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By Girly

Top New Year Style
& Beauty Picks

Happy New Year ladies! I hope this letter finds you happy, healthy and surrounded by loved ones and yummy treats.

So far our holidays have been a blast. Hubby and I found a sitter for the kitty and jetted off to SoCal to celebrate in style. Despite the fact that I just got some gorgeous Koolaburras (the newest thing in sheepskin, if you haven’t heard) from my momma for Christmas, we decided to avoid the snow altogether and hit the sunny beaches! So different from the white Christmases we’re used to — and a welcome change in my book.

Aside from my new cozy boots, I feel like I struck it rich in gift cards this year! I’ve got a shiny stack of cards burning a hole in my purse and itching to be spent. Luckily I’ve got plenty of ideas for putting these suckers to good use and kicking off 2010 in high style.


Arm Candy
Not at all referring to a hot guy. Sorry. I’m talking hot handbags! I very nearly bought a lovely little Matt & Nat (my fave eco-friendly bag du jour) last week, but somehow managed to stick to my holiday budget. Proud? Possibly. However, I am going to be a lot more direct to hubby next year when I tell him what I want to find under the tree on Christmas morning…and it's NOT going to be electronics! Honestly, why do husbands think wives will be thrilled with big screen tv's and blue-ray players? Not when there are adorable crossbody bags, exquisite satchels and possibly even something very, very über-haute out there calling my name! Looks like I need to up my hubby-training game!

Luckily, all these post-holiday sales and gift cards offer the perfect opportunity to grab a new shoulder bag, but keep your eyes out for a pretty clutch to show off at parties. Maybe one to wear with a playful dress and some sassy pumps? And you had better snap up a gorgeous little handbag hook while you're at it — perfect for keeping your lovely bag off the floor and safe!

It's also the perfect time to grab a great travel bag. I adore this weekender from Jimeale — perfect size, great details, oodles of color and style selections! And be sure to check out the great cosmetic bags and her newest item: the oh-so-adorable umbrella!

Sheepskin Boots
A great pair of Uggs or Koolaburras will keep your toes toasty warm all winter (supposedly up to -30F, but I’m not planning to test that claim.) I’m completely loving my tall boots and am thinking about snatching up a pair of snuggly sheepskin slippers to wear indoors.

And I’m still searching for a pair of skinny jeans to wear with my boots, but I've got some great leads on some great styles!

Hot Electronics
Okay, I admit it, I really do love great gadgets! Seems like everyone I know got an iPod Touch this year. Super hot item (Hubby got one and I think I’ve downloaded every free app there is). You can watch movies, listen to music, read ebooks, play games; it basically rocks.If you haven’t jumped on the Blu-Ray boat yet, now’s a good time to snap up a player and some movies. The picture quality is outstanding. Especially if you watch Mama Mia—you won’t believe how real the water is.

New Year Reads
This is the perfect time to stock up on the hottest bestsellers for the new year, especially if you have vacation time to vege out and just read.

You could even take it up a notch this year and go digital! Invest in a great eBook reader, like the B&N Nook or Amazon Kindle. eBook readers are thin and convenient and, despite how annoying computer screens are to your eyes, they are very easy on the eyes and fun to use (you can carry thousands of books in your purse!).

Brand New Beauty
Hit the after-holiday sales and stock up on new makeup for the new year — not only is it a blast to get gorgeous new makeup, but it's also healthier for your skin. I’m a big fan of all things Tarte, but my all-time favorite mascara is still L’Oreal Voluminous. And I've got a couple of absolute must-haves on my 2010 beauty list:

  • Np2 nail polish duo's: Np2 is a long awaited, professional nail lacquer perfectly paired with superior nail treatment in one stylish and sleek package. Np2 has a shade for every current occasion, mood, desire and outfit! And with an outstanding express top coat formulated with a nail hardener and nourishing treatment, this perfection is made to last!
  • FAB Blemish Eraser: Start off 2010 with the perfect solution to those pesky little blemishes. First Aid Beauty Blemish Eraser contains a 3.5% concentration of benzoyl peroxide that fights acne breakouts without causing undue dryness. The product dries down to a soft matte finish that will not interfere with makeup application. The formula is fragrance free and does not contain any harsh ingredients and it works to effectively reduce the length of acne breakouts. The best part is the price — just $16.
  • Chellá Enzyme Exfoliating Crema Mask — gently exfoliates dead skin cells and removes excess sebum, while encouraging cell turnover for more radiant, even toned and younger looking skin. Gentle enough to use on sensitive skin. Check out the entire Chellá line!
  • Relastin Ultra Emollient - I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I was to find this little miracle worker in my Christmas stocking! (thanks Santa!) This wonderful multi-tasking cream hydrates the skin while improving skin tone and texture. I adore it!

Okay, now I’m going to eat some pie and take a nap! Wishing you the happiest of New Year's, and to all a food-and-family-filled, fun and fabulous work-free weekend!


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  Congratulations to Adrienne Z. of Cleveland Ohio,
our DermaScyne Giveaway winner!

Being Beautiful Shouldn’t Hurt

According to New York City board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Sterry, this time of year is one of the busiest for facial cosmetic procedures. “People are under tremendous pressure to look their best and this year, that sentiment is intensified,” he says. “People hope that a “pick-me-up” will help them get ahead professionally or personally and lately I’m alarmed by efforts to cut corners when it comes to cosmetic procedures.”

December and January are high season for noninvasive treatments that – when administered under the proper circumstances – leave facial features looking refreshed and youthful. But, says Dr. Sterry, people underestimate the ease with which these procedures are administered, leading them to seek discounted rates from unqualified practitioners and even to buying the products from unknown sources and doing these procedures themselves. Chemical peels, Botox injections and laser treatments are the most rampant in the “Do-it-Yourself” trend.

Here are Dr. Sterry’s tips for ensuring that if you do take advantage of the many great options available, your experience is as safe, and leaves you looking as great, as possible.

  • Never DIY
    • There’s been a lot of buzz about web sites selling Botox along with video tutorials on how to inject it. Just as you wouldn’t attempt to do your own appendectomy, you shouldn’t inject yourself with Botox, or any other injectible. “I remind people all the time that whenever you treat the face, even with Botox, very sensitive muscles are involved and one miniscule mistake can wreak havoc on them,” explains Dr. Sterry, going on to say that attempting to purchase medical grade products from questionable sources is a tricky business. “Botox can only be sold legally in the United States to physicians so it’s impossible to verify that what’s being sold through other avenues is what it claims to be. Also, trained Botox users know the correct way to dilute it and the different concentrations that should be used at various parts of the face for best results.” He goes on to say that the results of a DIY Botox job are almost always bad – the only variable is to what extreme. Extreme facial distortions, including droopy eyelids, can leave the patient unrecognizable.
  • Be sure the person peeling, lasering, or injecting you is properly trained to do so
    • It’s not uncommon today for physicians of varying specialties to boost their practice by incorporating cosmetic procedures. This, says Dr. Sterry, is also a situation where prospective patients should proceed with caution. “A colleague of mine – an eye doctor – learned this the hard way. He took a brief course on injectibles and unfortunately had a problem with one of his first patients. His feeling was that he simply lacked the artistic flair and experience with injectibles to provide the same caliber of service he did in his specialty,” he says, adding that treatment from under-qualified physicians can be avoided by asking some basic questions.
      • How many times have you done this? The more often they’ve done it, the better they will have mastered the nuances of injectibles and other noninvasive options.
      • What if something goes wrong? Problems can arise even under the best circumstances, which is why those who are properly trained to administer noninvasive treatments are also trained on what to do if something goes wrong.
  • Money talks…
    • The cost for any of these treatments varies depending on where your doctor’s office is, but generally the prices are stable. According to Dr. Sterry, the bottom line is that if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is too good to be true. “When the cost is far below what you’ve been quoted by other offices, you’re likely sacrificing something that will impact the safety of the procedure.” His advice: talk openly with your physician about cost. Perhaps laser skin resurfacing might not be in your budget, but Botox treatments may be.

The pressure to look good is well documented but Dr. Sterry says that by leaving medical procedures to professionals, asking the right questions and taking your doctor’s advice about what procedure is more appropriate for your needs, anyone can take advantage of some of the exciting non-invasive cosmetic procedures available today. Looking good has never been safer!


She She Me's Favorite Things

Relastin Ultra Emollient

Relastin is the first and only clinically proven product to increase the production of elastin, a natural protein that gives the skin elasticity. Relastin penetrates the skin to work with the cells to promote the formation of elastin, which the body ceases producing at puberty. With added vitamins and minerals, it provides extra anti-aging effects you won't get from any other cream: 

  • Visibly improves skin elasticity and firmness
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps the body "kick start" elastin production
  • Encourages collagen production
  • Softens skin texture and tone
  • Hydrates and nourishes skin
  • Can be used under the eyes, too!

Boden USA


Sephora, Inc.

Nordstrom - Up to 40% off women's




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