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From Winter to Spring:
Three Easy Tips

Spring represents a new start. New flowers are blooming, baby birds are singing and itty bitty bunnies are hopping around (though the closest I’ve ever been to actually seeing said bunnies in detail is HDTV).

Daylight saving time has kicked into gear throwing out another hour of sunlight for, what else? Shopping! And maybe relaxing at the park after a hard day’s work, but I happen to relax best with an armful of goodies dotted with sales tags. I mean, who wouldn’t? What are sales for, if not meant to create a totally relaxing after-work opportunity? You can even coax those beauty counter ladies into giving you a free foot massage if you promise to buy the lotion! It’s like going to the spa, but coming home with new jeans and beauty products.

So here we are again, delving into spring with no regret for leaving winter behind. Ciao, winter. Bonjour, spring! Bonjour capris and wedges; hello swishy skirts and flirty tops!

Follow these three easy tips to help you with the wardrobe transition from winter to spring:

Feet first. One of the easiest ways to change up your wardrobe is to break out the warm-weather shoes. Get yourself a pedi! Time for those puppies to see daylight again.

If the sun is shining, introduce those new sandals you’ve been dying to wear. This spring, popular trends include wedge sandals, cagey gladiators, tribal flats and punchy thongs.

For colder days, I’d skip the open-toe and opt for a pretty flat or cheery heel. Look for feminine patterns to ring in the spring.

For cozy, comfy weekends check out these fun metallic ballet flats from Lacoste. Chic, stylish and fun to wear!

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Layer. Spring weather is fickle, always throwing us for a loop. One day it’s sunny with a high of 75, only to bring rain and chilly winds the next day. Kind of puts a damper on your plan to wear that new silk dress on Tuesday.

Go ahead and wear a fab new halter or tank, but as a layering piece instead of the main dish. Don’t retire your sweaters just yet. Instead, opt for colorful jackets and work a few bright cardigans in the mix. If the weather warms up, you can kick the sleeves; otherwise you’ll look bright and springy without freezing your tush off.

Accessorize. Time to drop the dreary grays, browns and blacks. Swap your wintry satchel with a bright hobo or shoulder bag. Kick it up a notch with some great new sunglasses.

Jewelry is an easy way to perk up your wardrobe. Wear a simple bracelet paired with a long necklace. If you like the more obvious than subtle approach, chunky, colorful bangles definitely scream “spring.”

A feminine, lightweight scarf will prettify and springify your look while keeping you warm on a chilly or windy day. One of my personal favorite accessories.

Hope these quick tips will help you out in the coming weeks. Smile pretty, girls, and try not to break too many hearts!



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