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By Girly

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What to Wear to a
Summer Wedding

It's 98° in the shade and I am positively melting! But I have found a very good way to keep cool: relaxing on my shady terrace in my adorably breezy new sundress and favorite new sandals, sipping a tall frosty glass of lemonade and perusing the latest glossy mags. The perfect excuse to catch up on the latest celebrity news and gossip before diving headfirst into another whirlwind weekend.

And since we're right smack dab in the middle of summertime, it seems that several of my nearest (well, most of them several thousand miles away actually) and dearest (at least one of them, admittedly, a mere acquaintance) friends/family/coworkers have decided that this week is the perfect time to tie the knot! I have seven, count them, SEVEN wedding invitations residing beneath my collection of adorable refrigerator magnets as of this writing! In fact, I have now run out of adorable refrigerator magnets and have resorted to using those freebies from Round Table Pizza (which honestly does absolutely nothing for the gilt-edged embossed wedding invitation with pink satin ribbon and tiny little wedding bells that jingle every time I open the freezer door for my Häagen-Dazs.) But I digress…

Anyhoo, am feeling very loved, very popular and very in demand of late, having been invited to so many weddings. However, said popularity has put me in a bit of a predicament. Granted, most of the weddings are just too far away to attend, and some gorgeous glassware or a Crate & Barrel giftcard will suffice quite nicely, but three of those weddings are right here in my neck of the woods, and I inadvertently replied YES to all three without double checking dates. So what's a girl to do when she must be in three places at once, elegantly coiffed, stylishly attired and fashionably shod to boot?

Well, dearest girls, as luck would have it (and luck has a great deal to do with it), one of the weddings is an afternoon garden wedding alfresco in Berkeley, one of the weddings is an evening dinner dance reception at the Yacht Club (just a hop, skip and jump over the Bay) and the other wedding is actually on Friday evening at Grace Cathedral, with reception following. So, scheduling conflicts averted, but am now in full fashion crisis mode. Must come up with three completely different ensembles for three completely different weddings. However, am known for ability to rise to any occasion; besides, when have I ever needed an excuse to shop for fashions?

What to Wear to an Afternoon Wedding

What to Wear to an Evening/Formal Wedding

The invitation said "black tie optional", which opens up a few more avenues as far as attire. (No need to go completely floor length with the gown.)

What to Wear to an Black Tie/Religious Wedding

Yes, this may appear a tad paradoxical, but it can be done! Bear in mind that anything sleeveless, strapless or backless is usually considered inappropriate for a church, synagogue or mosque, but this doesn't necessarily relegate you to Aunt Marge's closet.

A Few Wedding Wardrobe Tips:

  • Do not wear white. You may be mistaken for the bride and she would be very displeased (as, presumably, would be the groom also).
  • Do not wear black or sequins to a daytime wedding. While perfectly appropriate for an evening wedding, it's a bit too flash for daywear.
  • Do not go overboard on makeup, jewelry or scent. You don't want to look like a cheap tramp, especially if you are at the wedding of an ex, and you certainly don't want to asphyxiate those around you with your perfume.
  • Do not be late for a wedding, EVER! That is the bride's (and only the bride's) prerogative.

Well, dearest girls, it's off to the weddings I go. But first, take a look at these sweet wedges that I just snapped up and on sale to boot! But I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, final words of wisdom: Look on the bright side, at least I'm not a bridesmaid this time!



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Double-Duty Acne Fighting Power from Biore

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She She Me & Girly's Favorite Things

Starlooks — Best Makeup for Summer!

This summer is already proving to be HOT! So quality make up that doesn’t run is a must. Oh, and who has time to keep retouching all day? Long wear mascaras, foundations, lipsticks are definitely essential. No worries, STARLOOKS has you covered on all bases along with tutorial videos and look books so you know how to stay ahead of the latest trends.

Starlooks believes that licensed makeup artists shouldn't be the only ones with access to high-end, affordable makeup products. We believe every makeup lover is a pro, and deserves a chance to purchase artist quality makeup at pro prices! Shop through an ever-expanding variety of color selections and product choices that are all of M.A.C® quality (or better)! You're guaranteed to be blown away by not only our prices, but also the lasting wear, the vibrance, the creamy and smooth application, and the light-weight feel of all Starlooks makeup products.

And Starlooks has the perfect way to get you started — the Starbox! Each month you will receive a box filled with full-size samples of the latest, hottest cosmetics. These are NOT random selections — our Creative Team (a wonderful group of highly trained professionals from the beauty and fashion industry) carefully plans each month based on professional beauty and fashion forecasts, and products are carefully selected to guarantee that each box contains a complete “look” that is not only fashion forward, but also current. I am already in love with the Starbox, and at $15 a month it is not only an affordable way to try the latest, hottest beauty products, but it also makes the perfect gift! Check out Starlooks and the Starbox today — you can thank me later!

Chilly Jilly — a Lot of Cozy in a Little Bag!

Summer often means over-air-conditioned buildings. But who wants to lug a jacket around this time of year?

The Chilly Jilly Wrap is a fun fashion wrap that conveniently folds up into a compact silk bag — which fits easily into a purse or carryon, so ladies can seamlessly transition from heat to over-air-conditioned buildings, restaurants and airplanes this summer. The wraps also double as cute bathing suit cover ups! Made from high quality micro fiber material, the Chilly Jilly Wrap is light weight, wrinkle resistant, comfortable and stylish.

I recently received one of these fabulous wraps from Chilly Jilly. It came packaged in a gorgeous little silk drawstring bag, which was the perfect size to tuck into my handbag. I took it with me on Date Night with the Hubs, which of course meant a shoot-em-up movie. The theater was air-conditioned to the hilt, so I immediately reached into my handbag and pulled out my Chilly Jilly wrap. It was absolutely perfect for the circumstances! Lightweight, yet cozy and completely wrinkle-resistant, it has earned a permanent place in my handbag!


Neutrogena Recipe for Relaxation

Fun-filled summer days are finally here, but your hectic schedule, steady work deadlines and the looming chore of planning get-away weekends can cook up added anxiety.  Help manage your stress and keep this summer’s forecast bright with the perfect recipe for relaxation. 

Use the below ingredients to prep a pampering state of tranquility.    


INGREDIENT ONE:  2-3 pumps of NEUTROGENA® Rainbath® Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel – Original

In the shower, smooth product on your body with moistened hands, puff or washcloth. Gently lather and rinse off. In the bath, add it to running water. When shaving your legs, use it as a skin-smoothing shaving gel.

  • Gentle shower gel that cleans & conditions all skin types, without leaving behind a filmy residue
  • Clean-fresh fragrance invigorates & refreshes
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Allergy-tested


  • Pour NEUTROGENA® Rainbath® Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel under running water to soak away stress and soften skin


INGREDIENT TWO:  Small dollop of NEUTROGENA® Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask

Use weekly or as often as needed. After shampooing, apply a small amount of mask to wet hair, concentrating on the ends. Let it penetrate for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse well. Style as usual.

  • Contains naturally-derived ingredients proven to moisturize all three layers of the hair strand
  • Proven to moisturize even severely dry hair to feel soft and smooth all day, after a single use
  • Gives hair a smooth, radiant, healthy look after a single use
  • Keeps hair smooth and healthy looking all day
  • Helps tame fly-aways and frizz


  • Apply Neutrogena Triple Moisture® Deep Recovery Hair Mask to hair, wrap in warm towel for 30 minutes.


INGREDIENT TWO:  3-4 drops of NEUTROGENA® Body Oil

After a shower or bath while your skin is still damp, smooth on a few drops to help seal in moisture. Then treat yourself to a few pampering minutes while your body dries naturally, or simply pat     dry with a towel. In the bath, add to water and soften your skin while you bathe.

  • Sensual body oil which pampers the skin.
  • Light sesame formula leaves skin soft and silky and protects against moisture loss.
  • Sensual fragrance relaxes the mind and body.
  • Absorbs quickly with no greasy after-feel.
  • Dermatologist-tested.
  • Fragrance free formula also available.


  • Make a scrub with Neutrogena® Body Oil mixed with brown sugar, apply in shower, rinse, pat dry
  • Add drops of Body Oil to nail polish remover to prevent dry nails
  • Substitute Neutrogena Body Oil for your regular shaving gel for an incredibly close shave that moisturizes the skin before you even step out of the shower.  Who doesn’t love trimming time off their morning routine?

Celebrity Fans of UNITE

What do Kim Kardashian, Julianne Hough, Christina Ricci and Lauren Conrad have in common? They all have gorgeous hair and are all fans of UNITE Hair. Here are some of their favorite products:

7Seconds Condition ($26.25): This leave-in condition spray locks in color, detangles in 7 seconds, offers both UV and thermal protection and works on all hair textures. Fans include: Julianne Hough, Eva Longoria and Christina Ricci 7Seconds Dry ($28.75): Made with fine clay, this instantly transformative dry shampoo aids in preserving hair color, removes excess oil, increases volume and refreshes hair without the use of water or a trace of visible powder. Fans include: Kim Kardashian Boing Curling Cream ($26.25): Ultimate curl enhancing cream that keeps hair soft. It provides the right amount of hold and works on all curls – big and small. Fans include: Lauren Conrad

And I may only be a celebrity in my own mind, but I am a total fan of UNITE hair care products as well!

Get a Head-Start on Fall Footwear Style!

The perfect way top ease into fall is with the Monza pink flat, which features a chic pink suede with red neon detail, grosgrain trip, bow detail and a modern round toe design, making it easy for women to look pulled together for work or play.

Just like your favorite pair of flats, these Botticelli casuals create a simple way to look classically modern, for any occasion. Pair them with a dress or trousers during the week, or slide them on with a pair of jeans on the weekend.

Botticelli is the ultimate choice in elegance for women who love to look classy and stylish, while feeling remarkably comfortable. Botticelli offers women the traditional elegance of Italian classics with the latest trends and essentials for each season.

Botticelli flats are available from sizes 6 to 11 with retail prices of $375.  Botticelli is available for purchase at 4 locations in New York City, along with Check out these and all the other gorgeous styles today!

No Stress Summer Style!

Natural Life’s Crazy Love Bracelet / Hairbands are the perfect multi use accessory for the summer.
The soft elastic makes for a no-crease ponytail. Great for those times you want to take a dunk in the pool but don’t want to mess up your hair! When these colorful hair ties are not in your hair, they can be worn as bracelets!
Price: $11.00 at
Natural Life’s Sequin Mesh Bags
These bags great for carrying around your summer essentials!
Price: $6.50 at

Natural Life's Tie Dye Handkerchief Headbands.
Our bohemian handkerchief headband will have you looking stylish without effort.

Price: $10.00 at

Check out all of the fun and funky products at Natural Life!

Prevent and Protect with
Kiss My Face Sun Care

It is common knowledge that daily usage of an SPF helps prevent skin cancer. Now, we have another motivator for daily application. Recent research conducted by the Annals of Internal Medicine, and cited by Th e New York Times and Wall Street Journal, confirms that an SPF, when used often enough, also prevents wrinkles and signs of aging.
Achieve youthful skin with the new Kiss My Face sun care collection that contains Hydresia for added moisture and anti-aging benefits. Kiss My Face uses sunscreens such as titanium dioxide and natural zinc oxide to provide full broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.  


  • 3 oz Natural Mineral SPF 40 with Hydresia ($16.99)
    • Infused with Hydresia, this all natural mineral sunscreen blends in clear and contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, providing broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays
    • Fragrance Free and water resistant
  • 4 oz Oat Protein Sunscreen SPF 18 ($11.95) and SPF 30 ($12.95) with Hydresia
    • Natural zinc oxide, combined with other effective sunscreens offer broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays
    • Oat protein protects, soothes and helps fight damaging free radicals
    • Fragrance free and water resistant
  • 6 oz Everyday Moisturizer SPF 15 ($14.99)
    • Ultra rich formula contains Hydresia oleosomes made from safflower oil to naturally nourish the skin
    • An all mineral sun protection formula with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide
    • Broad Spectrum formula is easy to apply and free of parabens and nanoparticles


2 oz Face Factor SPF 30 (12.95) and SPF 50 ($13.95) for Face and Neck with Hydresia 

  • Broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection for the most over exposed and fragile areas – the face and neck
  • Rich in natural antioxidants to help fight the signs of aging as well as skin soothing aloe and cooling cucumber extracts
  • Green tea extract, peptides and licorice extract help fight free radicals to reduce the signs of aging
  • Fragrance free and water resistant

Introducing Ouidad’s NEW Color Sense™ Collection

Curls with Color… Ouidad has them covered!

Curly hair has texture, wave, and porosity – all qualities that determine how color looks and how long it will last.  Ouidad’s new color care line uses the ultimate technology to preserve and enhance vibrancy for not only curly hair, but for all textures and styles.  Now, all hair types can find comfort in maintaining color.

The corkscrew shape of curly hair keeps the outer cuticle layer open, leaving the hair shaft more able to take color, but also susceptible to color fading and dehydration.  In addition, sun exposure and other environmental factors can severely damage colored hair from root to tip. Just in time for Summer, Ouidad’s NEW Color Sense™ Collection preserves and protects against fading, so color is never flat or dull. The Color Sense trio with a proprietary Color Lock complex includes a shampoo and conditioner, but the star of the line is the Shine Boosting Color Extender treatment which nourishes, shields, enhances vibrancy and extends the life of color.

The Color Sense Collection gently removes mineral deposits and product build up that lead to premature stripping of color.  The result is shiny and radiant hair, salon visit worthy at its best. 

Color Sense Collection

Color Preserving Shampoo

Key Benefits

  • Gently removes mineral deposits and product buildup that can strip color
  • Provides a shield against fading from UV exposure and styling
  • Hair is instantly hydrated, healthy and vibrant
  • Sulfate free

Color Preserving Conditioner

Key Benefits

  • Protective Color Lock complex affixes color to hair fibers and provides a shield against fading from UV exposure and styling
  • Nourishes and replenishes hydration to help keep hair healthy looking and soft
  • Sulfate free and silicone free

Shine Boosting Color Extender

Key Benefits

  • Instantly creates a high gloss finish that lasts for days
  • Extends life of hair color
  • Protects from UV and styling damage
  • Sulfate-free and silicone free

Luxecoat Nail Products

Based in Los Angeles, LuxeCoat was founded in 2012 to provide quality products for easy at home or salon manicures and pedicures, while also predicting trends in nail color. So many of us want to know what nail colors are trending and our LuxeCoat team of trendsetters and fashion forecasters provide just that.

LuxeCoat formulas are based on sustainable vegan ingredients free of harmful carcinogens and chemicals often found in nail products.  The chip-resistant and high shine nail polish is formulated to keep nails growing strong and healthy. Our nail polish contains no Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP (dibutyl phthalate), Formaldehyde Resin, or Camphor.

I received several different colors of the LuxeCoat nail polish to try. (My favorite is Mint Chip!) I love the way it glides on smoothly and evenly and dries quickly to a hard glossy shine. So far my summer pedicure with LuxeCoat has lasted 12 days and is still going strong! Check out LuxeCoat today!

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