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By Girly

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Girly’s Vacation Style and Fab Skincare Guide

So, big issue: my anniversary is practically right around the corner and Hubby has been hinting at some fabulous surprise. Could it be the gorgeous-beyond-belief leather tote I've had my eye on for the past two months? Or perhaps that pair of Manolos that have been calling my name since spring? Or maybe, just maybe, something sparkly?

Actually, I’m quite sure he’s planning a trip to somewhere exotic because when I hesitantly showed him my new Betsey Johnson sundress and strappy gladiators he said, “Very summery,” instead of, “How much?” Plus he told me he’s been saving up his PTO even though he has to use it before the start of September. Looks like I’ll get a lot of use out of my summery Kate Spade shopper!

Seriously though, I’m expending all of my effort not to search his email for clues. Honestly, that man never should have given me his password! How can he think I wouldn’t be tempted? Doesn’t he know me? He could at least do me the courtesy of temporarily changing his password. Or creating a secret email account for gift purchases and such.

So—unaware as I am about his plans—my plan is to basically update my summer wardrobe to include a few new sassy ensembles in case I end up on a tropical isle or perhaps a cruise ship:

  • A great daytime sundress for strolling along the deck/patio/lanai of Hubby's surprise vacation destination. Next, add a pair of cute and comfy sandals for said strolling. Finish with a pair of bold earrings and a great tote bag.
  • I'm also going to snap up one of the new o.d.m. watches that are all the rage. I recently saw the Pixel on the wrist of my über-chic mentor/boss. It looks like a chunky bangle bracelet. The perfect blend of cutting-edge fashion and new technology, the Pixel is modern, stylish and functional.
  • A striking swimsuit for lounging and looking fabulous, and another for actual partiFall 08 Kooba 160x600 Banner Adcipation in water sports. You know the difference, right? One is meant to make you look über-hot, and the other is meant to assure against wardrobe malfunctions while you are cooling off. Add a stylish sarong or coverup and a pair of FitFlops for too-ing and fro-ing from the pool or beach. Again, you'll need a great tote bag for the sunscreen, chick lit, water bottle, iPod, and other relaxation necessities.
  • A drop-dead dress for those romantic balmy evenings. Something flirty and fun that will swish around your legs when you walk (so sexy!) A pair of strappy skyscrapers will add a sexy little sway to your step, and a silver bracelet, darling dangles and a chic little clutch will put the perfect finishing touch on your ensemble.

Now that that's taken care of, I'm also going to work out a great skin care regimen so my skin is smooth, tanned and toned for beach side/poolside lounging. (Well, maybe just the smooth and toned part, since my skin hasn't a clue about how to tan.) Anyhoo, there’s a lot one can do to enliven and invigorate her skin in two months’ time, let me tell you. No really, let me tell you!

Girly’s Fab Skin Rules:

Moisturize. Always. It should go without saying, but it’s my number one rule: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! And I’m not only talking faces here. Use a great full-body moisturizer every morning (or evening) after you shower. The Body Shop has a scrumptious line of budget-friendly, non-greasy lotions and body butters.

As an everyday facial moisturizer, I recommend Boscia Oil-free Daily Hydration with SPF 15. Saves a step to have that SPF already built in, plus that way you’ll never forget it!

Rejuvenate and revive. Take a bath infused with energizing, toning bath salts. Try a vitalizing face mask. And remember to eat well—lots of fruits and veggies. As they say, beauty begins on the inside!

Ped Egg before bed. Yes, it is an As-Seen-on-TV product. I know this. And it’s fabulous! A bunch of Ped Eggs were sent to us She She girls for review and we are totally obsessed. It’s the perfect at-home pedicure money can buy (not to mention totally affordable) and a great way to prep your feet for showy platform sandals.

I use my little egg once a week before hopping in bed. Nice little foot soak, slough away the rough skin, file smooth, slather with soothing lotion and go to sleep. In the morning my feet feel like Heaven. Scout’s Honor!

Once your heels are all smooth and gorgeous (and looking extra sexy in sassy strappies) you’ll notice how everyone else’s are cracked and skuzzy (poor darlings!) You’ll thank me for such a simple solution!

Block the sun for extended fun. I think the number one reason people skip sunblock is because it is inconvenient. Luckily, continuous spray aerosols have made the application process twice as fast and twice as easy. Keep one in your car and one at home. I also keep a sunblock stick in my purse for emergencies. Like when Hubby said we were going for a quick walk and we were out for 2 ½ hours.

For a healthy, natural-looking tan without the skin damage, try TanTowel. Very cool self-tanning solution!

Remember your lips! Nothing is worse than chapped lips in the heat. I always carry a moisturizing balm with SPF. My new favorite is Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15. Top with a punchy gloss and you’re set for fun in the sun!

As always, wishing you a perfect month ahead! Stay beautiful, girls.



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