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By Girly
November 28, 2008

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Featuring: The Perfect Little Black Dress

Black Friday: Doorbuster Smackdown

It’s Black Friday and I am spent! I’m going on very little sleep and am completely sapped of energy after fighting my way through electronic shops, shoe boutiques, toy stores and Sephora—though clearly not in that order.

Let’s review a part of my morning, shall we? I started at Target and have no idea what possessed me to continue on to any other store. Never in all my twirty-something years have I feared for my life while shopping. I mean, I’ve done the Black Friday thing quite a few times, but apparently the deals this year turned people totally psycho! (Plus I was wearing the wrong shoes, but picked up these comfy Puma joggers in my travels.)

I took off for Target with Hubby at 4:00am looking fab in my new Juicy cardi, hoping to be one of the first in line. I was set on getting a great deal on Guitar Hero World Tour for my nephew. Naturally, a lot of other people showed up hours before us despite all the tryptophan in their systems from last night’s turkey fest which had me totally knocked out for about five hours. As soon as those doors opened at 6:00am there was a mad rush (which I had expected, of course).

Not only did I twist an ankle when some scary snaggletooth guy shoved me out of the aisle to grab his much-desired Bourne blu-ray trilogy, I was nearly trampled by a pack of wild teenage girls probably trying to get their hands on the soundtrack to Twilight (my new fave soundtrack, by the way) or some lip gloss or something.


As I limped around the corner toward the video games, a little twinge of pain from my ankle caused me to grab out for support; how lucky to find a large stack of sturdy boxes right there waiting to steady me! Unfortunately, said large stack of boxes contained a very limited supply of doorbuster LCD TVs. How I managed to limp across Target and find my way to these TVs before the rest of the crowd is entirely beyond me. I must have bypassed an admissions booth. Or maybe a death match.

I whipped my head around to find a crowd of ravenous (and probably rabid) shoppers with greedy eyes stampeding in my immediate direction. People had clearly been grabbing things off the end caps at random, because half the crowd was holding Hannah Montana paraphernalia, holiday dog bowls or two-for-one packs of toilet paper. One WWE-type man was clutching a game of “The Grinch – Sing Your Heart Out!” To each his own.

Apparently I passed out at that point. I know it certainly wasn’t my idea to curl up in a corner near the bread aisle and let some nurse woman poke and prod and ask me what year it is. Luckily, Hubby was able to keep me from being trampled while somehow managing to snag a copy of Guitar Hero (knowing it would be my first concern once I regained consciousness; after all, it’s what I was there for!).

Mission: accomplished.

Ankle: sore.

The good news: it was so worth it. With the economy in the state it is, shoppers have never seen such deals and I, myself, have never nearly completed my holiday shopping in a single day and under budget!

Before I go back to sleep, let me just share a few useful tips for the rest of your holiday shopping:

Electronics, Gadgets and DVDs: Honestly, there has never been a better time to buy electronics than this holiday season. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on some of these doorbuster deals, take advantage (but stick to your budget). Blu-rays and DVDs will be totally affordable this weekend as well.

Apparel: You’re sure to find some great sales this weekend, but these sales are likely to extend for a few days or even longer. Remember, retailers are always a season ahead so the longer you wait to buy those cashmere sweaters and cozy scarves the better the deals you’ll find. Of course, it’s always a game of chance when it comes to size so if you find that perfect pair of jeans you should probably grab it while it’s available.

Shoes: Shoes are easier for retailers to sell, so take the deals while they’re hot. Snap up a great pair of ankle boots to wear with that gorgeous sweater dress, or a sassy pair of patent platforms for New Year's Eve. So many great sales on so many fabulous styles!

Handbags: You know you want a gorgeous new bag for the holidays, so why not take advantage of the sales out there and buy one for yourself? I don't know about you, but no amount of hinting to hubby will get me a new handbag (and I probably would exchange the one he would get me anyway! Not that he doesn't have impeccable taste, but he does tend to shop at the wrong end of the budget scale for my taste.) So go ahead, snap up a sassy satchel, or grab a gorgeous cross-body bag for weekend wear!

Toys: The experts (experts of what? No idea; I just spread the word) are saying to hold out on buying toys. If the kids on your shopping list want something they simply can’t live without, by all means get out there and secure your peace of mind! But be patient as retailers will likely throw out amazing deals and sales around mid-December in hopes of clearing out their inventories before the year’s end.

For the time being, I am more than happy to say goodbye to Black Friday, but I’ll be waiting—mouse and credit card in hand—come Monday morning for Cyber Monday deals! Certainly a safer alternative to holiday bargain shopping in my opinion. Did you know Cyber Monday involves hourly deals? Yeah. I’m taking the day off work.

Happy/safe shopping!


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