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Best Beauty Stocking Stuffers

Lip Care: Growing up, I knew I could count on getting two things for Christmas. I knew I’d get a pair of PJ bottoms from Grandma, and that I’d find a shiny new tube of Lip Smackers (Dr. Pepper, baby!) in my stocking. Oh, memories. Lip Smackers has since been replaced by a tinted Tarte lip sheer or a shimmery Stila gloss, but the idea is the same and much appreciated by yours truly (even if I am the one stuffing my stocking with lip balms, stains and glosses). Of course you know I highly recommend anything Tarte — their LipSurgence lip tint is incred. (As in “incredible.” I was trying out a new thing there.)

If you need a fab everyday balm, try Nivea’s A Kiss of Recovery with SPF 6. Smooth and moisturizing. I am a huge lover of Rosebud Salve; extremely affordable and non-sticky, plus it smells like roses and can be used on lips, hands, even minor cuts and, well, as a diaper rash treatment. Hmm. I’d buy a separate tin for that.

Glitz and Glam: Let’s talk eyes. Love love love Urban Decay shadows. They go on smoothly, stay beautifully and come in gorgeous shades. For this holiday season, I’m obsessed with Urban Decay’s 15 Year Anniversary palette. Plenty of glitzy shades for holiday shindigs. Another recommendation is MAC’s Paint Pot cream eye shadow. Try mixing it with powder shadow to create your perfect, flawless shade!

Mascara makes a great filler. I am still dying to try Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara. It has excellent reviews and I am ready for a new mascara. Maybe Santa will stuff one into my stocking? (Hubby, are you reading this?) And don’t forget eyeliners. The pencils are even thinner than mascara, so they are the perfect stocking stuffers. They can slip right into those tiny, leftover gaps of a properly overstuffed stocking! Oh, did I not mention the part about overstuffing? Overstuffing is brilliant. Do it.

Hand Care: Winter tends to do terrible, very offensive things to skin. Come on. Dry, flaky, pasty white? Rude. A moisture-rich hand cream is always a big stocking stuffer hit. We She She girls love anything L’Occitane.  Cuticle treatments are another idea. Ooh, and hand and foot scrubs make an excellent gift. I just never think to buy one for myself, but I love getting them as gifts! Pamper those hands. They’ll look great, you know, just in case something sparkly shows up.

Nail Polish: Yes, I could have classified this under “hand care” but, well, I didn’t. I love a festive nail, (MAC has some amazing shades this season) and I felt it needed it’s own category. I started worrying about a stocking stuffed with just one great item from each category and I didn’t want anyone suffering the difficult decision between hand cream and nail polish. Now I will sleep soundly knowing stockings will be happily stuffed to the rims with fab beauty products, including gorgeous nail polish(es). Still loving Sally Hansen Salon Effects--fun new holiday styles available!

Fragrances: L’Occitane has some lovely new scents out this holiday season. Very fresh and airy. Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck has been a huge hit this year, and Marc Jacob’s Daisy comes in a cute little refillable purse spray. Perfect! I’m a Juicy girl. Smells great. I’d almost buy Couture Couture just for the bottle.

I am hoping for an overstuffed, beauty product wonderland of a stocking this year. Though I wouldn’t mind a little bling. Hint hint.

Til next month, gorgeous ladies! Wishing you the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of holidays. Remember: ‘tis better to give than to receive. (But here’s to hoping you receive something fabulous!)


Special Codes for She She Shoppers!


Ana Karolina

Ana Karolina styles are fun, trendy and fully balanced with the designer's young heart but flawless creative eye. The Ana Karolina collection includes headbands, acrylic and fabric necklaces, and finger and fabric bracelets. The pieces are crafted using flowers, fabric, Swarovski crystals set in metal, pearl and gemstones. Check out a few of my favorite pieces from Ana Karolina!

For She She Me Shoppers, Ana Karolina offers 20% off using the code HOLIDAY. Check out all the gorgeous designs at Ana Karolina!

Sara Sela Jewelry

Sara Sela's style is inspired by simple shapes and colors, and the raw beauty of the outdoors; these are reinterpreted reflect an individual unique look. A beautifully handmade collection of necklaces, rings, earrings and more. Precious and semi-precious stones are used, along with an array of materials including sterling silver, pearls, glass, lucite, Swarovski crystal, gold filled and base metals. This wide assortment of materials used allows for every budget and taste. Jewelry for every day wear and special occasions.

For She She Me Shoppers, Sara Sela Jewelry offers 20% off with the code shesheme.  Check out all the fabulous styles at Sara Sela!

Objets d’Envy

Objets d'Envy is a play on the French phrase objets d’art…an art history term for a "small work of decorative art, often rare and beautiful." An Objet d'Envy is a rare, decorative piece of jewelry to be admired and envied. This jewelry line is feminine, colorful and original. We think of it as everyday luxury. The pieces are trend-setting and yet classic. The modern designs showcase the faceted beauty and sparkle of Swarovski crystals. Women feel pretty wearing Objets jewelry. These gorgeous pieces also make great holiday gifts! Check out a few of our designs:

For She She Me Shoppers, Objets d'Envy offers 20% off with the code HOLIDAY20.  Code good through 12/18/2011. Check out all the uniquely beautiful styles at Objets d'Envy.

Check out the gorgeous selection of bags for your every need at Jimeale! Chic cosmetic bags, terrific travel bags, sassy shower caps, chic diaper bags, and men's toiletry bags all at 20% off at Jimeale!

And be sure to check out the latest addition at Jimeale, just in time to get a jump on winter weather — the adorable umbrella!!

Especially for She She Girls, 20% off your order
with the code SHE20 at checkout.

Holiday Favorites Gift Guide

 Sumo Sultan

You've got to check out the great beanbag chairs from SumoLounge — the world's most perfect beanbags! I recently received my Sumo Sultan and I love it. The fiery red corduroy cover is so cushy and comfortable — the Sultan is my favorite place to lounge after a tough day of shopping! There is plenty of room if I decide to share my Sultan with that special someone, but I really love to rule from this throne all by myself. I can snuggle in with a good book and a mug of hot cocoa and I am in the perfect place to wind down, relax and just veg out.

Big Bean Bags are Better

  • Our Big Bean Bags Measure 54" X 54" X 42"
  • Removable microsuede bean bag cover zips off to machine wash, and we also have a brand new corduroy cover
  • 10 fit-for-royalty colors to choose from for your big bean bag chair
  • Our Big Bean Bag Chairs stay fluffy, full, and will never go flat
  • Made with 100% Polyester Fiber

The Sumo Sultan is now available in two cover fabrics, the original big bean bags in microsuede and the brand new large bean bags with a corduroy cover.


Bamjamz® presents their revolutionary active collection — the perfect holiday gift for any lady who wants to feel sexy yet comfortable while sporting their new loungewear.  The best part? Bamjamz® is made from organic bamboo, one of the most sustainable resources on the planet. It feels like silk, is as soft as cashmere and washes like cotton. The ideal eco-trifecta!

Natural Comfort. Performance. Sustainability. Yes, you can have it all and bamboo delivers. Organic and FSC certified, bamboo is grown naturally without pesticides, fertilizers or irrigation, and grows to maturity in only four years. Bamboo replenishes the soil, while absorbing more carbon dioxide and emitting more oxygen into the environment than trees. Add a good dose of human creativity and ingenuity and bamboo yields a remarkable next generation fabric (technically referred to as viscose or rayon from bamboo). Be warned: It's a highly addictive fabric that you will love to wear. Bamjamz® fabrics are pre-washed, minimizing shrinkage and allowing for easy care – cold wash, tumble dry low, and it's all good. If you prefer to dry naturally, we suggest drying flat. Enjoy!

It is time to spice up holiday shopping and stare away from the ordinary. Not only will this gift make the recipient feel good but will allow the shopper to know they made an eco-friendly purchase.  The line ranges from Boyfriend Tees, Tunics and Leggings to Spa Hoodies/Pants (made from French terry fabric). Check out a few of our favorite styles for holiday gift giving (and receiving!)

Spa Lounge Pants

ideeli for the holidays!

 Shoe Creative 12.09

ideeli has hundreds of items for your holiday shopping needs! Everything from designer handbags and shoes to something sparkly for your stocking! Shop ideeli today for the holidays!

Join ideeli and get access to 24-7 sample sales and save up to 80%. New brands every day.  

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Resolve Your Winter Woes with Lavanila!

As the cold, winter months approach the three things that are always on everyone’s mind are avoiding dry skin, holiday shopping and, of course, staying warm. Great news! Lavanila is here to help put these winter concerns to rest with the following products:

Combat Dry Skin: The Lavanila Body Butter is a 100% natural, non-greasy moisturizer packed with some of the most beneficial, anti-oxidant rich vitamins and minerals on earth. The Body Butter is lightly scented with the natural Lavanila fragrances that consist of intoxicating, warm vanilla blends. Body Butters are available in Pure Vanilla, Vanilla Coconut, Vanilla Passion Fruit, Vanilla Blossom, Vanilla Grapefruit and Vanilla Lavender.
I Love LAVANILA Gift Set (3 piece) 
I Love LAVANILA Gift Set: Discover the I Love LAVANILA Gift Set, featuring a softening body butter, essential oil-infused fragrance and a skin-freshening deodorant. The natural formulas soothe the senses with a sensual blend of pure Madagascar vanilla, tonka bean and heliotrope. Containing only the finest ingredients, they are free of any harmful synthetic dyes, parabens, sulfates or mineral oils. A $69 value! I Love LAVANILA Gift Set: The Healthy Body Butter - Pure Vanilla (2.75 oz.) The Healthy Fragrance - Pure Vanilla (1 oz.) The Healthy Deodorant - Pure Vanilla (1.7 oz.)
Warm Up By The Fire: Lavanila’s The Healthy Candle is an all-natural, non-allergenic, non-toxic & eco-friendly, beeswax blend candle. This one-of-a-kind candle burns clean to create a safe and healthy environment without releasing harmful smoke, pollutants, toxins or soot into the air you breathe. They are available in Pure Vanilla, Vanilla Coconut, Vanilla Spice, Vanilla Grapefruit and Vanilla Lavender.

Get Ready, Set AND Travel
with the Philip Kingsley Jet Sets

Beautiful hair should be easy to take with you no matter where your travels take you.  The Philip Kingsley Jet Sets are perfect for your weekend duffle, airplane carry on or your overnight bag.  Each set features a Philip Kingsley Shampoo, Conditioner and three Elasticizer sachets that will give your hair exactly what it needs, all trip long.     

Ideal for hair that is chemically processed and in need of extra TLC

This set features Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo, Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Conditioner and three Elasticizer sachets

Ideal for fine hair that needs lift and body                                             This set features Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo, Philip Kingsley Body Building Conditioner and three Elasticizer sachets

Ideal for sensitive scalps, and for those undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, this Philip Kingsley Jet Set gently cleanses hair

This set features Philip Kingsley No Scent No Colour Shampoo, Philip Kingsley No Scent No Colour Conditioner and three Elasticizer sachets

Philip Kingsley Jet Sets are available for $34 on

Unique Vintage Holiday Gifts!

Scrambling to find super cool, last minute holiday gifts for your loved ones? Unique Vintage has fun, affordable and clever items for everyone on your list. From jewelry to electronic gadgets, toys to beauty products. Unique Vintage has items for music fanatics, fashionistas, girlfriends, boyfriends, moms, dads, kids, teachers, co-workers, etc.

Proactiv Clarifying Night Cream


The Clarifying Night Cream, created especially for adult acne, offers the benefits of 1% salicylic acid, to help clear up blemishes, and retinol, to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  The unique combination of natural botanicals such as chamomile and kukui nut oil is designed to sooth and calm the skin’s surface.   Moisturizing agents restore balance and replenish, leaving skin fresh and glowing.


 WEN by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint
Styling Cream

The WEN Styling Cream, a creamy, soft-hold styling formula, is designed to promote moisture, fight frizz and enhance your hair’s shine and body.  The virtually weightless formula is also used to protect against heat damage caused by styling tools and makes hair feel softer and stronger after use.



NEW! X Out™ Wash-In Treatment

The next big thing from the makers of Proactiv®

X Out™ is a unique one-step Wash-In Treatment that washes powerful breakout-fighting medicine into pores to help kill the bacteria that causes pimples, while moisturizing and helping to protect the skin.  X Out™ is the anti-hassle, anti-drama, anti-breakout all-in-one Wash-In Treatment created just for teens.  Containing 8.5% benzoyl peroxide, X Out™ also uses smooth beads to help exfoliate dead skin cells and a unique moisturizing complex designed to help protect and soothe the skin.  The X Out™ formula is paraben and sulfate-free and is non-comedogenic and dermatologist tested, making it suitable for all skin types.

 As a bonus for teens, and to encourage the proper wash time, the X Out™ Wash-In Treatment bottle features a QR code for digitally-savvy teens to scan on their smartphone or view on computer at  They will be automatically directed on their phone to “The Daily Distraction” site to watch a cool two minute entertaining video; a new video will be available daily for teens to watch while they wash.


ELLE™ BIJOUX from Kohl's

Just in time for holiday party season, Kohl’s has launched ELLE™ BIJOUX, a stunning new line of contemporary fashion jewelry exclusive to Kohl’s and  Shoppers will find silver, gold and rose-tone jewelry with statement stones to make any holiday look a bit more glamorous.  It’s also easy to add a touch of color to holiday outfits with the collection’s purple, pink or blue jewelry pieces.

Hydrate from Tips to Toes with ORLY Beauty

There is nothing worse than dry, itchy hands and feet. Winter weather often leaves skin dehydrated from cold air outside and dry heat inside. Hydrating products from ORLY nourish and moisturize, leaving skin from tips to toes soft and smooth all winter long. Delicious scents offer a mood-lifting escape for those common winter woes.


Nourishing ORLY Rich Renewal Ultra-Hydrating Crème ($15) allows wearers to drift away to warm, sandy beaches with light, tropical scents while deeply penetrating the rough layers to condition and soothe dry, chapped skin. This luxurious escape is available in Pucker (Papaya and Red Grapefruit), Peace (Spiced Vanilla and White Tea), Paradise (Lychee and Pomegranate) and Passion (Neem and Feijoa) to mix it up all winter long.


ORLY Chai Sugar Fix ($23.95) is a one-step exfoliator and moisturizer. The thick, rich formula and brown sugar provides exfoliation effectiveness while Sugar Fix's combination of fragrant oils and soothing nutrients revitalize the hands, feet and body, leaving skin silky smooth. ORLY SugarFix To-Go ($14.95) comes in a compact and convenient tube perfect for travel and weekend getaways.

ORLY Chai Sugar Fix
ORLY SugarFix To-Go

First Aid Beauty Forever FAB Kit

First Aid Beauty Forever FAB Kit will not only reveal your inner glow, but will diminish any signs of holiday indulgences! The kit contains a power-trio of FAB favorites: the Ultra Repair Cream, Facial Radiance Pads, and Detox Eye Roller. So go ahead and let loose this season, it certainly won’t show in your skin.


Goody Jewel Shine Brushes
(great stocking stuffers!)

Goody Jewel Shine Brushes each have tourmaline infused bristles to eliminate static and frizz and enhance shine while styling. The chic jewel tone color palette makes it the perfect stocking stuffer for the fashionista in your life!

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

 This Holiday Season, stuff your loved ones stocking with the gift of luxuriously soft hands!  Nature’s Gate NEW Herbal Blend Hand Creams, available in three luxurious scents, Orchid, Rose, and Cherry Blossom, are the perfect solution to sooth hands from harsh winter weather.

Nature’s Gate Herbal Blend Hand Creams combine certified organic Shea Butter, Soybean Oil, and Sunflower Oil with botanical extracts to deeply hydrate, nourish, and pamper dry hands.


What’s even better is that Nature’s Gate’s products are environmentally friendly, vegan and NEVER tested on animals. Packaging is even recyclable and made with recycled materials whenever possible! So this holiday season you can save the planet, while still having fabulous skin!


It's a LUSH Season!

‘Tis the season for giving and giving back, so why not combine the two?  LUSH has a variety of items that will give you and your loved ones the warm and fuzzies, not to mention seriously sensational skin! Check out these gorgeous goodies that are not only softening to the skin but soothing for the soul:


Charitable body lotion that keeps on giving

Buying a Charity Pot helps grassroots charities all over the world. This chocolatey body lotion is made with Fair Trade and organic cocoa butter that moisturizes your whole body, with a hint of ylang ylang and geranium to make it smell like the loveliest floral chocolate in the world. 100% of the proceeds from each pot (minus the taxes) goes to our Charity Pot fund to support worthy causes in animal welfare, humanitarian concerns and environmental conservation. (Vegan) 


The fairest gift of them all

We’ve piled this gorgeous hat box full of our most luxurious products, like our Creamed Almond and Coconut Shower Smoothie, Smitten hand cream and Charity Pot. The most beautiful part? $8.50 of this gift is donated to our Charity Pot fund. Our Charity Pot fund donates to grassroots charities that work to fight for animal rights, protect our environment and create better social conditions. Check out some of the groups we work with below!

Contains: The Olive Branch Shower Gel 100ml, Creamed Almond and Coconut Shower Smoothie 100g, Smitten Hand Cream 45g, Charity Pot Body Lotion 100g, Ultrabalm Body Balm 15g, Buffy Body Butter 90g, Figs and Leaves Soap 100g.

Be sure to check out the Home Page for updates from She She Me. Also, check out our all new Hot Products in the She She Mall. We are also adding New Stores each week so check back often for updates and fantastic savings! Also, don't miss the great girly merchandise in our Chic Shop.

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