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By Girly

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Summer Indulgences

In my mind, “summer” and “mani-pedi” are synonymous. Summer is all about fabulous sandals; and honestly, sandals—no matter how gorgeous they may be—just don’t get compliments on a crusty winter foot. As I re-learned yesterday when some snotty little skinny-legged twit asked me, “Do your feet hurt? Ouch! They look like they hurt with all those cracks in your heels! I’ve never had cracks in my heels. It totally looks like it hurts.”

Still, the twit made a point. I am WAY past due for a pedicure. In fact, I’m way past due for a lot of things. When was the last time I had my hair cut? I’m looking a little homeless. Oh, and when was the last time I experimented with face masks? And really, I do need a skirt if I’m going to survive the impending summer heat.

Time for some summer indulgence planning, I think. It just feels right being the first week of summer! Since the embarrassing cracked-heel comment I have decided on the following indulgences (in the following order):

Indulgence #1: Mani-pedi. Obviously. But for my own at-home touchups in between those mani-pedis (which I never seem to schedule close enough together), I’m investing in a great heel softener, some pretty polish, exquisite exfoliating hand/body polish and some exfoliating foot scrub.

Indulgence #2: Bronze up a bit. Perpetually white as I am, I turn to good ol’ TanTowels to do the trick. Gives my skin a quick little burst of stop-calling-me-albino color without turning me orange, plus it’s so easy to apply. I’m still afraid to try a spray tan, even though She She’s coworker’s sister-in-law said it worked great for her.

Indulgence #3: Add a great skirt or two to my summer wardrobe. Maybe even a comfy weekend beach dress? As much as I love my bermudas, certain occasions warrant a classier look.

Indulgence #4: Build up my summer reading list. I’ve powered my way through the Hunger Games and Catching Fire (and have preordered Mocking Jay), The Help, Falling Sideways, all the Harry Potters (again—it made me feel better about not being able to attend the grand opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter) and Glass Castle. Now I’ve got to finish re-reading Eclipse before the movie opens next week, then I have no idea what I’m moving on to. What do you recommend?  

Indulgence #5: Frost myself. No, I’m just kidding. And by the way I was referring to jewelry à la How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, not real frosting. Anyway, my point is I need to spend some nights doing nothing but lounging on the couch with my girls (and/or Hubby) watching my favorite movies. Have you ever watched Mama Mia in Blu-ray? AMAZING! It’s almost like you can touch the water!

It looks like I can probably accomplish everything on this list by the end of the weekend. I’m really not too worried; no doubt I’ll add more to it before I go to sleep tonight. It can’t be helped. Once you start the pampering process, the only ways to stop are to either run out of money or get caught up in something that takes away all of your “me” time.



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