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Spring Skin Prep and Top 3 Spring Accessories

I thought it was spring a couple of weeks ago. I knew I was being overly optimistic; this always happens. That crazy groundhog wakes up to say, “Oh, hey it’s spring!” so I pull my peasant blouses, sassy maxi dresses and wide-leg jeans out of hibernation and skip outside only to find rain and snow! Word to the wise: never trust a burrower. Sigh. At least I’m getting some more use out of my Koolaburras, right?

What I’d love to do right now is jaunt off to some sunny, warm spot and soak up the ten minutes of Vitamin D prescribed by my dermatologist (in her words, “You are pale as can be! Ten minutes is really all you need. Wow. So pale.”) But with my work schedule, ridiculous gas prices and no hotel points to use, the vacay will have to wait.

Even if I can’t actually enjoy the sun now I can certainly prep for it. This winter has done terrible things to my skin—even Hubby has commented on it—and my wardrobe could use some springy pick-me-up accessories.Gilt Children Logo 88x31

So let’s talk skin. The first step to looking fabulous is to moisturize—Zoolander taught us that much (“Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty”)! Especially if you live in a dry climate. Moisturizing doesn’t take long, but skip the moisture and say hello to wrinkles and flaky skin. A few recommendations:

  • Have you tried First Aid Beauty yet? There’s a reason they shorten it to FAB. The Ultra Repair Cream is instantly hydrating and can be used head to toe.
  • I’ve been testing out a tube of Elizabeth Grant Hand & Foot Cream and wow! The ingredients include camphor. Grandma swears by it and it smells a bit like Vicks VapoRub, but that wears off quickly and you’re left with beautifully soft skin. I use it at bedtime and I love it—and apparently so do Ashley Tisdale and Nina Dobrev (definitely not grandmas).
  • I have also been testing a bottle of Aubrey Organics Sea Buckthorn lotion—it is fabulous stuff. Absorbs instantly and leaves your skin (as the product claims) ultra-soft. It’s also vegan and never tested on animals.
  • Don’t forget your hair! Winter weather is like a kick in the pants to hair. A great leave-in treatment will get it back on its feet. My very favorite is It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product. Love the way it makes my hair silky and shiny, and it smells great. I feel like I’ve just walked out of a salon every time I use it!

An easy way to add a sunny glow to your face is with a few great cosmetics. I’ve just discovered Jane Iredale—very fun cosmetics. I keep the Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain in my purse at all times (great color) and I love the Mystikol powdered eyeliner/highlighter pen. It really opens up the eye, plus it’s compact and easy to use. And, of course, a bronzer takes just seconds to apply and helps to erase that dull winter feel. This is quickly becoming one of my new favorite cosmetic lines.

And now, my top three Spring 2011 accessories:

Ah, spring. I know it’s almost here and a little bit of retail therapy will bring it that much closer. Until next time, ladies!



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The Linea Pelle Dylan Carryall

It's sitting right here on my desk. It's gorgeous, it smells fantastic and it's a vibrant vacation-in-the-Caribbean blue! It has been calling my name all week, saying, "Keep me! You'll love me!" And I know I will because I already love the Dylan! (After all, I have one in black.) But the blue is such a gorgeous color and it makes me happy just to look at it. And to hold it. And to smell that intoxicating leather smell. And to drape it over my shoulder. OK, I'm keeping it…

Ha! Scared you didn't I?

Would I do a thing like that to my dearest friends? Never! So enter now for your chance to win this exquisite Dylan Carryall from Linea Pelle!

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The Dylan carryall is made from special enzyme garment washed Italian leather for an ultra-soft feel and casual look. A roomy 8h" x12 "l x 4" depth, this bag has ample room for all your girly goodies. An interior back wall zip pocket provides safe keeping and there are two front wall pockets for your cell phone, iPod, etc. You'll love the iconic Linea Pelle domed stud hardware in a classic gold finish, with a top zip closure for easy access. And of course the bag is lined with LP's signature zebra cotton, which really makes this bag fun! It is available in black, brown, coral or turquoise.

Our Favorite Things !

The 7 Deadly Sins of LUSH!

Here at LUSH, we’re pretty naughty, we’ve been known to release a few sex bombs, lustful fragrances and naked products. While breaking the rules is what we do, we know that with Lent just around the corner some might be looking to repent for their own indiscretions. If you are looking to give something up for the next 40 days we suggest you start with animal tested beauty products. Don’t worry LUSH has got you (and your sinful side) taken care of, we’ve got cruelty free alternatives to keep you and your 7 deadly sins covered.

Natural Collagen Inventia

With each passing year, it seems a new wonder cure for skin ailments is presented to women and men looking to attain a younger look. As each new ingredient and trend comes and goes, one mainstay ingredient has remained a go-to for a youthful complexion: collagen.

Collagen is the main protein of connective tissue in the body, and takes part in the vital functions of nearly all systems, organs and tissues. 70% of our skin’s smoothness can be attributed to collagen, making it one of the most important elements addressed in skin care. As the skin ages, it loses the plump, youthful look collagen affords it.

Natural Collagen Inventia is a revolutionary new topical skin-rejuvenating skin care line now available in the US, Canada and South America. Natural Collagen Inventia is derived from rigorously inspected and select skins of fresh water planktonophagous fish.  It is a highly guarded proprietary process, which creates “live” collagen that is sensitive to temperature and is compatible to the human DNA.  This allows for better absorption and can also help reduce wrinkles and promote very smooth, soft skin for women and men.

According to Boca Raton Dermatologist Dr. Laura Skellchock, “Natural Collagen Inventia is the answer to the shortage of collagen that develops as we age. Its unique collagen is durable and easily absorbed into the skin, making it an ideal anti-aging skin care product.”

Natural Collagen Inventia FACE

  • Inventia FACE is recommended for the intensive care of every skin type, especially dry and sensitive skin. Inventia FACE increases skin tautness and minimizes visible expression lines. It increases the skin’s ability to bind with water and creates a protective film on the skin, which prevents it from losing moisture. Inventia FACE gently exfoliates the skin and speeds regeneration, lightens dark spots and evens overall skin tone. Price:  $63.33, 15 ml

Inventia Collagen + Nano Gold Crystal Mask

The nano gold particle developed by Inventia is only 1/2000 the size of a pore and can easily penetrate into the dermis. The mask has a strong cell vitalization function and allows gold molecules to penetrate the skin. It facilitates metabolism so that the skin can self-produce collagen to fight against free-radicals, restoring your youthful, moisturized and crystal-like skin like ten years before from the inside out. Price: $63.33, 3 masks

Natural Collagen Inventia is a revolutionary new topical skin-rejuvenating skin care line now available in the US, Canada and South America. Natural Collagen Inventia is derived from rigorously inspected and select skins of fresh water planktonophagous fish.  It is a highly guarded proprietary process, which creates “live” collagen that is sensitive to temperature and is compatible to the human DNA.  This allows for better absorption and can also help reduce wrinkles and promote very smooth, soft skin for women and men. For more information, please visit

Enter here for your chance to win a set of three Inventia Collagen + Nano Gold Crystal Masks, worth $63. Enter "INVENTIA" in subject line and provide your contact information.

Alba Botanica Sunblocks

Renovated and improved with higher sun protection factors and enhanced natural technology, Alba Botanica Sunblocks offer ultimate sun protection and skin care benefits.

As your first line of defense against damaging sun exposure, Alba Botanica’s light-textured and fast absorbing broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) Sun Care products are also enriched with vitamins, certified organic herbs and pure plant proteins for optimum benefits.

Alba Botanica Sport Sunblock SPF 45 is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for its effective sun protection formula. The sport formula is extra durable for use in the water – whether you’re swimming in the ocean or sweating in the hot sun. Ginseng energizes the skin while green tea, ginko biloba and Vitamin E provide rich antioxidant protection.
Alba Botanica Fragrance Free Sunblock Mineral SPF 30 is formulated with aloe vera, green tea and chamomile to soothe and repair, protecting sensitive skin against free radical damage that often results from exposure to the sun. Plus, the chemical-free, mineral-based formula offers long-lasting UVA/UVB protection.
Alba Botanica Hawaiian Aloe Vera Sunblock SPF 30 is perfect for daily wear. This non-greasy, broad spectrum sun shield helps prevent sunburn and retains its SPF after 40 minutes of water activity. Certified organic aloe vera and tropical fruit and oil extracts absorb quickly and effectively to nourish sun-exposed skin.
Alba Botanica Lipcare Sunblock SPF 25 offers long-lasting UVA/UVB protection for your lips, too! This protective lip balm combines soy bean oil, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, to moisturize lips, while echinacea extract and olive oil detoxify, heal, and nourish.

Luvali Convertibles

One bag – multiple colors, patterns and textures for any outfit.  Luvali Convertibles are multi-function bags that connect to unique reversible slips for an easy change in theme.  Each slip has two complimentary patterns.  Choose from patterns including Cotton Candy, Kimono Houndstooth, Mayan Lipstick and Phoenix Fondue.  Available in boutiques across the US and Canada and from


**NEW** Jurlique Purely White Skin Brightening Collection - Introducing Jurlique Purely White Skin Brightening, an innovative system that brightens skin naturally. One of the first natural brightening systems with clinically proven efficacy, Purely White Skin Brightening was shown to even skin tone in just 30 days. This system also helps visibly fade discoloration, increase skin firmness and prevent visible signs of aging. The system contains VITABRIGHTKX, a natural lightening complex that brightens skin without the harmful effects associated with hydroquinone, kojic acid or MAP.

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