop!”

-Alle Fister, Director of Public Relations, Shopbop.com

“We decided to advertise with She She Me because of our familiarity with the newsletter, having subscribed for years. She She Me captures the stylish, fashion savvy customer we are looking for. Through She She Me advertising we are able to target specific products to their readers to increase sales. We have been pleased with the results of our advertising campaign.”

-Miracle Wanzo, HipUndies.com

“Avenue You spends a lot of money on direct advertising, CPC, and banner placements, and per dollar spent * She She Me * has been extremely successful. Their layout is exactly the kind of company/website we would want our business associated with. We go through a lot of research and time before choosing a company to promote and market our business, and it only took a few hours to say *She She Me* is perfect for Avenue You. They are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to a long strong successful relationship with Gary and his staff at *She She Me*”

-Brian J. Esposito, CEO Avenue You Beauty Store

“We have several local and national marketing campaigns running, and She She Me has been the only one to provide us with IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION! We have received same day business every time a new She She Me Campaign has launched, and our web traffic has substantially and consistently increased! One of our customers (and an avid She She Me subscriber) told us that this would be the perfect place for us to advertise, and she couldn't have been more right!”

-Kristen Klett, The Green Kangaroo, Inc

“We've been advertising with She She Me since Fall 2004, and are continually impressed by the click-thrus to our site, and resulting sales. With the addition of the new features to the site, such as the She She Mall, we are committed to continuing our successful relationship with She She Me.”

-Kassie Rempel , Owner of SimplySoles.com 

“I can't even begin to tell you how great She She Me was for my business. I went from getting an average of about 50 site visitors a day to about 1,500 on days when the emails went out. I have had at least 100 orders this month whereas before I was averaging about 10 and considering this a very part-time job. It is definitely a full time gig at this point! This was really the shot of confidence that I needed to see that this is a viable business. It has inspired me to look into more advertising and ways of getting publicity.”

-Owner of LorenNoelle.com on results of doing a “chic boutique”

“It is so great to have such a cutting-edge and stylish site right at my fingertips!”

           Missy Thomlin for Hudson Belk Dept. Store

“We had so much fun hosting a spa event for She She Me . The party was a huge success and everyone loved her signature goodie-bags full of product samples and discount cards. Must do it again!”

Carolyn Covington for SpaJolie

“We needed a fresh, new concept for our next event, and decided that She She Me would be able to work wonders by planning our ‘Toulouse-Lautrec: Master of the Moulin Rouge' exhibit party. We are in the planning stages and it is already turning into a very glamorous and hip event. We cannot wait!”

           Kimberley Harper for the North Carolina Museum of Art

"She She Me" knows what she's talking about. She's sassy, she's smart and she knows how to market to this very chic demographic of women. Our events was a huge success, and we are looking forward to another.

Darlene Brinker, Director of Marketing for Lilly Pullitzer Corporate

She She Me knows what she's talking about. She's sassy, she's smart and she knows how to market to this very chic demographic of women. Our event was a huge success, and we are looking forward to another.”

Marilyn Wilensky, Manager Razook's Boutique 

I've been getting the She She Me emails for about a year and one-half, maybe two years. I'm impressed with the writing and the qualify of style advice, and also the range of sites/products that are suggested. I find that really refreshing in light of the same old recycled “style advice” that gets passed around. What appeals to me about she she me is that it is geared more towards younger women who are perhaps more budget conscious than say, style.com subscribers. Even though I subscribe to the major fashion/lifestyle magazines, and get a number of style newsletters via email, she she me stands out because it is like having an incredibly fashionable friend who not only knows how to dress for every occasion, but also knows how to throw the perfect party and give the right gifts. I am probably more likely to follow the advice that I get from she she me and visit the featured sites because of this more personable, thoughtful approach to fashion news.

Jennifer S., a She She Me Fan

“It is not like me to send e-mails to people I don't know, however, I must tell you what a fabulous job you do on your newsletters each week! They absolutely crack me up (mostly because I am twirty, and it is my life in a nutshell!) I laugh out loud each time I read one of them! You should actually write a book, or publish all of your entries in a book. Guaranteed best seller. Just wanted to say keep it up, and thanks!”

            A she she me fan from Ohio

“Congratulations…saw your mention in Hampton 's magazine this weekend! How she she is that? I was happy to tell my friends that I have been she she forever, where had they been? Anyway, I look forward to she she me's adventures each week.”

A she she me fan in New York , NY

“I just had to reply today and let you know how awesome you are! Every day I look forward to your messages. I relate to every one, laugh my head off, forward them to my friends… and today I cried! When are you coming to Charlotte ?”

A she she fan from Charlotte , NC 

“The story is hilarious! I like the diary format. You have just enough info to be interesting and entertaining – not too long. I love the links to products. Can't wait for the next episode.”

A she she me fan in Dallas, TX

For informaiton about advertising on She She Me contact us at adsales@shesheme.com.



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