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By Girly
August 22, 2008

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The Smartest Fall Buys: Girly’s Guide

Oh, baby! Everywhere I turn I see back-to-school sales, bringing to mind two things: 1) I am not required to go back to school, and 2) I get to take full advantage of endless sales!

Seeing as we will soon be shifting wardrobe gears from summer to fall, I’ve been budgeting for a few new staples (and delights). Said budgeting has induced in me a new philosophy Hubby likes to call “Educated Purchasing.” For clarification purposes, an educated purchase is one that has been researched and thoroughly considered before money changes hands and typically involves higher-ticket items such as all things designer, electronic or otherwise pricey.

Research is easy enough to accomplish online these days. Though it may take a little of the fun out of shopping for some (bye bye, impulse purchases), it is definitely worth it. By putting a little more thought into what you want and need to purchase, you’ll end up with a much more versatile wardrobe that will have all your girlfriends wishing they had done the same!

Girly’s Guide to Smart Fall Shopping:

Superbly Chic Trench. Nothing says “Hello, autumn” quite like a gorgeous trench coat. The acquisition of said perfect trench can be made by following these guidelines:

    • Timeless style. This includes the fabric/material composing the piece as well as any pattern. A classic, neutral piece will be in fashion year after year, meaning you can shell out a little extra dough knowing you will get more than your money’s worth in usage.
    • The right length. Trench coats come in several lengths from just below the booty to just above the tootsies, as well as the newly popular cropped trench. For something that you can couple with casual or dressy apparel, I suggest a knee length coat.
    • Weight. I suppose this depends mostly on where you live and when you want to be able to wear your trench coat. For instance, if you want to start donning your new trench as soon as the air shows a hint of a chill you’ll want to avoid the wool and go for a more lightweight piece. This also holds true in warmer climates—hello, California. But if winters are long and cold where you live ( Boston, anyone?), you’ll probably want to gravitate toward a more substantial fabric, or perhaps a lined trench.
    • Belt me! Remember to keep proper fit in mind while shopping for your trench! I love belted varieties as they enable me to layer underneath if I want a little extra warmth while still allowing me to show that I do in fact have a waistline. Of course, if your coat doesn’t come with a belt you can always add that yourself.

Shoes to Swear By. (Not swear at.) Fall favorites include beautiful boots, fabulous flats and substantial platform sandals and pumps, not to mention this season's hottest look: booties! No matter what type of shoe you’re looking for, keep in mind the following rules for buying shoes you’ll wear and love:

    • Versatility. Buy your shoes with your wardrobe in mind—if you don’t have at least three outfits you can match the shoes with, don’t buy them! Shop for solid and neutral colors as they will work with many an outfit. Also, a chic shoe in a bright color is a great way to give a pop to your ensembles.
    • Comfort. Unfortunately, so many shoes disappoint us in comfort. This is probably one of the most important rules in shoe shopping because it will determine how often (and for how long) you wear your shoes. Generally, you get what you pay for — more expensive shoes are usually more expensive because they are made of higher quality materials and meant to feel better on your feet. Always shop for shoes in the late afternoon or early evening when you feet are at their largest. (Yes, feet do enlarge over the course of the day!) Always take a little stroll around the shoe department (or around your office or home, if you’ve ordered online) to feel for rubbing or tightness—both signs of an uncomfortable shoe. In my opinion, soft leather rarely disappoints!

Great Tops. Shopping for tops is always fun as there are so many options to choose from. Simply changing your top can change your entire look and take you from casual to night-on-the-town:

    • Fit. Check that a top fits at the shoulders, bust and that it sits at a good length. A top that is too short can make you look chubby, while a top that is too long can lose your figure or accentuate a bigger bottom or thighs.
    • Color. Think earth tones; greens, browns, rose tones, neutrals, etc. Also, look for rich plums, reds and blues to pump things up.
    • Sleeve Length. From sleeveless to short to three-quarter and even long sleeve tops, the choices are endless! Consider what you already own and think back to what you wished you had more of last year, then try to fill that void. For those slightly chilly evenings, throw on a cozy, chic cardigan.

Fabulous Jeans. I love jeans. Love them. When shopping for a new pair (or three or four) I take into account the following:

    • Color. Dark washes are much more popular in the cooler months as they tend to be more slimming and tend to hide little splatters from mud puddles and whatnot.
    • Fit. A boot cut, flare or wide leg jean will be versatile and comfortable. The skinny jean is still in and happens to look fab with a great boot.
    • Pocket. Sometimes it’s the small details that make a statement. Look for pockets with unique or funky stitching—just be aware of any color and be sure your jeans will work with the rest of your wardrobe!

Swingin’ Handbag! Handbags are probably the easiest way to accessorize and a fun way to let your personality shine. Consider these three criteria before purchasing your new handbag:

    • Size. Decide how large or small you want your bag to be before you begin shopping. Think about all the goodies you’ll want to tote around with you. This will narrow down your options and help you make a smarter purchase while ending up with exactly what you wanted!
    • Got a handle? If you’re searching for an everyday bag, you’ll certainly want a shoulder strap — but what length? Consider how you’ll carry your bag. For instance, moms might prefer a long strap that can be worn across the chest (hands-free).
    • Color. Of course, if you’re purchasing a new bag for the sake of the season, go for color! A gorgeous turquoise tote, tangerine clutch or emerald green satchel will add a fabulous punch of color to any outfit.
    • As an alternate to a handbag, for those times when you just need to grab your keys, a credit card and your ID, check out the Kewi Kase. Adorable! And perfect for holding those little necessities in style. And for evening, there are even Kewi Kases with Bling!

Of course, most of these items require that you try them on in order to make a truly educated purchase you can be proud of, but remember that (if you have the patience to wait on shipping) you can almost always find a better deal online! Finding better deals equals fitting more purchases (such as wants, verses needs) into your budget or putting more away in savings—both of which will leave you happy. Shop smart, ladies!



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